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Watch Full Hour-Long Directors Roundtable w/ Steve McQueen & Others

Watch Full Hour-Long Directors Roundtable w/ Steve McQueen & Others

We shared a short piece of it a couple of weeks or so ago, in which Steve McQueen essentially chastised the other directors (the white ones) when the moderator asked about the lack of representation for minority actors.

110 comments and 476 Facebook *likes* later, people are still discussing that clip here on S&A.

Now you can watch the full hour-long roundtable session, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, embedded below. I haven’t watched the entire thing yet, but I suspect McQueen had a few more, shall we say, *moments.*

Here ya go:

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He's pretty quiet throughout unless directly addressed – makes me want to apply a different context to the previous snippet. Basically has a British ideology towards media/entertainment – preferring sex over violence. Violence is good w/n limits… at least that's what my old Nintendo console tells me.

D. Cain

This is very fascinating. I love Steve Mcqueens comments at the beginning. What separates him is he's an artist. Steve has that mentality which makes his work speaks volume.

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