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So, There’s Going To Be A ‘Grown Ups 2’ Now

So, There's Going To Be A 'Grown Ups 2' Now

Is this the sound of Sony and Adam Sandler panicking? The funnyman’s latest entry in low brow, corporate sponsored hilarity, the dreadful “Jack & Jill” was his worst box office outing since “Little Nicky.” With only $76 million worldwide, it’s his first effort in eons not to cross $100 million and for a movie that cost in the neighborhood of $80 million (it certainly wasn’t spent on prosthetics) that’s not a good thing. So what do you do to get back on the horse? Make a sequel of course.

If “Jack And Jill” was a failure, 2010’s summer comedy “Grown Ups” was a big smash success. With $271 million worldwide, it was Sandler’s biggest hit of all time and proved that bad taste doesn’t know any national borders. Well, get ready, because Sandler and his crew might be coming back. Variety reports that Fred Wolf has been hired back to write the sequel, which would be Sandler’s first. The trade cautions that no deal is in place for Sandler (nor any of the cast members we’re guessing) and that his involvement depends on the script. But considering the “Grown Ups” production seemed like nothing more than a camera crew following Sandler and his cronies around as they leered at women and acted like morons up in the woods for a couple of weeks, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Will Rob Schneider be married to an even older lady? Will Kevin James be fatter? Will Chris Rock still be wasted in role far beneath his talents? Will Adam Sandler continue to act like he hates everyone who buys a movieticket? Will David Spade be even less relevant? We presume we’ll find out soon enough.

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when does it come out?


Will Taylor Lautner Star In the second Grown Ups?


LOL, you people make me laugh……Grown Up's was a movie designed to follow around a group of humorous pals.
They were not trying to win awards or break records with it, I swear, the people that call them selves Critic's these day's :(
When you have 5 people that are known for comedy (that actually know each other in real life, some of which have been friends for years) you're bound to get a funny movie almost regardless of the plot of content simply because the Actors work so well with each other.

I'm not surprised one bit that the 5 of them agreed to do the film in the first place, they must have been like "Hell yeah!" "I'll get paid a shit load for hanging around with my friends and laughing for a month or so" lol
P.S. A lot of seasoned actors/actresses do movies now a day's simply because "they" like/love the idea of the project…..narrow minded critic's & narrow minded fan's are taking the back seat ;)

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