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“Sparkle” Remake Gets An Official Release Date

"Sparkle" Remake Gets An Official Release Date

Sony Pictures has announced a release date for the Sparkle remake, which stars Jordin Sparks, Whitney Houston, Carmen Ejogo, Tika Sumpter, Derek LukeMike Epps, and others, shepherded by Salim and Mara Brock Akil.

The film, which will feature original music from R. Kelly, will hit theaters on August 10, 2012.

As already noted, our understanding is that this Sparkle will not be a modern re-telling of the original version, as we initially thought, but rather will be set in the 1960s, which I find baffling. How will it differentiate itself from the original, or even from the recent Dreamgirls (2006)? And if it’s just a rehashing of the original, but with a different set of actors, what’s the point?

All questions that I hope will be answered eventually, as the film’s release date draws near.

Principal photography is supposed to have wrapped already, so I suspect we’ll get a first look at the film soon enough.

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Budget for Sparkle revealed to be $10mil

They shouldn't have any problem making this and then some. I can't stand reading posts by Tambay because this person is so dumb to be writing for a movie blog. A little research would show that Dreamgirls and Sparkle are nothing alike excite they have in common a black cast and a 3 member girl group.
Sparkle is about a family, jealousy and infighting isn't really a theme and i've heard this remake will have more family/christian themes. Dreamgirls dialogue was sung which makes it a musical, Sparkle is not. Dreamgirls doesn't really concentrate on drug usage/abuse by one of the girl members nor focuus on family, Sparkle does.

The movie will still have some of the original curtis songs, I swear some people don't read the releases. R Kelly is only doing 3 original songs but giving him something he can fell, jump and look into your eyes will still be in it and i think giving up. There will be twists in this new movie that doesn't occur in the old movie. you'll just have to see it to believe it but it's not a modern retelling. It's gonna be good ya'll.


To me when you actually watch both movies then you realize that they’re really more different then it seems. “Dreamgirls” is about a girl group finding major success while dealing with ego, switched members, touring, and a controlling manager. “Sparkle” is not about a girl group as much as about a teen in the 1950′s who loves music and singing with her sisters, and is falling in love for the first time. It's not about music charts or music industry like "Dreamgirls". It’s more about family (the mom is a big part of the movie and that’s Whitney Houston’s role). In “Dreamgirls” we only know that Deena’s mom kept her on a straight path and then she’s there at the end.

Depending on how people feel about black filmmakers making "black films", this is a black film unlike the other. I know on this site 'what makes a black film' has been discussed as far as directing, cultural sensitivity, etc. The team behind “Sparkle” is Debra Martin Chase, Whitney Houston, and Mara Brock Akil .

Debra Martin Chase produced “The Princess Diaries” and Brandy’s “Cinderella” and I believe she was behind the popular , successful "Cheetah Girls" franchise for Disney Channel.
She kind of specializes in teen movies , so it'll have a more 'relatable', 'authentic' feel to this audience.

"Dreamgirls" is rise and fall girl group, while "Sparkle" is a coming of age story about a city girl in her family. They are different movies.

As far as why a remake, to improve on what was never a classic film as much as it was cult-film like. I love the original because I grew up watching it with family. Still, I realize it was a pretty short film for a drama. It was also a little campy. A good story with the benefits of modern technology and a different production team will revamp it. The original "Sparkle" director was more from an editing background, and all of the other films he directed beside "Sparkle" and one other flick were tv movies. When you think about it "Sparkle" could've been a CBS sunday movie or a Lifetime flick. I'm sure the new one will feel bigger and more cinematic. I know "Fame" 2009 tried that too but it actually cheapened the drama of the original they gave it to a guy who directed MTV dance shows and a Britney Spears concert tape. The new "Sparkle" is in better hands. Salim Akil's "Jumping the Broom" was pretty enjoyable and Mara Brock Akil's writing is getting more versatile from "Girlfriends" to "Cougar Town"

julius hollingsworth

i'm excited to see what this talented group of people come up with.Go Whitney show them what you got.


LOL @ what's the point! The point is money!

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