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They’re Behind You: ‘John Carter’ Gets A Ridiculous IMAX Poster

They're Behind You: 'John Carter' Gets A Ridiculous IMAX Poster

One of the dicier blockbuster propositions of 2012 will also be one of the first to land — we’re talking about Disney‘s mega-budget version of Edgar Rice Borroughs‘ pulp hero “John Carter.”  Everyone from Robert Rodriguez to Jon Favreau has tried to bring the character — a Civil War vet transported to Mars — to the big screen, but in the end, it was Pixar vet Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo,” “WALL-E“) who landed the job, with “Friday Night Lights” star Taylor Kitsch in the lead role.

But for a while there, despite Stanton’s pedigree, things weren’t looking so hot. Disney’s marketing campaign has been a bit shaky, starting with dropping the ‘Of Mars’ from the title to make it as anonymous as possible (because a similar tactic worked out so well for “Hugo” at the box office…), an underwhelming teaser trailer, and some pretty opaque posters.

We suspect we’re in the minority, but for us, things are starting to look up a little. We found the last trailer a vast improvement, and now a new poster has arrived, clearly meant to remind IMAX goers heading to “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” this weekend that the film will be landing in the giant-screen format as well. And at the very least, it’s clearer than the last one-sheet as to what the film actually involves — namely, a shirtless man fighting a pair of albino gorilla/mole things.

We’re a long way from convinced but let’s not forget that Stanton has yet to put a foot wrong, while the script comes from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon, so there’s certainly some high-class talent involved behind the scenes. And the cast is pretty great, with Kitsch and female lead Lynn Collins being joined by Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, James Purefoy, Samantha Morton, Bryan Cranston and Polly Walker, among others. Plus, a shirtless man fighting a pair of albino gorilla/mole things. Yes, it looks ridiculous, but so did “Avatar” three months out, so let’s not bet the bank against the film yet. “John Carter” will hit theaters on March 9th, in both regular theaters and IMAX 3D. [JoBlo]

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Palidyn ap Hewyl

This is not Edgar Rice Burroughs "A Princess of Mars." It is Stanton's "Xena Warrior Princess goes to Utah while on Acid." After waiting nearly fourty years for this film, I am so disappointed in what I've seen that I would rather watch episodes of "Nightrider" than show up at the theatre. Stanton should have stuck to making cartoons.


Scared about this one. Don't want Andrew Stanton to have a flop this epic, but can't deny how un-zeitgeist-grabbing this looks.


@Ralok. Do you wear a big cheesy smile as you are straining? He looks like he is giggling. In fact, as someone pointed out at JoBlo, the whole poster looks like it is for a comedy. Quoting Mr Barracuda, "…I can't help but think this poster makes it look like some kind of outrageous comedy. From his face/pose to the font, size and color of the lettering on the poster, it feels comical." He pinpoints something that was subconsciously affecting me. If they told us this was the poster for a new Jack Black comedy, everyone would believe it, because there is such a comedic tone to this poster. Disney marketing is really puzzling me here. Then again, they sold Prince of Persia like perfume ads, so who knows what's up with Disney marketing anymore? Maybe selling John Carter like a Jack Black comedy is a stroke of brilliance?


They cut "of Mars" because Disney wants to eliminate any connection to "Mars Needs Moms"


Why is the guy in the skirt giggling? Shouldn't he be scared or something? Are they tickle monsters? What a strange poster this is. I continue to be puzzled at Disney marketing choices.


Looks pretty amazing! cant wait

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