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Watch: Nic Cage Embraces His Power In New Trailer For ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance’

Watch: Nic Cage Embraces His Power In New Trailer For 'Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance'

We can only imagine how deflated the Sony marketing department must have felt when the very geek crowd they had hoped to lure for “Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance” pretty much roundly rejected it at Harry Knowles’ Butt-Numb-A-Thon last weekend. If they couldn’t please those fanboys, getting everyone else interested is going to be a herculean task.

And so, now we have a new trailer for the sequel and it looks every bit like a Nic Cage movie for better or worse. At the one hand, his movies of late are always good for at least one smart ass remark or one-liner (the “roadkill” bit was pretty eye-rollingly funny) but on the other, this thing looks like it had the budget of a direct-to-video movie (and was shot like one). The “Crank” duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor haven’t always been known for their run-and-gun aesthetic, but here it doesn’t seem to benefit the material in the slightest. It all just seems loud and not particulary visually inventive, a shame considering the plot is dealing with the potential antichrist. But then again, it doesn’t have anyone jump starting their heart with a car battery either.

Anyway, this probably won’t be the hit Nic desperately needs as his career continues to circle the drain. This opens on February 17, 2012.

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I agree with the two previous posters. I think this doesn't feel cheap at all. The effects look pretty good to me and the desert action stuff with all the cars looks cool. I never saw the first one cause I thought it looked like crap, but this could be fun. I'm surprised at the backlash from BNAT.


Me too. I expected much, much worse considering all of the negative buzz. I'd actually see this on a matinee; never saw the original.

Nik Grape

You know what? I thought that was going to be much worse. Had no idea that Cirian Hinds and Idris Elba were in this. I'll probably end up watching it for kicks.

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