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The “Tchip Show” – France’s First Black Sit-Com

The "Tchip Show" - France's First Black Sit-Com

Just goes to show you that you learn something new everyday, like the Tchip Show – France’s first black sit-com.

In fact the show first started as a webseries 5 years ago (you can watch some episodes on YouTube) and now, currently in its fourth season, it’s being broadcast on the French pubic televison network France O.

The show centers around the lives of French West Indian and African people living in Paris, and the has its own website which you can check out HERE.

Below is a sample from the show, in French, and I leave it up to those out there who understand French to tell us if it’s funny or not:

Tchip Show – Saison 4 Episode 8 by SpinOff

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I am surprised that this is the FIRST black sit-com. The way black entertainers have left and moved to France for nearly 100 years and they are just now showing the first black sit-com. I guess things are the same everywhere…hmmm


Mind you these are the same people who once thought Jerry Lewis was a comedic "genius".

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