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“She’s Still Not Our Sister” w/ Jackee Harry, Clifton Powell, Kellita Smith Premiering on GMC Network This Saturday

"She's Still Not Our Sister" w/ Jackee Harry, Clifton Powell, Kellita Smith Premiering on GMC Network This Saturday

In case you’ve been having sleepless nights wondering whatever happened to the effervescent Jackee Harry, you can rest easy now since we can announce that she’s part of the new TV series “She’s Still Not Our Sister” which is premiering this Sunday Dec. 10 on the Gospel Music Channel cable network (which I admit is the first time I’ve ever heard of it).

The four part series will premiere at 7 and 8 PM ET (6 and 7PM Central) on Saturday, December 10 with episodes 1 and 2, and conclude with episodes 3 and 4 at the same times on Saturday, December 17.

Starring along with Harry are Kellita Smith (…hoping that no one is holding Gang of Roses 2 against her), Jazsmin Lewis, Azur De (O.K. I admit I don’t know who she is), Tony Grant (Don’t know him either), Christan Keyes and the hardest working man around, the one and only Clifton Powell.

The show, which is a sequel to GMC’s stage play She’s Not Our Sister, deals with the on going saga of the Walker sisters as they contnue to struggle with their lives, personal relationships, careers, trials and tribulations, while still trying to figure out how to deal with the millions of dollars their estranged father left to them after his death.

Here’s a promo for the series:

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Hey when is it airing again ladies/gentlemen?


I do not Jackee in the Aunt Connie role. I prefer the person from the first couple of episodes. Otherwise, the show is enjoyable. I do want to see the "other" Aunt Connie back in the role.


I found the stage play to be pretty decent. It's good that a black sitcom got greenlit and it'll definitely remain positive (GMC blocks out words like "dang" and "hell" ).

I like the channel, it airs "Sister, Sister" "The Waltons" and "227". It also shows HBCU college choirs, and other gospel performances. It's a mix of Hallmark Channel (feel good movies, tv movie premieres) and BET's gospel Sunday block ( Christian music videos, awards) . And as mentioned it shows gospel plays/stage plays. It airs movies like "The Wiz" and Kirk Cameron films.

I'm watching the show now, and the camera quality is definitely upgraded from the stage play. I don't remember Jackee Harry in the play, but she's nice in this so far. I believe they had an unknown actress in her part.

Romika Gaston

mane i just wnt to say i love yall u guys n ill be trippin to if my daddy didnt tell us we had a sister n she came out of no wea but im da only child so it would of been crazy i mite of beat my sister up but good lucc hope to see yall next show


The play was pretty decent. Watching the show now and the camera quality is definitely upgraded. In the movie three sisters find out that they have a younger sister once their father has died and they are coming into a large amount of money if they all live together for a while, and if one can't cooperate then no one gets money. Kellita Smith's character is the most resistant to welcoming the new sister. She also has a health issue. She's the oldest and doesn't listen to anyone except for the aunt (who is now played by Jackee Harry apparently).
It seems that the sitcom doesn't speak on the money or the health issue (yet), but is just about the sisters living together. Jackee Harry is a sitcom vet and I think it'll show and with Kellita Smith's experience the sitcom can work. There's an audience for people who wants something that references "faith", but isn't heavy handed like Tyler Perry works.

Nice to see a new black sitcom emerging. I know it'll remain pretty positive as GMC is a channel that blocks things like "dang" and "Hell nah".
GMC is like a mixture of The Hallmark Channel and BET's Sunday gospel blocks. There's new faith based movies, and feel good family films. They air HBCU choir performance, Gospel specials, Kirk Cameron movies, things like that. They also show "Sister , Sister", "The Waltons", "Amen" and "227". "The Wiz" airs pretty frequently too.

Geneva Girl

Well, they all have rent to pay or mortgages to make.


@ Tiffany, let me know what you think about the show. I kinda feel ya about the play. So post back & let us know.


Aside from the familiar faces, everything about this is foreign to me. I always wanted so much more for Kellita Smith.


y'all didn't shout out Drew Sidora?


I tried to watch the play. I couldn't do it. Perhaps this will be better… I doubt it, but I'll try to watch.

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