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Watch: Full New Trailer For ‘John Carter’ Brings A Bigger Bang To The Red Planet

Watch: Full New Trailer For 'John Carter' Brings A Bigger Bang To The Red Planet

While the first teaser trailer for Disney‘s very, very expensive “John Carter” was all atmosphere and mystery, with a release date fast approaching a $300 million price tag to justify, a brand new trailer has landed today at IGN and it’s certainly ditching any pretense of being thoughtful. Though the use of Led Zeppelin‘s “Kashmir” (or a resonable facsimilie anyway) does its job of shorthanding the gravitas.

Certainly, the movie looks like it cost some serious money, but at least in this writer’s opinion, it seems like a George Lucas world sci-fi epic crossed with “Dune.” It feels like we’ve seen this sort of movie a zillion times before (the chained/prisoner monster fight was just spoofed earlier this year in “Your Highness“), and despite the impressive work on the ships and creatures, it’s also oddly not very compelling. It’s a lot of masses of CGI stuff, some growly one liners, with still no glimpse of a story except for something about a “new power” or whatever.

The movie marks the coming out of Taylor Kitsch, one of two tests he’ll have in 2012 as a blockbuster leading man, fronting this movie and “Battleship.” And here at least, he’s confident and capable, and looks every bit the transplanted hero coming to kick ass. The rest of the cast is fine, if not particularly memorable, a bit of problem when it boasts thesps like Willem Dafoe (granted, he’s been CGI-ed), Mark Strong (those eyes!), Bryan Cranston, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton and more.

So, will Disney have a franchise on its hands and will the very long development journey for “John Carter” be worth it? Or do we have another “Tron: Legacy” on our hands? Find out on when the Andrew Stanton directed film arrives on March 9, 2012.

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Love the use of Kashmir for the trailer, but then again, I love real music.


I happen to be looking forward to this and I hate the naysayers of hollywood who are damning this simple because disney is doing this. First off, it's from a book by Edgar R. Burroughs and it looks damn good. Considering that there are no new ideas in hollywood this is refreshing for me. I have the book and I will read it, like I do with most books to movies. I am not seeing this because I like the actors, I for one like adventure type movies. No, this does not look like a bad Star Wars prequel or a bad Avatar (for the record, I tried watching that and it sucked within the first fifteen minutes when I tried to watch it), so I am looking forward to something written at the beginning of the 20th century when writers wrote real stories. FYI, don't listen to the critics when it comes to this. This is pure imagination and I for one am glad that Disney is doing this. But then again, didn't folks say that no one would see a pirate movie, and yet pirates went on to not only make money, but sequels. Also I expect this movie to have a story line instead of relying on special effects. Some of us enjoy that. Oh and btw, I enjoyed Tron Legacy. It was one of the best and most intelligent movies that I've seen in a while. Unlike some trash. Oh and also, J. R. R. Tolkein invented languages, something James Cameron has a little issue doing.


C'mon, this looks cool. It's Stanton people. Have faith.


This looks horrible and yes, I hated Avatar as well.


Love Andrew Stanton but this looks like Star Wars prequel garbage. Hopefully he'll get back on his feet after this. :/


Obligatory Note: Oh Taylor Kitsch, you in danger boy! Jude Law. Colin Farrel. The public hates being TOLD who their superstars should be. They get very very angry at being cut out of the process. They feel the proper relationship is for them to tell Hollywood who they want their stars to be. When that relationship gets turned around: BACKLASH. A shitstorm of angry backlash. Ryan Reynolds experienced this himself in a minor way last year. All the magazines hawked him as the next big thing. The public said, "Hold up! YOU don't tell US who OUR idols are! WE tell YOU, Hollywood!" They then proceeded to punish Reynolds for Hollywood's hubris. And this is even though they actually like Reynolds! But they didn't like having him shoved down their throat. Reynolds is lucky that the public likes him so much, or he'd be exiled to the public's shitlist with Law and Farrel. And Reynolds still might join them, because he is on thin ice. The public loves feeling that they made a star and despises feeling that a made-up star is being pushed on them.


Who put the music to this trailer?! I legit started helplessly giggling like a little girl when that kicked in! I always think of Disney as the Masters of Marketing, so I don't understand this at all.


"The rest of the cast is fine, if not particularly memorable, a bit of problem when it boasts thesps like Willem Dafoe (granted, he's been CGI-ed), Mark Strong (those eyes!), Bryan Cranston, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton and more."

Not that I'm expecting them to give powerhouse performances or anything, but shouldn't you wait until you've seen the film to write this kind of thing?


will people stop saying we seen this before

JC novels came out before star wars was even a thought

novels came out in 1917

Star Wars and especially Avatar borrowed tons from this source material


See the thing is this movie is being written and directed by people who seem more capable of putting out something great than those behind Tron Legacy. So I'm still somewhat hopeful.


It will be another Tron: Legacy. A subpar cookie cutter narrative elevated by a disgusting amount of production value. Only thing is Tron: Legacy at least looked cool & had Daft Punk going for them. This looks…. blah.

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