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Watch Episode 1 Of Viral Web Series “Sh*t Black Girls Say”

Watch Episode 1 Of Viral Web Series "Sh*t Black Girls Say"

A whole bunch of folks sent this to me, so I guess it's already viral at this point, if not already getting there. According to YouTube, it's been played almost 350,000 times, after being made public on the video sharing site on December 16. 

It's a parody of Shit Girls Say, an immensely popular new web series (which started as a Twitter feed); this one is called Shit Black Girls Say, which was written By Lena Waithe, who I'm told is attracting some Hollywood attention because of the series which stars Billy Sorrells as "Peaches."

Watch the first of many to come below; Lena tells me that a second one is coming soon:

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Thank you indeed have a very beautiful work

Tia Smith

You can also catch Billy Sorrells in the upcoming Crime Drama "Because I Love You". You can see the trailer on YouTube


very nice sharing. Thank you. Waiting for more.

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ATTENTION…. ATTENTION WHORES!!! OPPS, LET ME EXPLAIN. But first @ ARTBIZZY, woman, how in the world did my comment directed at Ms. Blutopaz inspire this—> [ Carey, what got you so riled up that you had to go for the jugular? Not necessary and incredibly disrespectful to Black Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts, etc. not to mention yourself. Didn't we all come from a woman? ] ARTBIZZY, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Now, on another note:

My mother once said: "Boy, lift up your head and pay attention to me".

And a friend recently said: "Glad you've returned to blogging with a vengeance. (After one of the shortest retirements in blogging history, I might add. Some–not me, mind you–might call you attention wh*** behind that move. LOL)

This post is not about my mother nor my friend. This post is about commenters in genral and the words "attention whore".
Listen, throughout this thread I have heard reflections of "Carey is seeking attention", I asked myself what that meant. I most assuredly know it means different things to different people – okay. But I was left to wonder what they mean to me. Well, a whore is a promiscuous woman; a prostitute. To fornicate with whores is said to be whorish.
Now dammit, where do I fit in ? I am not a woman, but I have been promiscuous. Maybe that's my tie-end. I did start my adventure into blogging without plans or a defined purpose. My subject matter has consisted of different elements mixed together without discrimination. Maybe that makes me a blog-man-whore? Nawl, I don't think they meant that.
Let me hit this another way. About a month ago I was fed up with blogging. I announced my retirement. I did so as a promise to myself, because I thought it would talk to the man in me. I needed to take a position and stand on it. But, as you can see, I failed. Although in my heart I was done with blogging because of the pain and time spent doing such, I didn't know what was in front of me. Others said I would return… and they were right. Many said they've never seen a true blogger walk away. Some said to just take a break and then return with a new fire. Of course I resisted those words of wisdom because they didn't know me, but they did. They too had heard the call of retirement.

When Brett Favre announced his retirement from football, I wonder if he did so with the intentions of coming back to draw attention to himself – I doubt it. I believe he came back to do what he does best – play football. I believe he loves the game. I love running my mouth and talking about movies and sharing ideas. I think the pain of playing football for 18 years was at the forefront of his announcement.

Tell me this, if you ask a person to pay attention to you or your words, is that a bad thang? I mean, my mother told me to pay attention to her words, and she is a good woman. Are all bloggers and commenters attention whores? Granted there are some bloggers — not many — but some bloggers who could care less if someone reads their posts. I believe…. I think that kind of person is in the minority – minuscule for sure. Because, really, why post it if there was no intent to have someone read it? I am sure a cynic might say, "it's a way of releasing their mind and it has a cleansing affect on their soul". However, true cynics will piss on their own hands just to have something to complain about and blame on someone else. I say to that minuscule about of Harra Krista bloggers/comments and drive-by poster…. "do your thang baby, but all closed eyes ain't sleep"

Having said alllllllll of that, are all who comment nothing more than nasty, promiscuous attention whores? Are we not in need of some form of attention? Well, alone a fool would think differently. I mean, why comment at all. Come on now, aside from the word "whore", do we all in some way seek an audience, and ultimately, hope they pay attention to our words?
I don't care if it's a vent, a rant, a cry, a bitch and a moan, or some quasi-intellectual BS or a blog geared toward social commentary, isn't there something to be said about the human need to express themselves and thus be heard? I talk to audiences on a regular basis. In doing so, it's about my words and the message(s). Am I seeking attention? Hell yes, I hope someone is paying attention.

Questions: Are you a blogger? Are you a drive-by commenter? Do you love talking about your interests? Are you an attention whore? If so — or not — what does those words mean to YOU? ATTENTION! I believe we should all write in invisible ink. Then we wouldn't have ass kissing brown nose butt suckers like TROLLDOG aka Zues, aka TROLLHUNTER, nor jealous and frustrated writers who can't seem to write anything that inspires a smile, a laugh or a second glance.

Talk to me.


fuck all of that shit. this shit is fuckin' funny, and if you don't like it, please make your own shit. fuckin' uptight ass academics. my god, i thought i was uptight and i am, but god damn.

i guarantee you that no one on this entire thread that's criticizing this shit has attempted to ever even make a 3 minute sketch and if they have, i'm willing to wager that it's not even remotely funny.

there are those that criticize and those that do. if you can do better and have dignified, truthful expressions of the black experience that you feel are more realistic, relevant and will prove entertaining, please share them shits or shut the fuck up. :-)

thanks, bye!


#nowreading: the smack down between Carey Carey, BlutoPaz and Nadine. Yes this webcast doesn't show the dignity of black women like Pariah, I Will Follow, Mississppi Damned, Daughter of the Dust, Claudine, For Colored Girls; but it is written by a black woman (I think?) and it is her perspective so she should be able to write what she wants to irregardless of how others will think about it. Right? I'm just supporting the black female screenwriter not the guy with the wig. Black girls need to do more than rock, we need to unite.


WTF is the problem? It specifically said it was a parody of the original, and plus he's a comedian, so i doubt he was trying to win an Oscar for best film here. it was mean to be funny, maybe not funny to all, but just because it may be offensive to some, dude still has a right to make what he wants. just because the character and subject matter has been done before, does that mean he can't do it again? it's called freedom of speech, he can make it, as an audience you can like it or not, and have your opinion, but remember your opinion is NOT the final say so on hat is considered art. we're all grown here, no need to attack people for a difference in taste or opinion, just keep it moving.


BLUTOPAZ, HOW MANY TIMES DO i HAVE TO TELL YOU TO GET OFF MY JOCK! :-)Listen, every time I post, here you come attacking me. And now you're telling me to grow up? Please, you do realize that the world does not always agree with you, don't you? Besides, tis the season to be jolly but keep it up and you are going to make me act a fool up in here on yo dusty, angry, hate filled ass. Yeah, I said it, dusty, miserable and hateful ass. Why don't you try a smile and a little tenderness? Yes sir, move around outside your little Burrough and see the world from a different perspective. If not, you are going to drown yourself in your own sorrow.


Nadine don't waste too many keystrokes on a handkerchief head who not only insists on using Amos & Andy as a reference for sho nuff knee slappin (I think his calendar stopped around 1953), but he always comes off angriest when Black people don't go for the okeydoke. That's when he is not counting stats on other people's blogs, or obsessed with films he claims to be appalled by. But its other people who are lonely and angry. Grow the fuck up, Carey, or grow some balls one.


@Nadine, WOW Nadine, you came loaded with both barrels on full blast. But check this, my comment was not directed at you. However, since you're here, lets do the damn thang. First, I am not going to follow you down that hazy detour you've constructed. OH NO, you've ventured off to a land of no return. So lets get back on course. Listen, I said:

"In the American cultural revolution known as political correctness, the enthusiastic devotion to a cause or goal with which some people attack PERCEIVED offenses to good taste, often results in COLLATERAL DAMAGE to genuine artistic achievement". Okay, that's what "I" said and that's my basic point. AND, it's the truth which cannot be denied. Look, even though you're fighting a good fight for a good cause i.e., moral values, women's rights, fatherhood or lack there of, it's a fact that everyone does not agree with your positions. Consequently, there will always be some form of collateral damage when politics and "power" and the loudest voices – from whomever – sticks their hands in the artistic expression pie. Now, my quote of Henry Louis Gates was merely used as a counterpoint to the frequently misunderstood and mislabeled black folks who welcome and understand artistic expressions such as Tyler Perry's and Lee Daniels. Furthermore, based solely on the quote, I see nothing wrong with it. It was his opinion. If you have a problem with Henry Gates Jr, take that up with him. Lastly, although I said I was not going to follow you down your Jericho Road, I have to address one of your most perplexing comments HERE—> "hanging round the non-folk which, in your minds, makes you somehow superior given their acceptance of you, get on your high-horses about how imagery in the U.S. for each culture is basically equal – baseline for everyone, therein lies the problem.". Now Nadine, you will surely have to explain that one. I mean, hanging round the non-folks? Who? Me? Me think you have the wrong fellow. What… sitting on a high horse??? Who? Me? Me think you have the wrong man. Besides, who said anything about each culture being equal? I DID NOT!! In short, this web series was amusing and at times I laughed. I see you found nothing funny about it and I am simply questioning why and what does it have to do with the color of your skin or my skin or BayBays kids?


OH BOY, HERE WE GO AGAIN… LONELY AND ANGRY BLACK CHICKS DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST! Wait, don't make your move to soon. Listen, I'm talking about the same man-less chickies blowing off their frustrations at what they perceive as "beneath them". Look, this web series is not Shakespeare nor was it meant to be. I mean, it's humor and it was amusing. I saw several black chicks that I've seen (and know) in dude's performance. AND some of this mess was funny. But again, some black chicks get mighty angry at black dudes in drag. And for the life of me I don't know why? Hell, follow the bouncing ball… 1. Dustin Hoffman 2.) Patrick Swayze 3.) Tony Curtis 4.) Jack Lemmon 5.) Robin Williams 6.) John Travolta 7) Johnny Depp 8.) Jude Law 10.) Adam Sadler. ALL OF THOSE BIG STARS HAVE DRESSED IN DRAG! So tell me, why don't we hear white folks talking that dumb shit about "our race". How and why does a video like this become a "race" issue? I know what it is, some boring, humorless black chicks, can't find a man so they take it out on men in the movies while they're waiting to exhale? Seriously, WTH is the big deal? Wait, I know what it is! It's not Uppity vs coons nor the uneducated vs the geniuses. It's a simple case of the collateral damage of misplaced political correctness. Come on, y'all know how it goes. In the American cultural revolution known as political correctness, the enthusiastic devotion to a cause or goal with which some people attack perceive offenses to good taste, often results in collateral damage to genuine artistic achievement. *TRANSLATION: Some Negroes will point fingers at an artist and his or hers artistic expressions when said art does not agree with their ideologies, lifestyle or false self image.

As Henry Louis Gates Jr. recalled in "Colored People" his memoir about growing up in Piedmont, W.Va.,: "Everybody loved 'Amos and Andy.' The day they took 'Amos and Andy' off the air was one of the saddest days in Piedmont. As far as we were concerned, the foibles of Kingfish or Calhoun were the foibles of individuals who happened to be funny."

Random Black

So everything that Black folk put out these days has to be equivalent to Danny Glover's messianic, would-be masterpiece, "Toussaint?" What sort of humor about Black people can be allowed, these days, with you joylessly uppity Negroes? You mean to tell me that you all don't actually know any Black women that act/do/say any of these things? I laughed mostly because I found that I recognized so many of these traits in people that I actually know and love. It's not like it's "Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls #8." I mean, "grab me my purse," "delete," the weave patting, I don't know that any of this is necessarily inherently offensive. Have you all hung out with any young, Black women in any metropolitan area across the country, recently? Have a fucking sense of humor. Jesus. #HYFR

Lena Supporter

Relax. Don't y'all see the word "parody" above? She also just got her own short film into the 2012 San Diego Black Film Festival –

Tyler Perry got y'all in a deep funk LoL.


the only part that was remotely funny was when he started quoting drake's "marvin's room" , otherwise that sh1t that was dry as hell and i'm sorry i watched it and added to the view count.

the white version is stupid, too.


how about a response video, Shit Untalented Morons Say About Black Girls.
Danny Glover has spent years trying to get a Toussaint film made, and this trash might get funding–this Lena chick sounds like a class A slave catcher. F' her.

Justin D.

So this guy is getting acclaim for ripping off another guy's idea. What can't get turned into a TV show and/or movie these days?




@politicallyincorrect The original White one had a mad in drag too.


It was funny, I only hope it stays a viral video. I don't think I could sit through a weekly dose of this starring a man in drag. For a one off on the web it's fine but for a television series? O-M-G, no!


"Hollywood attention"… Lena and Billy, hell is waiting for you people… spreading this poison. Have fun hob-nobbin' with the rest of the c***s while Hollywood laughs at you (not with you) … in your downtime, you might want to pick up a little Carter G. Woodson…


Don't even get me started. There will ALWAYS be one brother that will do what ever it takes to get a laugh and be funny for fame and become Hollywood fodder. Unfortunately, here's another one. This character has been done so many times through out black history that black women should be fed up with the stereotype. This has gotten old. SMH.


LoL @ the weave "head pat"


It was kinda funny, I don't think it needed a man in a wig to be funny, it would have equally been funny with an actual woman in the role. I thought black men were sick of the whole cross dressing stereotype

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