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Trailer Watch For Romantic Comedy “Exit Strategy”

Trailer Watch For Romantic Comedy "Exit Strategy"

Here’s the trailer for the romantic comedy Exit Strategy which is scheduled to be released in February 2012.

Shot last fall in L.A., the film, which was directed by Michael Whitton, and stars Jameel Saleem, Kimelia Weathers, Kevin Hart and Big Boy, deals with a unfortunate guy (played by Saleem) who’s gets evicted from his apartment and is forced to move in with his girlfriend (Weathers).

However what seems to be the perfect solution turns sour when the guy discovers that his girlfriend is everything that he’s never wanted in a girlfriend, and has to come out with a scheme to get her to break up with him; while, of course, still letting him sleep on the couch. Nice trick if he can pull that off.

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Don Wallace

very, very funny trailer. It's the first trailer i have evry viewed for less than 30 seconds that made me laugh out loud. Can't wait to see the movie.


i want to love this film. it looks like it could be funny and i like the premise. the two main characters are very watchable. it's refreshing to see black folk in quirky roles.


i've been waiting for this film to come out for a long time now, i was a huge fan of the webseries.


No Paula Patton or Halle Berry types as the girlfriend? Oh, wait…the girlfriend is not supposed to be likeable…I see… I understand the casting now.

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