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Watch: Lena Dunham Brings Mumblecore Into Your Living Room With First Teaser For HBO Series ‘Girls’

Teaser for Lena Dunham's 'Girls'

Lena Dunham, who won many hearts and minds with her 2010 debut feature “Tiny Furniture” (headed for the Criterion Collection soon), will soon be exposing her self-affacing brand of awkward humor to a much bigger audience when her television series, “Girls,” executive produced by some dude named Judd Apatow, hits HBO next year. Last night, during the “Boardwalk Empire” finale/”Luck” sneak peek pair of brilliance, HBO debuted a short teaser for the series. And we’ve got to say, we’re cautiously optimistic.

Set to a jaunty pop ditty called “All of This” by New Zealand band The Naked and Famous, the teaser features a bombardment of clips from the series, most of them featuring Dunham’s confessional brand of TMI humor. She sardonically muses that she only has enough money to survive the next few days in New York, is seen asking a boyfriend-type why he needs to get lube, and while in a clinic, about to get tested for STDs, one of her girlfriends asks why she doesn’t just use condoms. “What about all the stuff that gets on the outside of the condom?” Dunham deadpans. Basically: it’s like “Sex & the City” except smart and funny. While HBO hasn’t locked down their spring programming just yet, it’s a safe bet that the half-hour comedy would be paired with “Eastbound & Down,” returning for its third and final season. That will be a solid hour of awesomely hilarious discomfort. We can’t wait.

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The title was originally called "Privileged White Girls Having First-World Problems", but HBO thought it was too long and shortened it to "Girls"


I can't think of anything I want to see less than a show about Lena Dunham's fat vagina


Can you stop giving this monster coverage, please? She is despicable.


worst thing about this is seeing hangerson suck up to her on twitter hoping they'll get a writing credit.


Another reason to lose respect for theplaylist. Your backing this horse…..and I mean "horse" literally.


That said, I'll give the show a chance.


Is she related to Jeff Dunham? That would explain a lot.

almost nothing to really say



Two quick points to the author— I don't think Dunham is considered "mumblecore"… Also, "Tiny Furniture" is not her feature debut.

"Judd Apatow needs to distance himself from this unfunny idiot."

"I saw the pilot. It's basically Sex n The City for Hipsters. Will be interesting to see if it picks up to the mainstream that HBO needs for a show to do well."

hilarious comments, yet i liked 'tiny furniture quite a bit.


Sounds like a lot of folks are upset because they didn't land an HBO deal.

Reddit Jack

It's time for someone to make big furniture out of Lena Dunham. Who cares about her gourmet cupcake woes and menstrual hygiene diary.


Judd Apatow needs to distance himself from this unfunny idiot.


Whatever Chris Eigeman is in it. Relax people.


Dammit… curiosity will drive me to see it…and if I like it, more than likely it'll be another show to add to the list of things to blog about that others don't understand…like Luther, Community and Ally Mc Beal….for those of you who have seen Luther, I'm not comparing that brilliant show to the two I just mentioned….but more as another show that my mom will criticize me for loving.

make it stop

Tiny Furniture is obnoxiously outdated, what with the nation quaking and going down the tubes thanks to Manhattan bankers and general maxed Visa Conde materialism.

HBO, please re-title this show 1% Vocal Fry Girls. Dunham revels in her status for breakfast, brunch, and dinner. "Look at me, I'm chubby and depressed. Sooo what if I'm an arty child of privilege." The backlash will be a gusher.


I saw the pilot. It's basically Sex n The City for Hipsters. Will be interesting to see if it picks up to the mainstream that HBO needs for a show to do well.

Travis Bickle

NO thanks!

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