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“The Wire” Alum Tray Chaney Talks Life After The Series + Preview Upcoming Film “Dead Money”

"The Wire" Alum Tray Chaney Talks Life After The Series + Preview Upcoming Film "Dead Money"

“Right now, I’ve got three movies coming out in 2012. I got a movie coming out Jan. 13 locally, in theaters, called “Dead Money,” featuring me, Clifton Powell, Sole’, and Anjuan ‘Big G’ Glover. “Dead Money” focuses on organ trafficking. We’re getting these body parts overseas and we’re selling them in the United States. It’s a different role for me ‘cause I play a surgeon that’s an assistant to Clifton Powell.”

The Wire alum Tray Chaney, talking to The Root about what he’s been up to since that hit HBO show went off the air. Of course I had to dig and find out more about these 3 movies he’s in that are coming out in 2012, including the one he mentiones that opens on January 13th, titled Dead Money, with the hardest working man in the biz, Clifton Powell.

His IMDB resume shows that he has 2 yet-to-be released features – the aforementioned Dead Money, and something else titled Masterminds, which co-stars Tila Tequila and Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick Hogan (not a good sign with those 2 also in the film). 

At least, as he says, Dead Money will open in theaters “locally.” I’m guessing that means Baltimore, MD?

I couldn’t find a trailer for Dead Money, but I did find this promo of it on YouTube, which should give you some idea of what to expect from the flick. And you can read the full interview with The Root HERE, in which they talk stereotypical casting, his new book, his new album, and more:

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Diane Foster

I love dead money

Shawn Whitsell

LOL at the "Masterminds" comment. It was filmed in Nashville, where I live. A friend of mine is in it. I was on set one day briefly. I couldn't even tell you what the movie was about. I kept thinking, "somebody put Tila Tequila in a movie???" LOL. I heard good things about Tray though. Shout out to that brotha.


Those TWO in the film? Tila Tequila is no better an actor than Hulk Hogan or his kid. Sounds horrible.

I don't have great hopes for this Dead Money movie, either. I can get over the budget, but the one dude with the red hat, and the DUN DUN- DUN thing just cracked me up. Um, concept would be interesting, but I don't think I'm too interested.

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