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Watch Episode 11 Of “The Mis-adventures Of Awkward Black Girl” (Web Series)

Watch Episode 11 Of "The Mis-adventures Of Awkward Black Girl" (Web Series)

Debuting last night, here's episode 11 (The Exes) of Issa Rae's popular Awkward Black Girl web series.

In this episode… a

fter being dissed by White Jay, CeCe causes J to reflect on her dating history.

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It was hilarious. But it was painful seeing her rap to that one guy. Lmao that was humiliating. And OMG at her and A. Too funny.


A return to form! I still roll my eyes at the melodramatic romantic angst, but it didn't take over the episode. I died laughing at A giving his best Steffan Urkel in J's drunken haze. I had to rewind that about four times.

Darla & Mark

YES! back on the grind.


This show never went off track as far as I'm concerned. Love it! White Jay is wack! I don't care that he's got chocolate donuts. He takes her to a soul food restaurant, a black spoken word event, says kinda insenstive dumb stuff with a dorky smile. Looks like he's growing a mullet. C'mon! At least Fred's got a guitar. Can't do push-ups though. But who are these two guys, anyway? Personally, I think she should get with CeCe. Cece has got personality.

To Serve Man

"Damn, how many doors does this loud bitch have?" That's when it really became funny, and took off. Hope she ends up with White Jay too.

IJ Clinton

Tracks will be snatched, b—-. Lol


Excellent. Definitely back on track. I now prefer White Jay, though I never cared for him before. He's just more sincere, imo.


Great episode! Back on track. Choose the brother already and get it going!

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