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Project of the Day: Documentary Homage to Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory”

Project of the Day: Documentary Homage to Kubrick's "Paths of Glory"

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"Paths of Glory: Anatomy of a Film"

Tweetable Logline:

A feature documentary about Stanley Kubrick's 1957 cinematic masterpiece, "Paths of Glory," and the craft and art of filmmaking.
Elevator Pitch:
In 1956, Stanley Kubrick traveled to Germany to shoot his first large-scale feature, Paths of Glory, showing that, at the age of 28, he had mastered Hollywood-style filmmaking and begun using groundbreaking techniques. The first commentary for a film was done for the original version of "King Kong" in 1984. Today, most films come with commentaries but they are rarely produced to their full potential. "Paths of Glory: Anatomy of a Film" is a docu-commentary that, scene by scene and sometimes shot by shot, delivers the kind of consideration and analysis typically given to literature, painting and music.
Production Team:

/Narrator/Writer/Editor: David Spodak

Producer: Charles Moore

Cinematography: Marc Levy

About the Production:
I didn't discover "Paths of Glory" until I had admired many of Kubrick’s later films. One sleepless night, I turned on the TV and watched a picture that began by fascinating me with its bold imagery and narrative force and ended by grabbing me by the throat, emotionally and intellectually. Years and countless viewings later, it has not let go. "Paths" is undeservedly unknown compared to other American classics. I decided to correct this, pouring a life-long fascination with the process of filmmaking into a concise, thorough and enjoyable appreciation for the art and craft of making motion pictures.
Current Status:
Production is finished. Currently raising finishing funds on
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I saw this project in its entirety and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed by the thought that was put into this film. Please support this project!


the first time I wated Paths of Glory, I also watched Stalag 17 that same day. I had heard Stalag 17 was one of the best films of the 50's, but Stalag is a typical hollywood war film and then Kubrick's film was unlike anything that was made at the time. I was completely blown away with that film and I can't wait to see this documenary about it.

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