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Watch: The Year In Black Cinema In 7 Minutes – A Shadow And Act Video Compilation

Watch: The Year In Black Cinema In 7 Minutes - A Shadow And Act Video Compilation

It’s that time of the year again… 2 more weeks until 2011 ends; 10 more days till Christmas day; critics, media outlets and other film organizations are announcing their “best of the year” lists; awards season nominees; year-end wrap-ups, etc…

Just like last year…

And just like 2010, for only the second time, Shadow And Act brings you its own 2011 black cinema zeitgeist – the year in review video compilation.

Edited wonderfully by our own Vanessa Martinez, who invested her precious time putting this 7-minute video together – tons of clips watched, cropping out just the right pieces of each to ensure that they all work well together, finding the right pieces of music, importing, exporting, listening to my critiques of each “draft” and making adjustments, importing and exporting some more, etc, etc, etc.

NOTE: I should state that we only considered films that were released commercially, theatrically in 2011. Films whose only exhibition was on the film festival circuit were not included. I know some of them were eventually acquired and will be released in 2012; those will most certainly be part of our 2012 year-end compilation video.

Might we have missed one or two? Possibly. But Vanessa and I both did a thorough job of going through lists of all the films released (or still to be released) theatrically this year, and I feel confident that they’re all in there.

So, without further ado, here’s Shadow And Act’s 2011 Black Cinema Year In Review video compilation. Feel free to pass it around… how many of the film’s highlighted can you identify?

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This time with commas, so the list is clearer. Sorry about the double post—(note that the movie's name below is "Rejoice and Shout'
35 and Ticking, Pariah, Video Girl, Double Steps, MOOX-lum, Kinyarwanda, I Will Follow, Politics of Love, Redemption Road, Gun Hill Road, Joy Road, Columbiana, Viva Riva!, Shame, Life-Above All, Le Havre, Jumping the Broom, Africa United, The First Grader, Attack the Block, Big Momma's House: Like Father Like Son, Madea's Big Happy Family, Desert Flower,
The Help, Tower Heist, Lover's Rock, The Weird World of Blowfly, Louder Than a Bomb, The Interrupter, Crime After Crime, Rejoice and Shout, The Black Power Mixtape; Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest; Mama Africa, Elevate, Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey, and Laugh at My Pain.


I copied the list of films listed at the end; happy viewing

35 and Ticking
Video girl
Double steps
I Will Follow
Politics of Love
Redemption Road
Gun Hill Road
Joy Road
Viva Riva!
Life, Above All
Le Havre
Jumping the Broom
Africa United
The First Grader
Attack the Block
Big Momma's House: Like Father Like Son
Madea's Big Happy Family
Desert Flower
The Help
Tower Heist
Lover's Rock
The Weird World of Blowfly
Louder Than a Bomb
The Interrupter
Crime After Crime
Rejoice and Shoot
The Black Power Mixtape
Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
Mama Africa
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey
Laugh at My Pain


I wish there was a list of titles so I could find the lesser known movies in this compilation. Gues I'll never know. I would search them out, but you can't find a movie based on images of actors you don't know. I know about the more mainstream titles and documentaries with well known celebrities and can find the movies with recognizable actors in the clips. But the clips of indie flicks with unknown actors need to have the title. You can't google search with a video clip. We need a title.


Beautiful compilation! Could you post the list of films? I can't copy and paste the list, and "arther" won't let me do it long hand! Thank you!

Cougar's Marque

AMAZING WORK! With all that awesome cinema on display, it only annoys me more that it's THE HELP that's getting the bulk of the major awards buzz. Just sayin'…


Great compilation! I've only seen ~2 of these films.


Would have been great to get a list of these films so those interested could look them up.


LADY VANESSA: Excellent work, great music variety and those doc segments! And the memoriams were a great touch (no Sotigui Kouyate…?). And I see we left Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson were "left" out… that FAST FIVE fight though! Between this and the weekly (?!) toasts, I see that S&A is stepping up their features and coverage for 2012. Sundance can't come soon enough.


Good stuff. I've only seen 7 of the featured films, but would like to see several more (Viva Riva!, The Interrupters and The Black Power Mixtape, for example).


Well done! Great piece to reference. I definitely want to go back and try to watch some of the films I missed out on this year. Thanks again for this.


GREAT !!! Thank you VANESSA for this outstanding job. And kudos to black cinema coz 2011 is really a good year!!!


Absolutely Brilliant!

cassie free

who says aint no black films!!! All were so different with so many themes!! Im so proud…now if we all went out and supported them all, we could run this town!!!


Big up! So inspiring… Thanks also to "SIMONE" for listing some black films or black content films that i hadn't heard of. Great edit Vanessa, great website Tambay. Let's keep this movement alive!!!


That was wonderful! Great job! Loved every thing! Cheers!

Dr. Boogie

Excellent job! I need to get to ASAP…


Simply FANTASTIC!!!! Thany you Tembay for this wonderful website. I'm proud to say that I'm a fan ana staunch advocate for supporting african american independent film makers as well as our brothers and sisters througout the diaspora whose stories and journey must be told!!!


GREAT JOB, one of my best, i will follow, this year i bought night catch us, Moozlum, Colored Girls, Mother and Child, skin, precious, I Will Follow,. Jumping the broom, Africa united and i'm waiting for Big Ffamily, i order to fnac store, i hope i will receive it soon. And also bought the movie i miss the pass years, like Pride, Hurricanes Seasons, Beat The Drum, New Jersey Drive, Medicine For Melancholy, King Of The Evening, Gospel Hill, American violet, A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy and manies others. Every black people we are, must just buy one movie to support African American cinema. Over the world we have a lack representation of black actors on the lead movie role. I live in France and a untouchables has become one of the successful French movie for all the times more than 13 millions people saw since November 2, in this movie you have Omar Sy who are black comedian and some people in France explains that the French cinema promotes the diversity, it's false, Omar is an exception and they are no role for black actors in France. We just look for black movies come from usa. My thanks go to shadow and act for great job you do to keep African American cinema alive. I give you the heart Oscar. And my others thanks are for Ava Duvernay, this woman is so amazing and one the best ambassador for black cinema. Long life to our cinema.


Vanessa, thank you.


Beautiful, Vanessa! Thank you.


Wow. That was depressing…


Good job, Vanessa! Makes me want to see some of them again soon.


Nice. Great job V!


EXCELLENT! I will be sharing this.


This is an OUTSTANDING compelation of this year's films. Vanessa did a great job of tying in the music to show the emotions involved. Very impressive work!!!!

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