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Watch: Lionel Cineas And Wendell Sisnett’s Short Film “Young Girl”

Watch: Lionel Cineas And Wendell Sisnett's Short Film "Young Girl"

Co-written by Lionel Cineas and Wendell Sisnett, and directed by Cineas, Young Girl "The story of a girl who tried to dance to her own cadence instead of following the beat and going to God for Patience"— is the latest short film offering from Cineas Films.

Young Girl is a promising glimpes at what will hopefully become a fruitful career in film for Cineas and Sisnett.  The cautionary short film stars Tiffany Nicole, Joyetta McCullen, Stapha Stevens, Ronica Wynder, and Sisnett.

Learn more about Cineas Films HERE.

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Independent Thinker

I don’t understand Dazed and Confused and Dennis, what is wrong with the short film? Is this not happening in our communities everyday? Why do people always want to censor the truth? Come on and admit what is in our lives or the lives around us.


I STAND ACCUSED! And now we are reduced to throwing spit balls. I mean, if the following in not a doodoo bag of school yard drama, skippy is a punk. Lord have mercy look at this —>" Have you ever seen anyone else, either contributors and commenters, get so graphic on S & A? Just Carey. (and well Dennis below…)…is just unable make a legitimate argument to prove his case without slipping into crude "ghetto" talk. And we could have children reading this post." ~ Sergio. WHAT THE…!!?? Excuse me, so here we are at a post in which a man brutalizes a woman damn near to death, and know we're worried about children? And a woman is shot 5 times with a Glock by her same sex lover and now we're worried?! And please, I've heard the "F" bomb, "bitches" "motherfu*ker" and "Ni$$as" numerous times so miss me with that fa-key jan-key mess. Seriously, you mean to tell me that a movie about a pervert white guy who beats his meat at work and has sex with any and everything is suitable for the little ones, but my choice of vernacular/rebuttal is viewed as "ghetto graphic"? Okay, go wash your mouth out with soap and say 5 Hail Marys because you just told a big fat boner.


How is someone "throwing their support" to a short that's posted on the web free? I like the fact that the editors of this blog freely post a wide variety of black cinema whether good or bad. I stopped this short after the first scene because it was unbearable but I've learned about many worthy independent projects from frequenting this blog. I would have never of purchased Get A Job on VOD via Itunes if I didn't see it here or payed any attention to Pariah which was excellent by the way. So I encourage the editors to continue to post the good, bad, and the ugly. I got a kick out of the Gang Of Roses 2 blog entries, that was funny.


To my good friends and fellow readers of Shadow & Act, I'd like to publicly decree and declare that I am an utter idiot, a jealous lackey, wanting to be what I shall never be. Please forgive my rude statements, sophomoric banter, and overall insidious comments. I'm not worthy of this blog and honestly, am not worthy of much these days. #jumpsoffcliffintoaseaofbootleggedtylerperryflicks.


LOL @ Random Black! "Too early in the morning?" Child, please. Anyway you all have said pretty much what I was thinking so I don't have much to add. But the fact that MLM was watching this on Bossip should tell you something…*kanye shrug*

Dark & Mark



Ghetto Chronicles


Couldn't wait to read these comments while watching this on Bossip. I got the film. it wasn't perfect filmmaking but the point was made.


Constructive criticism: Sound issues! Fake acting, empty and typical dialogue, crazy plot – characters are just doing what you write them to do but there's nothing there to indicate their motivations. It's pretty bad. Twelve minutes of Tyler Perry would kick this short's butt. I don't get what's promising – I guess I must be missing it. Maybe there should be a "this is a freshman attempt" warning. Some of the other shorts posted on S&A weren't quite as, umm, elementary as this.


lmao @ random black! #swawgswagswag!!!!!

i agree with @nadine, post them up but also give them a disclaimer/"special" section, lololol….

i don't think SA should turn away everyone b/c how else would these artist/filmmakers get some shine or criticism.

still waiting on dazed and confused to give specifics of what's wrong with the film technically.

i don't write/produce/direct films so i don't know what's wrong with it in that aspect but as far as the story, i think it's redundant. the acting was so-so.


…I've seen worse. I'm not as offended because I can actually feel that the filmmakers were trying and actually talked out the dialogue and their message… it seems less like a short film and more like an after-school special. I do feel like it is filmmaking in its infancy, but you know that there is potential to grow…the storyline…eh… As for S&A posting this…? ….maybe they should label these as "first-timer" films. etc…, so that it would be understood that they are not seasoned filmmakers or even studied, but are first-timers looking for constructive critiques…

Random Black

Also, did someone on this blog actually imply that it was too early in the morning to give criticism? What the hell kind of wussy shit is that? #swag

Random Black

Also, happy Kwanzaa, and shit.

Random Black

"It's ok for filmmakers to learn, but do we really need to be throwing every Tom, Dick and Harry's exercise that's shot on a 7D up on this motherfucker?" – A valid question.

I like that Shadow and Act highlights films from creators at all different stages of their career, but at the same time, sometimes, some of the pieces that are thrown up here do deserve to be bemoaned and to be bemoaned, thoroughly. There isn't anything wrong with criticism, and the fact that so many folks (we film-loving Black folk particularly) seem to shun criticism is problematic. There is a such thing as constructive criticism and it's ok for that to exist and to have a space, especially on a blog like this.

At the same time, to play devil's advocate, I do think it's somewhat problematic to compare Shadow and Act to the overall IndieWire site, given that Shadow and Act might never have intended to be as snooty as many of its sister sites.

Still, doubling back again, I think that if you one day feature someone like Steve McQueen and then another day feature someone who's created a piece like this (even though they're learning) it's unreasonable to expect that there wouldn't be some backlash from those with snootier tastes. (Not that there's anything wrong with being snooty). I guess, at a certain point, the question becomes: where does Shadow and Act draw the line with their content? Should we be concerned, or even care? Should we criticize? Should there be standards?


@Ms.Tina , yes. Please be specific.




This short film was better than a Tyler Perry production. The filmmakers are onto something.


WHOA! Hold 'em up. Are we reeeeeeeally throwing our support behind this BET flick or short or whatever it is? Come on folks. Wow. I'm not picking sides, but COME ON.


OOOOOH LORD! I read DAZED AND CONFUSED's comment and I was off to write a reply. but when I got back… Emmanuel had beat me to the punch. But hell, I am going to post my little 2 cents anyway. Here it goes —> @ DAZED AND CONFUSED, Don't you think it's awfully presumptuous to define the mission of Shadow and Act to fit your vision? Listen, one of the beauties and joys of this blog is that they cover a plethora of subjects that pertain to the Black Diaspora of films. The diversity of said subjects is the jewel that makes this blog shine. Now, if a person is seeking to find a same ol' same ol' "THINK LIKE ME TANK", I do not believe this is the spot. Besides, although an artist, producer, actor, writer or filmmaker, etc, may not rise to YOUR standards (at the present time) I'VE COME TO BELIEVE THAT wisdom and knowledge is learned and gained by GOING THROUGH pain, struggles and difficult times. It's called experience. I am suggesting that Shadow and Act is an excellent place for a person to sharpen their skills – whatever that/they may be.


@Dazed and Confused, suppose this was an "excercise" . Can you think of a better place for a young filmmaker to be critiqued? Do you send your kids next door to be disciplined/corrected? It always amazes me that some people are critical in a general sense but never get into details. Why don't you indicate exactly why you have a problem with the film so maybe the filmmaker can benefit from it?

Dazed and Confused

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out who exactly is the editor of this blog. Apparently anything is allowed to be posted on this site without a proper vetting process. I'm all for supporting rising filmmakers (especially rising filmmakers of color), but where are our standards? The above clip is an atrocity. It's an exercise at best.

The posting of this clip shows a glaring problem in the black arts community. As long as the people look like us, we're suppose to support it, laud it, uplift it and dare not critic the work or strive for something better.

We deserve better. When Shadow and Act/Indiewire posts clips like the one above, it's saying to the filmmakers that this is good work, congratulations, awesome job. It's also saying to the Shadow and Act/Indiewire community and beyond that these are some of our best and brightest. Essentially, it's a lie. A blatant lie and it needs to be remedied. Can someone please vet these clips before they're released to the public.

This blog post is on the main Indiewire site and you mean to tell me that this clip is an example of stellar work that represents us? I think not.

Sometimes one has to say "Thanks, but no thanks".

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