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Watch: Funny & Charming Trailer Arrives For ‘Five-Year Engagement’ Starring Jason Segel & Emily Blunt

Watch: Funny & Charming Trailer Arrives For 'Five-Year Engagement' Starring Jason Segel & Emily Blunt

Need to wash the stink out of your eyes that was The Three Stooges” trailer? Give “Five-Year Engagement” a spin, the promising rom-com from the unstoppable team of Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller (we’ll politely overlook “Gulliver’s Travels“).

But this film marks a re-team of sorts from that terrible 3D family movie, with Stoller, Segel and Emily Blunt all back for something much more deserving of their talents. Described as being in the vein of “Annie Hall” or “When Harry Met Sally” (tonally, it feels more like the latter), the film chronicles a couple whose engagement winds up being spread across five years. In a rather pleasant twist from the usual Hollywood formula, it isn’t the guy who is commitment shy, but rather the woman who is chasing a career and doesn’t want to get tied down just yet. Segel and Blunt get on like gangbusters (with the latter proving, along with “The Adjustment Bureau,” that she’s a leading lady to be reckoned with) and overall this funny, charming spot won us over.

Also in the lineup for this film is a great roster of supporting players, including Alison Brie, Chris Pratt, Kevin Hart, Lauren Weedman, Mindy Kaling, Chris Parnell, Dakota Johnson and Jacki Weaver (doing an nice 180 from her “Animal Kingdom“) role. Yep, we’re in. “Five-Year Engagement” opens on April 27, 2012. Watch below, track Tom and Violet on their blog and check out the poster and a few more images below.

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Looks A LOT better than most of the romantic comedies that have been shelved out recently. Plus Jason Segal is extremely talented. Looking forward to it!


Looks like a pretty great crack at a piss poor genre, count me in. Also, Alison Brie as a British girl? Adorable. And I'd say it's weird to see Emily Blunt with such a goofy looking guy, but hey she is married to John Krasinski in real life.


The video on their blog is Jason as Peter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. lolwut


Best thing ever? No. Way better than pretty much every other rom-com from the last two years? Yes. Jason Segal and Emily Blunt look great together.


Looks horrible.


It's written by Jason Segel… it's going to be good.


Not gonna lie, Playlist – that wasn't very funny. I, too, would like this to succeed because of the talent involved, but that was one average trailer.

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