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Press Play video series MAGIC AND LIGHT: THE FILMS OF STEVEN SPIELBERG to debut Dec. 15, 2011

Press Play video series MAGIC AND LIGHT: THE FILMS OF STEVEN SPIELBERG to debut Dec. 15, 2010

Magic and Light: The Films of Steven Spielberg (HQ) from Serena Bramble on Vimeo.

Press Play is proud to announce our first video essay series in direct partnership with IndieWire: Magic and Light: The Films of Steven Spielberg.  Set to premiere Dec. 15, 2011 on this blog, this series will examine facets of Spielberg’s movie career, including his stylistic evolution as a director, his depiction of violence, his interest in communication and language, his portrayal of authority and evil, and the importance of father figures — both present and absent — throughout his work.

Magic and Light is produced by Press Play founder and Salon TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz and coproduced and narrated by Ali Arikan, chief film critic of Dipknot TV, Press Play contributor, and one of Roger Ebert’s Far Flung Correspondents. The Spielberg series brings many of Press Play’s writers and editors together on a single long-form project. Individual episodes were written by Seitz, Arikan, Simon Abrams and Aaron Aradillas, and cut by Steven Santos, Serena Bramble, Matt Zoller Seitz, Richard Seitz and Jose Salvador Gallegos. For a taste of Magic and Light, check out the embeddable trailer above, which was edited by Serena Bramble. — Editors

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Not a bad mantage! Glad to see longer stretches, for once.

Ahmet Erşah

Cong. Ali Arikan. It's a great work. Documentary for cinema's golden child, would be great, I'm sure.


i've got shivers…the editing (with excellent choice of music) in your videos is very moving. looking forward to the 15th!


This looks like it could be fantastic. Hope it gives adequate time to Spielberg's understanding of the power of music in his movies (ie. working with John Williams)


Very excited for this! I just noticed two things in the trailer: the 4:3 ratio of the A.I. clips, and the use of the 'censored' edition of E.T. (walkie-talkies instead of guns).

Jack Rupert

This truly excites me!!! I will be looking forward to viewing this video essay!!!!!

Jack Rupert

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