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Sundance 2012 – Luther Campbell Heading To Park City w/ “The Life And Freaky Times of Uncle Luke” (Inspired By “La Jetée”)

Sundance 2012 - Luther Campbell Heading To Park City w/ "The Life And Freaky Times of Uncle Luke" (Inspired By "La Jetée")

Looks like Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew will be leaving the warm sunny beaces of Miami for the frigid temps of Park City, UT next month, when a short film he stars in, titled The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke, produced by Miami’s Borscht Corp. (the organization behind the Borscht Film Festival which Barry Jenkins also made a short film for), in collaboration with Miami production company Rakontur, will screen in the 2012 Sundance Film Festival’s Short Film Program.

The Sundance Institute selected only 64 shorts for its Short Film Program from a record 7,675 world-wide submissions, and The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke made the cut.

The film is said to be an adaptation of the 1962 acclaimed and influential French short film La Jetée, directed by Chris Marker – a film that comprised almost entirely of still photos, and tells the story the aftermath of WWIII (post-nuclear) in time travel.

By the way, another film that was also inspired by Marker’s short was Terry Gilliams 1995 sci-fi drama 12 Monkeys.

Full synopsis for The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke reads like this:

… recounts Campbell’s rise to fame as he changes the face of hip-hop and fights for First Amendment rights – and later as he ushers Miami into a golden era of peace and prosperity as mayor. Everything changes when a nuclear meltdown at Turkey Point turns Miami into a radioactive wasteland filled with mutants, and Campbell is the only survivor left unscathed.

Ok, I’ll bite.

The film is said to take place entirely in a series of art installations by director/producer Jillian Mayer, that warp perspective and reality. “I wasn’t sure how interested Luke would be in working on a small artsy short film with some local kids, but he couldn’t have been more into it and supportive” said Evan Rosenfeld of Rakontur.

Also worth noting, if Freaky Times wins an award at Sundance, it will automatically qualify the film to potentially be an Oscar nominee.

As Rosenfeld put it: “We got Luke to Sundance, now we need to get him to the Academy Awards.”

Watch the trailer for The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke  below:

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Dylan Bradford

The Sundance Film Festival's 6 head programmers have acknowledged that they do not in fact watch the over 10,000 film submissions, and that they hire "someone" else, ( 30 to 40) other people to screen them before they are passed along ( in their own words) so why don't they divulge the information as to the qualifications of these people? Why would any serious filmmaker feel comfortable about the fairness and spend 65.00 or 75.00 to simply let anyone look at their film? Would you "pay someone from craigslist" for instance and say, I will give you money to let you look at my film and tell me what you think.
This is about as ludicrous as stupidity can get, but Sundance operates as do other film festivals off of desperation, and John Cooper doesn't care about watching these films, he is out and about traveling the globe looking at films from other festivals, he does NOT watch the films.
Sundance films are not independent, its who you know, not what you know or what you have made, they could care less and there is proof of that being made into a film that reveals the corporate corruption including interviews with those who worked at Sundance and behind the scenes. The movie is called "Scam Fest" and this film will open filmmakers eyes to what really happens to their films, and money. John Cooper, Shari Frilot, Jill Miller, Keri Putnam and all the rest of them are sold out and corrupt people, they have no talent, never made a film, have no qualifications other then to sit in a chair and push around paper and distribute money, and all the while Robert Redford does nothing, he simply states his usual rhetoric, "We support filmmakers" he is like a wind up doll.
Well known film reps bring in 4 to 10 films and have private screenings and pay nothing, while your film sits in a box waiting to be watched by some college nit wits busy on their text phones forwarding through submissions, that wouldn't have the time, patience or intelligence to know what a really great film is, and know what? Who gets duped in the end? You the people, the arts, movie goers, and so we have the same old cliches only boxed up "independently" and the real gems go to the garbage. The only people that have the nerve, and the integrity to stand up to Cooper and all his cohorts in their money making scams is the Yeager's whose film Jesus of Malibu was never given the chance, the film trailer, e-mails, and info all reveal specifically how corrupt Sundance is and has been for over 25 years. It is only a matter of time when the states attorney shuts them down from ripping the general public off of millions of dollars each year, millions do the math, and has every filmmaker agree to their terms which is a contractual agreement, if this were any other institution, these people would be behind bars in prison, but the same old show goes on and on, smoke and mirrors, and the on-line publications encourage it, and they don't write about it either, Filmmaker Magazine, Film Threat, Indie Wire, all of them don't want you to know either because they are all making money in this, if not why don't they tell you some really important information like Sundance is corrupt? Why don't they get down to the question and interview; "Dear programmers tell us, who watch's the 10,000 films and can we speak with these "people" please? That won't happen, and so in the meantime I not only tip my hat to the dear filmmakers William and Anais Yeager who have in my mind made the greatest film the world my ever have had a chance to see, but has brought all this to our attention, and it is quite obvious when you look at the film trailers for Jesus of Malibu, that this could be the most creative and solely true independent film ever made, way ahead of it's time, and when you consider that Sundance had no interest in simply answering the Yeager's e-mail or phone call regarding their film trilogy, it is obvious that it is about who you know, and Kevin Smith will always get in line before you or I ever do.
Lets call this what it is for once and for all, its a big party, its about money, not about art, and it is about ripping people off, real indy filmmakers who keep submitting for years and years what a sad thing this has become, and shame to all those who don't tell you about it, shame on them and you filmmakers who keep feeding this "beast".


Laugh or cry? I'll laugh. Wish I could see people's faces when this short is shown. They probably already know someone called in a big favor.


Wow… I wonder about all of the undoubtably artistic and well made films that didn't get a shot because of this film. I'm speechless. May God help us all. SMDH.


Really Sundance…..??? Wow.

White Privilege

Hot **cking Mess. Chances are if this tacky piece was created by a black filmmaker we'd be flaming him/her alive and lambasting him as to why he thinks he's ever get into a film festival of Sundance's pedigree. Double Standards are alive and quite well thank you very much.

Mike D.

Gotta love it.

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