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Rooney Mara to Cover EW

Rooney Mara to Cover EW

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hasn't opened at the level that Sony would have liked,  just $27 million in 6 days of release, (see Thompson on Hollywood analysis of what went wrong) but it goes without saying that the character of Lisbeth Salander has gotten people talking.  So much so that Entertainment Weekly has put Rooney Mara on its cover which will hit newstands tomorrow.

Here's a clip from the piece in EW.

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I think it underperformed because 1) People want to see family movies during the holiday season and 2) This remake came out too soon after the Swedish version. People may have reached the point where they don't want to go to the same movie twice so soon.


This triology's original name is The Men Who Hate Women, so if launch some theme to discuss bit here, supposed to be not just about rape scences. But you know the novels also film, are not just about hatress or revenge. And for sure people if go into cinemas to watch this film, it's impossible for them to leave just due to some scences, you know this is a David Fincher's film, at least for this part.


It is a remarkable film. But, sadly some people walked out during the film and I think they walked out because of the rape scene. Majority of those people who walked out I believe were people who didn't read the books. Kind of surprising for me, because I have not read the books or seen the Swedish version either, but I stayed until the end credits stopped rolling up.

What do you think about the rape scene, Melissa? I think the site should do a coverage regarding the rape scene and people walking out due its impact.

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