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Trailer: Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ Looks Like An Intense, Worthy Successor To ‘Alien’

Trailer: Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' Looks Like An Intense, Worthy Successor To 'Alien'

But Can We Please Call A Moratorium On The ‘Inception’ Sound In Trailers, Please?

Yep, another highly anticipated 2012 trailer has finally arrived. And yes, a cruddy version of this one leaked a few weeks ago — upsetting 20th Century Fox chairman Tom Rothman — but weep no more Mr. Rothman, the impressive and ambitious looking version of Ridley Scott‘s “Prometheus” — a homecoming of sorts as the film is a “sort-of” prequel to “Alien” — is here in all it’s high-definition glory. Suffice to say it looks grand.

While yes, there’s that annoying “Inception“-sounding BRAAAAM fart in it, the go-to sound for all genre-based tentpoles that studios apparently force filmmakers to add to their trailers, it still looks pretty intense, thrilling and even scary. The propulsion and momentum of the trailer had a nice rhythm and it feels rather epic and like something is at stake. Will Scott be able to reinvigorate what essentially could be eight or so characters being killed off one by one until the fearless protagonist is the last (wo)man standing? Or will this break from the template and become something else entirely? It remains to be seen, but this one definitely feels like it’s worth checking out. The IMDB synopsis, for what it’s worth is this: A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

What’s the tie-in to “Alien?” Rothman says only 5% fo the film ties into “Alien” and is way bigger than that film and more profound. Or as Scott himself in a recent issue of EW put it, “The last eight minutes will evolve into a pretty good DNA of the Alien one.” Will this be a new franchise? “The audience decides that,” Rothman said.

Interesting enough, the cast seems to disagree on how the two films tie-in together. There’s definitely a link to Alien,” Michael Fassbender told EW in the same issue, “There’s creatures in it that you’ll recognize.” While Charlize Theron said, “I think people should really let go of the idea that it’s an Alien film.”

Starring Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Patrick Wilson, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce and Rafe Spall, “Prometheus,” which was shot in 3D, is scheduled to arrive in theaters next summer, June 8, 2012. [Apple].

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I did just see the Space Jokey, didn't I?


@FIRED PLAYLIST INTERN: First of all, I don't know if this is true. And, if it is true, I don't know why they would just fire you like that. They should've called you in their office and tell you not to do it again. My intention was not to get anyone fired. I simply expressed my opinion. Your opinion on INCEPTION sound is that it sounds like 'Fart.' In all honesty, it does not. Am I a Christopher Nolan fan? Yes, I am. Am I a Inception fan? Yes, I am. If your insulting word would not be even relevant to Inception, I would still make a comment like I did this morning. If they really fired you, then I ask you to let me get in touch with someone so you can get your position back. Mistakes happen all the time. No one is perfect.


Playlist Managing Editor,

Thank you for replying back to my comment. I was a little bit uncomfortable reading the article this morning, and I expressed my opinion right away, because a source like 'The Playlist" is all about films and I think articles/coverages should be professional at all times even if the intention of the writer is to bash a trailer, film, actor or director. I, honestly, venerate INDIEWIRE.COM, and THE PLAYLIST is my favorite blog. I visit this blog more than other blogs on I will not not stop reading your blog, but as a film lover and since I have respect for film-makers, writers, and actors, I will point out to negativity. We all make mistakes at times. :)

Thank you once again

Happy Holidays Everyone!


"Inception"-sounding ? Oh great another Nolan asskisser. It's from original Alien trailer.


Every movie Ridley Scott makes should be Sci Fi.


Three great trailers in the span of one week.


Okay, so maybe it won't have the Alien creature in it (which I doubt), but it clearly is an extension of the Alien movies. The visual style is of a piece with the first movie, and it obviously centers around the giant crescent-shaped "ship" that features in the first reel of ALIEN. The unexplained nature of that ship has always been one of the best elements of the ALIEN story, and it's a safe bet that Ridley's gonna spoil the whole thing by giving us some kind of overheated origin story that nobody asked for or needed. It's kind of funny that everybody involved with the film is so quick to claim it's "not an Alien movie," and then they orchestrate the whole PR campaign, from the trailer to the poster, around the original Alien. Basically, a reboot that doesn't want to call itself a reboot.

Travis Bickle

You have to admit, this looks far better than the trailers for THE HOBBIT and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.


This trailer is a duplicate of the original "Alien" trailer, even the music.


Looks fantastic, especially the screaming at the end; love the mix of old-style sci fi (saturated colors, bubble helmets, etc.) with the Giger and Ron Cobb designs — makes the characters look like they are way out of their depth — like Buck Rogers peering into an alien egg. Not only are the titles a nod to Alien, but the music (in particular, the high pitched part of the cue) is sampled from the original Alien ads [at around 1:45] :


Looks really promising. I don't care how much it ties in to the Alien movies, it's still a whole new bunch of characters, a whole new story. Very cool that Ridley has moved back to this genre. Selfish comment/Wish: Just wish he would write his own material every once in a while. Not to take anything away from great directors like him or Fincher, but one original or adapted script by them out of 5 movies would be a good proportion.

Nik Grape

"The propulsion and momentum of the trailer had a nice rhythm and it feels rather epic and like something is at stake." -> that fart sound you mention pretty much emphasizes all of this so I don't see the reason for the complaints. It's perfect for trailers. This was definitely more teaser than trailer but fuck was it ever effective.


the filmmakers are trying to debunk the fact that its an 'Alien' movie, yet the way the title slowly fades in is exactly the same as was done on the alien films. I think it looks fantastic though


A little too "teaser" and not enough "trailer" for me.


(While yes, there's that annoying "Inception"-sounding BRAAAAM fart in it) – What a nice piece of journalism! I am pretty sure you could use a different word instead of 'fart' here, because not everyone likes to read that when it comes to journalism. You didn't only disrespected the people behind the films you mentioned, but disrespected the readers as well.


Older directors trying to go back to the well decades later to the kinds of movies that launched them never ends well. (Lucas, Speilberg, etc)

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