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T.J. Holmes Leaves CNN For “Multi-Platform” Deal With BET

T.J. Holmes Leaves CNN For "Multi-Platform" Deal With BET

No time wasted here… a day after it was announced that CNN weekend anchor T.J. Holmes would be leaving the network at the end of this year, comes word that BET has snatched up LL Cool T.J., signing him to “a multi-platform talent deal” which will include hosting a new show on BET, as well as contributions to its website

No further details yet on what exactly the content of LL Cool T.J.’s new show will be, or how frequently it’ll air, or how else they plan to use him under this new deal, but I assume it’ll be news/current events related.

Stay tuned…

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sue thomas

I always loved watching TJ and wondered how he was raised to turn out such a warm, wonderful and poised person! Best of luck and hope, actually , to see you back at CNN. TJ added just the touch they needed there. Your replacement 'sort of' looks like you yet it is not the same. Yes, the best of luck to you and thanks for the beautiful energy.


CNN should have moved TJ and Betty N. to American Morning and I bet they would have seen their ratings soar! Letting both of them go was such a huge mistake.
Best of luck TJ!

Edgar Flint

I had the pleasure of meeting T.J Holmes once, and was very much impressed with his relaxed and friendly manner. All the best to you T.J in all of your endeavors.

Derenda Morrissette

TJ. you brought warmth and humanity to the news you presented. Since your departure, I no longer watch CNN in the morning before work. Best of luck to you and I will be waiting and watching for you on BET!


I hope that T J Holmes really thought about it before he took the deal. Though I love his journalistic expertise, I will NOT be tuning into BET to watch him. There are many who will not because of what BET represents, total degradation of People of Color via stereotypical prototype propagation. CNN on the other hand is such a united positive station. Anyway T.J all the best to you, I hope you change your mind.
P.S Stay away from S. H. while you are there! You know who I am referring to!


I was watching TJ and friends on CNN this morning. From most of the remarks I was thinking they let him go, or did not renew his contract, because he revealed being gay. Well whatever the reason he is leaving CNN, it is their loss. Good luck TJ, wherever you go, whatever you do, you will do your best because that is just the type of guy you are.


I will miss you, I have enjoyed you since day one. Much success on your new network!! The one thing I loved about you is that you seem to lovvvvvv your work, and you connected with your viewers. I will miss you. God Bless you.


I truly enjoyed your professionalism and style and I'm a huge CNN fan. I'm going to miss waking up on weekends and not seeing you TJ. Best of Luck on your new network.

Donald from Kingston, Jamaica

I think that this is a huge loss for CNN. I am tuned to CNN more than any other network and thoroughly enjoyed TJ's programmes.

TJ, I wish you a bright future as well as God's blessings and guidance


Thanks TJ was always fun waking up to you,I will miss you!!!!


I'm another "old white guy," and I, too, really hate to see T.J. leave CNN. It's a significant loss for the network and I wish him luck in his new venture.


I was tuned into this mornings newscast and heard the news of your leaving CNN,and it was a bit of a downer to tell you the truth!! I really enjoyed seeing your work, you've always made watching the news much more enlightening. I wish you all the best in your new ventures and I guess I'll become more of a fan of BET!!
God Bless you T.J!!!


I'm a HIP white guy who knows talent and TJ is the best anchor and he has a unique talent and his genuine caring warmth transcends all races. Unfortunately there are some out there that like to still bring up the race card. CNN is not stuffy it is the largest and best news forum in the World. Good Luck TJ you will be missed.


will miss you tj good luck looking forward to seeing you on BET!!


I'm one of those old white folks and I will really miss him. I feel like he was expressing his actually feelings (not necessarily verbally) on many subjects and I appreciate his views. He will be missed!


I think this is a smart move for TJ Holmes because his talent was wasted on CNN. CNN is a stuffy network for old white folks. I always felt TJ was too young and talented to be wasting his time on CNN. CNN also did not allow TJ to really show his talent. CNN has a weekend ghetto they place the black journalists Don Lemon, TJ Holmes, and Frederika Whitfield ONLY on the weekends.


For the life of me I can't figure out why this is being spun as a come-up for TJ. It's Varsity to JV with likely a larger check. I read that TJ joked about all the sisters and brothers relegated to CNN's "weekend ghetto"…if that was his gripe, why on earth would he willingly move to the Cabrini Green of news? When is the last time you went to BET for news (or for ANYthing)?? My guess is CNN let him go but had the decency to wait 'til he had something else in place.

Stack chips, then bounce, boo boo.


He is just what BET needs. He also comes with a HUGE following. He will be bringing EXCELLENT…SUPERB journalistic class to the place…BET WHAT A MOVE!!!


Is he the gay one? I don't watch CNN anymore and I believe any minorities on there are just window dressing so this should be good for him. I don't watch BET either, are they legitimate yet?

Adam Scott Thompson

Good luck, brotha.


I really hope this is the right move for him. Based on their track record, BET's commitment to certain news programming is shaky…at best.


He'll be chuckling and smiling wherever he lands.

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