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Watch: Daniel Kaluuya In Trailer For Fantasy-Drama “The Fades”; Coming To BBC America In January

Watch: Daniel Kaluuya In Trailer For Fantasy-Drama "The Fades"; Coming To BBC America In January

Actor Daniel Kaluuya comes to BBC America on January 14 with a starring role in the new fantasy-drama The Fades.

From the BBC America website:

Written by Jack Thorne (“Skins,” “This Is England ’86,” “Shameless”), “The Fades” is a coming-of-age fantasy drama showcasing the supernatural skills of a reluctant teenager named Paul (as played by Iain De Caestecker, formerly of “Coronation Street”). His best friend, Mac (Daniel Kaluuya, “Johnny English Reborn,” “Skins”), as well as his therapist, are completely stunned by the apocalyptic dreams that he’s been having. His twin sister Anna (Lily Loveless, “Skins”) is also unsympathetic of his socially awkward behavior.

As if things aren’t difficult enough, Paul is seeing the spirits of the dead (known as Fades) all around him. An embittered Fade finds a way to break the barrier between the dead and the living, aiming its vengeance at Paul, Mac and their loved ones.

Soon the fate of humanity rests in the hands of the two best friends, who already have enough trouble getting through the day in one piece, let alone saving the world.

Veteran actor Robbie Gee (Desmonds, The Crouches) co-stars in the series as Mac’s father, DCI Armstrong.

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I watched the show and was ready to dismiss it after seeing Kaluuya in the best friend role, but there realationship was really sweet and it made sense as the show went on. He was given a really meaty role. This is a really great teen/supernatural drama I hope it's well recieved stateside. Oh and did you see him in Black Mirror he was phenomenal his episode was the best of the mini series.


OMG, I used to love the tv show Desmonds. Glad to see Robbie Gee is still doing his thing.


I thought this article was about The Fades getting a second season, since the 1st season already aired in the UK in November. I love this show! The chemistry between the two main characters is awesome, and Kaluuya is a star on the rise whose work I'll be watching. I love the fact that he DOESN'T fit the typical "black best friend" trope and brings an emotional depth to the storyline that I rarely see on American television.


Daniel Kaluuya is a gifted young actor whose ability to reflect emotions subtly is brilliant. I encourage every one to watch his work.

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