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That “Extremely Loud” Poster Looks Extremely Familiar

That "Extremely Loud" Poster Looks Extremely Familiar

If you've walked by the poster for "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" and thought it looked familiar, here's why. Check out the side-by-side below of "Extremely Loud" and a movie you might not have seen for quite some time…

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I don't find them similar at all. They're two completely different gestures, connoting wildly different reactions and emotions. I guess in a world where everyone reads screens and "texts" all day, no one picks up nuances in facial expressions and subtle visual cues anymore.


Actually, his dead, soulless eyes and lack of mouth remind me of the Silent Hill poster.

Julia Chasman

I like that the poster references HOME ALONE. It's an interesting twist on an emotional, strong image.

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