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Sundance 2012 – Promo Clip For Sam Pollard’s “Slavery By Another Name,” Some Still Images & Poster

Sundance 2012 - Promo Clip For Sam Pollard's "Slavery By Another Name," Some Still Images & Poster

Long-time Spike Lee editor (as well as director and producer in his own right) Sam Pollard’s feature documentary for PBS, titled Slavery by Another Name, will make its debut at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, in the documentary competition section.

To recap… the film is based on the 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Wall Street Journal writer Douglas Blackmon, which “challenges the belief that slavery ended with 1863’s Emancipation Proclamation… [recounting] how in the years following the Civil War, new forms of forced labor emerged in the American South, trapping hundreds of thousands of African Americans in a brutal system that lasted until the onset of World War II.

Pollard faced some difficulties in shooting parts of the film, specifically in Centreville, Alabama, where the town’s mayor and city attorney were intent on blocking his attempts to shoot and recreate scenes in their locale, because, “We are a quiet, small town, and I don’t want this to cause controversy,” according to the mayor.

Pollard and his crew had already filmed in various locations in and around Centreville, but what the mayor and attorney most objected to was a reenactment scene in the town’s park, that will “depict… actors as being slaves who were tied to a stake driven into the ground. He wanted to do that in a public park on a weekend when other people were using the park for recreational purposes. We didn’t think that that was appropriate, and we felt like that would cause controversy. So, yes, the mayor had a problem with that,” said the city attorney.

After a few formal exchanges, Pollard decided to reenact the scene in another location.

This is the first time in the 10 years since I started researching and writing the book that the door was so overtly slammed in my face,” journalist/author Blackmon said.

No matter… the film got made, so applause to that! AND it’s set to premiere at the most important film festival in the USA in about a month, which will be followed by its TV debut on PBS, on February 13th (during Black History Month of course).

Slavery by Another Name, which includes reenactment scenes, will be narrated by Laurence Fishburne.

No trailer yet, but I came across the above and below still images, as well as a 4-minute promo clip of the film.

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Very proud to be a co-creator of the educational materials for this film. We're developing a full curriculum aimed at high school teachers to help them introduce/teach this history in their classrooms. The materials will be available for free on the forthcoming Slavery by Another Name website.

Felicia Pride

Raymond Spencer

As one of the actors in this peice, I feel so good as I read all of the comments about SBAN.
Thank you for the inspiration.


thank you for posting this… I didn't expect to get so emotional watching this. Kudos to Sam Pollard and his team!

Ice Pikk

Considering the nature of the 13th amendment and laws that have been enacted since this part of the scam has been found out, we still have peonage and slavery today for the benefit of the state and companies.

Jahdeeka Holly

Thank you and I look toward viewing your piece. Let the truth be told . So many have been led to believe that we brought these things upon ourselves.


"they tell me Joe Turner's Come and Gone, Oh Lordy". watching this clip brings to mind the story of Paul D. in Toni Morrison's Beloved. I vividly remember the first time I saw pictures from the book, Slavery by Another Name. When I came to the picture of the young brother who was tied to the stake in the ground, my mind would not, could not comprehend what it was seeing. When I realized that this young brother had been tied to a pick axe it was too much. God bless you Sam Pollard for this documentary. on and up


looking forward to seeing this, thanks for posting!

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