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Short Film “Brotherly Love” To Premiere At NewFilmmakers LA In Dec.

Short Film "Brotherly Love" To Premiere At NewFilmmakers LA In Dec.

We profiled this new short film Brotherly Love, written, directed and co-starring Choice Skinner (who’s a devoted reader of S & A) last summer, and the reaction from readers for the trailer was tremendous.

We’re therefore happy to report that the film will have its premiere next week at the NewFilmmakers Film Festival in Los Angeles on Dec. 15.

The festival takes place at the Sunset Gower Studios in LA located at 1438 N. Gower St. For more info about the festival go HERE and once again here’s the trailer for the film:

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While the actors in the film are African American, I do not view the film as a black film centered on “brotherhood and violence in the black community”. The film has a message. It is a positive message. As the trailer indicated it is about a “lesson in love and forgiveness”. Too often, we see films with no substance and with no purpose in Hollywood. Actually, that's most of the films in Hollywood. Mindless entertainment. “Brotherly Love” introduces the audience to the lives of three brothers who still love each other despite these life changing events which will permanently change all of their lives.

To judge a film by the movie poster is simply myopic. Myopic. Have you heard of “Dont' judge a book by its cover”? The fact that you are scrutinizing the film's poster is quite silly and embarrassing. I am sorry that the director and production company did not create a film poster pleasing to your taste.

To judge a film by the music is also myopic. The film is a drama and the music fits accordingly. I am sorry that the sound editor did not choose the techno music you eagerly had hoped to hear in the trailer.

Micah, you mention that it was “a bit melodramtic”. I believe you missed a critical point in the film. The youngest brother just shot someone. He is sobbing, uncontrollable tears. We see regret. We see pain. Of course, it's going to be dramatic. Pay closer attention to these characters. All three are saddened by this shooting.. Initially, there's chaos and violence but at the end we see a strong bond between all three brothers. We, the audience, see love. Three brothers bonded by love. We see it and we feel it. We connect with these characters. We see brotherly love.


@ Micah & Sandra, wow… really guys? You see three strong black men who are brothers lovingly hugging in a photo and you readily assume the film is about something LGBT??? Then this generation is really lost. Perhaps YOU guys were hoping it was that type of film being that it seems the most important black films nowadays are about that subject but sorry to burst your bubble. This film shows masculine black men who have to deal with a horrible circumstance and how they come through it together. Which nowadays is almost rare! And yes it's very dramatic. Black men have problems and drama in their lives too, not just black women. SMH.


Everything MICAH said!


I would like to applaud the less common approach the filmmaker seems to be taking with the subjects of brotherhood and violence in the black community today. There is definitely a vulnerability to the characters and feeling of warmth between them.

It does seem a bit melodramatic though. That's partly due to the horrible music that I just can't take. The main picture used to advertise the film does make it kind of look like a LGBT film. If it is an LGBT film that's fine. If it's not they may want to consider a slightly different image that relays the message but doesn't give an unintended angle to the story.

Shawn Whitsell

Reminds me of "The Outsiders."

Niema Perkins

This looks interesting! I hope it comes to theaters or dvd.

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