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Watch Now! Black Surfer Documentary “Whitewash” Narrated By Ben Harper And Black Thought Of The Roots

Watch Now! Black Surfer Documentary "Whitewash" Narrated By Ben Harper And Black Thought Of The Roots

We profiled the insightful, black surfer documentary Whitewash back in August and now you can watch it, courtesy of Hulu, for free.  It explores the issue of race and  “black consciousness” in America through the eyes and minds of black surfers.

To recap, the film looks at the history of the rarely detailed surfing culture within the African American community, told from the POV of black surfers from Hawaii, Jamaica, Florida, and California. It includes archival footage along with conversations from professors, historians, authors, and of course professional surfers. 

Ted Woods directed the production with narration duties held by Ben Harper and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter from The Roots

I had a chance to watch it yesterday and I’m glad I did.

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I love this film I grew up at the beach in New York out in the Hamptons and have been catching wave since I was a kid, body surfing first then boogie boards a little surfing and now stand up paddle boarding. As a Black Man who loves the water and all things ocean related I found my self alone on the water a lot I hope to see more young local kids start to surf this would be great to screen in the schools out here!I wish I could buy a board for every black youth that wants to try!
Much Love Gene!


I am so grateful to have watched this documentary. Completely inspiring, especially for one whom lives in an urban area on the East Coast. I am going to try it!


Great documentary. Very informative and inspiring. Definitely made me want to give surfing a try.

As an African, I was definitely shocked to learn that surfing was once part of our culture (at least in Ghana), especially given all of the water/ocean taboos in West African culture.

Leonie UK

Pity I'm unable to watch as I'm too international to be considered. This is how the pirates make money :-(


I was so moved by this. Wonderfully and skillfully done. Kudos and I'm deeply gracious for this.


Very interesting. They can know take this off the list of the often ridiculous statements "What black folks DON'T do" lol.


Go for it Ariana! It's on my bucket list. :-)


Wow this was awesome, totally inspiring!!! I've wanted to wind surf out here in Alameda, CA for awhile now. This gives me so much more of an incentive to do so.

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