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Watch: ‘TCM Remembers 2011’ A Touching Video Memoriam To Those Who Passed Away In 2011

Watch: 'TCM Remembers 2011' A Touching Video Memoriam To Those Who Passed Away In 2011

Every year it seems, the Academy comes under fire for forgetting/excluding somebody during the memorial part of the telecast to honor those in the industry who have passed away. It always seems someone is left out for whatever dubious reason, but leave it to the folks at TCM to try and get it right, and do it with style.

The channel has just unveiled their lengthy, moving and touching “TCM Remembers 2011” video to honor those who have left us this year. 2011 has seen an unfortunate number of legendary, important and influential folks pass on: Pete Postlethwaite, Peter Yates, Maria Schneider, Jane Russell, Peter Falk, Farley Granger, Sidney Lumet, Laura Ziskin, Elizabeth Taylor and more left us with silver screen memories this year, and TCM finds a place for (most) of them.

It’s a touching tribute, and fittingly, it’s one that isn’t cramped by the constraints of a televised broadcast, so watch it below. And in related news, the network is making the television broadcast debut of Stanley Kubrick‘s hard-to-find and unavailable-on-DVD debut “Fear and Desire” tonight at 8 pm. Set those DVRs, folks.

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Sugar Claxton

Love the TMC Remembers 'song and lyrics'. Simply beautiful!
Would like to purchase, if possible.

leta lovelace-davis

Is it possible to purchase TMC Remembers 2011 video? The song and lyrics is so moving. Beautiful voice.

Sharon Bowden

The motion picture industry also lost Rick Mitchell (Sept. 9, 1946 to Sept. 27—Oct. 1, 2011)

At the end of September, film historians and motion picture technology researchers lost one of the most well known and respected sources of information about the subject. Film historian, editor, and sound editor Rick Mitchell passed away of natural causes in his apartment in Los Angeles just south of Hollywood.

char hayes

I love watching TCM Remembers; the song and lyrics is so beautiful; would love to know
the name of the female vocalist. Everytime I hear this tribute I am both saddened and
appreciative of so much talent.


Robert Culp died in March of 2010. Culp first earned an international reputation for his role as Kelly Robinson on the NBC TV Series, I Spy (1965–1968), in which he and co-star Bill Cosby played a pair of secret agents.

Barbara Parks

I LOVE watching your memoriums, but you forgot one gorgeous person. Robert Culp. Hedied about 2 months ago and he stared in "Bob, Carol Ted & Alice in I think the 70's. He may have made other movies but I can't think of them at this moment.

anne-marie connors

Disappointed with backround song..Could have made a tribute of John Barry's music in the video.

Nan Barbara williams

Thank you for your sentimental remembrance of men and woman who gave their creative talent to the masses for their enjoyment.

Sir Cake of Mix

You listed Falk twice.


well let's hope no one dies from now till december 31st

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