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VH-1’s “Single Ladies” Gets A Brand New Lady In Denise Vasi

VH-1's "Single Ladies" Gets A Brand New Lady In Denise Vasi

TV Guide is reporting that VH-1’s scripted series Single Ladies has added Denise Vasi to its cast, according to executive producer Queen Latifah.  Vasi, who Latifah calls “a perfect addition to the Single Ladies cast”, will be replacing Stacey Dash, who announced her separation from the program in September.

From TV Guide:

Single Ladies, VH1’s first scripted program, is about three friends in the world of Atlanta fashion, fame and music. Vasi will play Raquel, a businesswoman from a prominent Southern family. LisaRaye McCoy and Charity Shea also star.

Production on Season 2 begins in January; the series will return some in early summer.

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Denise Vasi is a poor soul who can't act to save her life. A truly terrible actress even for a soap opera. She has as much personality as Kirmit the frog who is a puppet, which by the way can convey more emotions than she is able to. The Elmo voice is not attractive. She didnt even have a lead role on AMC. She was so terribly bad that AMC hid her for the last two years and gave her character next to nothing to do. They only kept her because she is dark skinned and they didn't want to look racist on the show. Students in school plays have better acting skills that is for sure. At this point she is delusional if she thinks shes an actress and she needs to face reality and that is SHE ONLY GETS CASTED BECAUSE OF HER LIGHT EYES! Stacy was amazing & you cant compare a 5 course mealat Phillip Chow to a chinese buffet!


I just read this interview/article Denise "Vasi" AKA new girl on Single Ladies gave lol Ok so u say u r family oriented? your a liar because you haven't spoken to your mother or step dad in YEARS. I read blogs about you and people that went to school with you called u out like the cheap SKANK that u are. You HATED your family and so u moved in with your grandmother in Brighton Beach N.Y. Your name is NOT Denise "Vasi" is Denise FELIX. You slept with almost every guy in John Dewey High School as well as Reynolds J.H.S. You met Noah Tepperberg, a really old ugly fat white man who had connections into the industry (yes I saw pictures of u with him on google) he helped u land a role on All My Children and then u dumped him! You later moved on to Russel Simmons, and u saw u weren't getting ISH out of him so u moved on to the next fellow who was rich and owned a "pasta shop (Hello Pasta in NYC)" Oh wait I missed one, u were engaged to Sevan Arslanian another connected man in the industry, u lasted 48hrs and that was that. Now you are dating another poor soul, Anthony Handler a big time music video producer who helped you land this current role. You'r teeth are FAKE(I saw pictures of you when you were young) Your face is all BOTOXED out to the point where you cant really move it. Your head is too big for your body and you lack in the acting skills. EVERYONE on this planet knows that the ONLY and I repeat the ONLY reason why you have made it this far is A) Your colored eyes AND B) You sleep with high powered men to get ahead in this industry! Point BLANK! It's not shocking to believe because well, we saw you on screen TRYING to act and you are ABSOLUTE torture to watch! You will always be a hood-rat. Stacy is a talented amazing lady and u honey will never measure up. Your acting shouldn't be aloud in a kindergarten play.

Miles Ellison

This is still on?


I wonder if white people have the same problem in their community? Pale skin vs Olive skin, Blond hair vs Brunette or Red hair! I'm sure they do but just don't let it eat away at them and cause them to dislike their own race. So sad that we as a black human race can't get over our racism in our own community, but we expect the white community to get over racism period. You should be proud of who you are and comfortable in your skin and when that happens you will see black is black no matter what shade our brothers & sisters come in. Not watching a show based on someone skin color, hmm where have I heard that before?


A stunning woman…who can't act to save her life. A truly terrible actress even for daytime TV's standards. She has as much personality as a Barbie doll, which by the way can convey more emotions than she is able to. She is the master of the blank stare and the babydoll voice. She does have a bit of a vocal following to be sure. With that and her stunning looks she would have gotten much more to do on AMC, despite not being white, if she was at least close to being an average actress. However she was so bad TPTB essentially hid her for the last two years and gave her character next to nothing to do.

Then again maybe she has gotten better. But I doubt it. Has the potential to make Stacy Dash look as formidable an actress as Angela Bassett.

Mekisha Hale

Finally an actress was found to replace 'Stacy Dash' now with the actress 'Denise Vasi' who will replace the character that was played by actress 'Stacy Dash'. Even thou I'm disappointed that "Stacy Dash" won't returned,finally VH1 network has found the replacement of her character on the show "Single Ladies"


Wow, paper bag test is still in effect. Glad to see other picked up on this. It's ridiculous. Black/brown skinned = hood/ghetto, light-skinned/mixed = sexy, classy. WHY do we keep doing this to ourselves? And why do keep accepting it?


Elise Neal would've been a better replacement!



I only watched because of Stacy Dash, who's been a favorite of mine since 'Clueless.' However, it did disturb me that neither of the black women starring in the project was medium or dark-brown skinned.

Vasi is an established actress who brings a fan base from All My Children, the beloved daytime soap that was cancelled this year. That does count. Orphaned AMC fans might take a chance on Single Ladies because of Vasi. Therefore, I can understand the hiring.

Additionally, Vasi is also Latina, which hits another demo for the network.

That said, I do hope that Gabourey Sidibe does lose weight for her own health. As Monique explained after slimming down, zaftig may be fine but it's not healthy. Diabetes and high blood pressure are killers in the African-American community.

Most Esteemed

Black people love to challenge the authenticity of a film or show that is absent of blacks, but rarely one absent of black women who represent the majority of America. Nope! Not watching the colorism-fest! Pass.


You mean a pretty light-skinned actress was cast and not Gabourey Sidibe?

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