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Survey Says “The Hobbit,” “The Avengers” Are 2 Of 2012’s Most Anticipated Movies; What Are Yours? (Survey)

Survey Says "The Hobbit," "The Avengers" Are 2 Of 2012's Most Anticipated Movies; What Are Yours? (Survey)

The short story goes… Fandango surveyed over 1,000 Fandango users, asking them what films are they most anticipating in 2012. Fandango then sorted the results by gender, and these were the results:

Men: 1. The Hobbit; 2. The Avengers; 3. The Dark Knight Rises; 4. The Bourne Legacy; 5. Men in Black III.

Women: 1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2; 2. The Hunger Games; 3. The Hobbit; 4. Dark Shadows; 5. The Avengers

Obviously a mostly younger Fandango user base was polled for (or replied to) the survey. But it looks like The Hobbit and The Avengers will likely have huge weekend openings when they debut next year. 

Fandango also asked its users for their most anticipated remakes expected to be released in 2012, and here are the results, again, by gender:

Men: 1. Total Recall; 2. The Amazing Spider-Man; 3. The Great Gatsby; 4. Snow White And The Huntsman; 5. Mirror Mirror 

Women: 1. Snow White And The Huntsman; 2. The Great Gatsby; 3. Mirror Mirror; 4. Total Recall; 5. The Amazing Spider-Man

Identical lists, except for the order.

But forget Fandango’s survey; I want to do one right here on S&A. But I’m interested in just the first question – your top 5 most anticipated movies of 2012. Leave them in the comment section below; I’ll give it a few days, then compile the results, and post for all to see. Hopefully a lot of you chime in so that we get a nice, healthy sample.


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1.The Avengers 2.The Hobbit 3.The Hunger Games 4.The Amazing Spider-Man 5.Men In Black 3 …I'm must say the G.I. 2 Retaliation trailer was awesome though so just barely in 6th position.

lee bryant

my top ten films of 2012 1 Prometheus 2 Prometheus 3 Prometheus 4 Prometheus 5 Prometheus 6 Prometheus 7 Prometheus 8 Prometheus 9 Prometheus 10 Prometheus, take it away ridley.


1. Hunger Games 2. 12 Years a Slave 3. Prometheus 4. The Hobbit 5. Red Tails


Easy money…

1. The Avengers
2. The Amazing Spider-Man
3. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
4. G.I Joe: Retaliation
5. Prometheus

Yep, TDKR was out of the list coz I'm not a nolanites, I like Bats but, not now. :|

Kane Lone

Safe House. Denzel gets to be a bad-ass again. Can't wait.


1) The Hobbit 2) The Dark Knight Rises 3) The Hunger Games 4) Men In Black III 5) The Bourne Legacy.

Geneva Girl

Hunger Games – I'll pay a babysitter so I can see that. I'd like to see Red Tails, Safe House and Django Unchained, but I'm not sure I want to drop the 50 bucks for a sitter.

After I had a kid my movie viewing habits changed based on what I'm willing to get a sitter for. It's got to be something special to drop that much money.


world is waitng for THE HOBBIT N SO M I


1. Avengers 2. Dark Knight Rises 3. Hobbit 4. Hunger Games 5. Bourne Legacy


1. The Hobbit 2. The Great Gatsby 3. The Hunger Games 4. The Avengers 5. Dark Shadows

All the great books come first : )


1) The Hobbit 2) The Hobbit 3) The Hobbit…

Okay, for real…

1) The Hobbit 2) The Dark Knight Rises 3)The Avengers 4) Red Tails 5)The Great Gatsby


1.) The Avengers — no. 1 by a WIDE margin
2.) The Hunger Games
3.) The Hobbit
4.) Django Unchained
5.) Cabin in the Woods


The Avengers and then everything else and I mean EVERYTHING. It's not even close.


DJANGO UNCHAINED. No one knows whats coming:)..

Suua P.

According to me – 1) The Hunger Games 2) The Avengers 3) The Dark Knight Rises 4) The Hobbit 5) Dark Shadows

Hi Hater

Django Unchained, Skyfall, 12 Years a Slave (if it gets made), The Grey, Taken 2, The Great Gatsby, Safe House, Prometheus, Red 2, Bad Boys 3, Hannibal (skeptical but love the story), Hancock 2 (if Will accepts the script)


Red Tails, Dark Knight Rises 4, The Avengers, Django*, Prometheus.


On The Road, Snow White and The Huntsman, any good character driven movie, The Hobbit, Prometheus and Gravity


The Hunger Games, The Great Gatsby, Prometheus, Anything by Terrence Malick, aaannnnd that's it folks.


1.Middle of Nowhere, 2. The Hobbit, 3. SnowWhite and the Huntsman, 4.Promethus 5. Whatever Terrence Malick film comes out.


1) Spike Lee's Red Hook Summer and Old Boy 2) Prometheus 3) Django Unchained and 4) Bullet to the Head (the long awaited return of director Walter Hill. It's time for hard core, macho R rated action movies to make a comeback)


1.The Hobbit 2.Prometheus 3.The Dark Knight Rises 4. The Avengers and… I can't think of another one. I went and looked at the list of 2012 movies on Wikipedia. Didn't see anything. So here is my four.


1)The Dark Knight Rises
2) The Great Gatsby
3) Prometheus
4) The Hobbit
5) ?


John Carter!!!! next Hobbit after that Dark Knight


1.) The Hunger Games 2.) Prometheus 3.) The Dark Knight Rises 4.)The Avengers 4.) The Hobbit. I am particularly excited about seeing The Hunger Games and Prometheus.


I just want to see good movies period. Diversity is desired and a bonus, but lack of it's not going to keep me from seeing good movies, frankly and POC in bad movies won't get me to see crappy or mediocre ones either.

In no particular order:
Hunger Games, Hobbit, Avengers, Cabin In The Woods, Dark Shadows, Snow White and The Huntsman, Prometheus.


1. Something well made and starring an ethnically diverse cast. (It's a longshot I know)
2. The Hobbit
3. The Dark Knight Rises/The Avengers


So there's two Snow White movies coming out? Why? Not looking forward to any of the above.
I guess I moderately anticipate Red Tails, Men in Black (to see if Will's still got it), Sparkle (just for the hate vs love arguments), Django (for the same reason as Sparkle), maybe Killing Bin Laden, maybe Rock of Ages, maybe The Lorax – for sentimental reasons.


Very easy…

1. The Hobbit
2. The Dark Knight Rises
3. Prometheus
4. Red Tails
5. The Avengers

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