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Watch Trailer For “An Ethiopian Love” (Rom-Com Centered On The Lives & Loves Of Ethiopian-Americans)

Watch Trailer For "An Ethiopian Love" (Rom-Com Centered On The Lives & Loves Of Ethiopian-Americans)

I stumbled upon this trailer earlier today for a feature film titled An Ethiopian Love, written and directed by Yonie Solomon, who also stars in it, alongside Helen Gedlu, Augisha Tesfasilase, Sara Gebremedhin, Jonathan Woldaub and Syed Bukhari.

The film centers on the ups and downs of 20-something year old Ethiopians (born and raised in the USA) as they struggle with the complexities of dual identities (Ethiopian vs American), and love.

It’s billed as a romantic comedy.

The trailer on Vimeo has been played over 75,000 times since it was uploaded, however I wasn’t able to find much on where it currently stands. It doesn’t even have an IMDB page, though the filmmaker and star Yonie Solomon does. However it doesn’t list the film on his page. 

But from the little I gather based on my research, Yonie seems to be traveling with the film, possibly screening it independently; or, at least, traveling to market or generate interest in it for an eventual release. At the end of the trailer, there’s an announcement of an upcoming world tour, and on the film’s website, you can sign up for updates. But the film’s Facebook and Twitter pages don’t say much about a release.

I requested more info, but I haven’t heard anything yet. But I figured I’d go ahead and write something up about the film anyway, including the trailer, and if/when I get further info, I’ll update this post. 

So here’s the music-filled, MTV-style trailer for An Ethiopian Love, which, as I said before, has been played over 75,000 times (it doesn’t immediately suck me in, but I can see how it would appeal to the 20-something and under MTV crowd):

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Ronald Lewis / Dallas, Texas/ Engineer

First of all, I have to say "thank you God for me stumbling on this website and movie trailer" !

Second of all, I give a high salute and honor to all my Ethiopian brothers and sisters.
I Love the Rich Ethiopian heritage and culture.

Let me begin….I flew from Dallas to Ethiopia October 2009. It was my first time being in Ethiopia. I loved the weather and peaceful atmosphere. The people was very nice and friendly and catered to my every need. I stayed at the " EMMAD HOTEL " in Bole Village.
As I walked the streets of Addis Ababa I noticed how humble and polite the people were.
When I took a taxi over to "Piazza" my spirit fell in love with it. I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!
So much beauty and richness of culture. To me it felt like the "Heart of Ethiopia".

All comments are welcomed…..


"Typical Ethiopian men, jealous and insecure": stereotypical and appalling!
The story about the media's representation of Africa (Ethiopia) is also cliche.
Get the fuck, I will not watch this shit!


I cant not wait for this movie to come to my town..or a town close to me. I will be wearing my I AM ETHIOPIA t-shirt!


Man I can't wait for this movie. Trailer looks good!!!! I've been to Ethiopia 3 times and there aren't any lions running around the city but wild dogs are another thing. Ethiopia is definitely a beautiful country. Can't wait to go back again!!!!


This trailer is quite inspiring. Regardless of your ethnicity or age, a good move with a good message is exactly that, a good move with a good message. Not every "black man" character has to get shot neither does every "Latino girl" have to end up pregnant. Smh to the same ol same, we keep returning to. This is something new and refreshing! And you can actually learn a thing or two from, it, and then the people are freaking HOT!…yeah
2 thumbs up my Ethiopian bro (:


I'm not ethiopian but i am a horner too lol and i'm really excited about it. It's nice too see africans in another light showing that they can be civilized lol i also think the guy who wrote and produce it is handsome.


I'm not Ethiopian but I am East African so I pretty much get all the jokes. I'm excited about seeing this whenever it's available in Toronto.

I am Ethiopia

If you are not Ethiopian or even African you probably find it hard to understand the jokes.
I have been asked so many times if wild life animals like lions run around the streets of Africa.
To me, this movie looks amazing and maybe it will educate some people who have never been to Africa, seeing that there are many false understanding about the continent.
It's refreshing to see positive things in the media about Ethiopia for once though. :)


Well those nitpicking about the 'lions in the street' comment, I was asked the same questions when I was in America (I'm African). So what's the problem? Maybe he's talking from experience. Anyways,

About the rights to the songs. I see on their facebook page that the writer/director Yonie Solomon directed a Kanye West vid with this lead actress (Helen Gedlu). So perhaps he has permission to use the Kanye West songs at least. He has connections in the music biz for sure. Again, I'd love to see this fun, lighthearted, young film. Not every African film has to be about rebels with guns, AIDS or people crying.

We have lighthearted, fickle lives as well, especially in the Diaspora. It's not an 'american thing'.

@africasacountry on twitter

seems the movie has a FB ( and twitter page (@anethiopianlove).

Not sure what to make of it. Seems derivative of American romcoms. And agreed with @Reg on the silly lions on streets of Addis line.

Carol Olson Coote

this looks like a movie AFFRM might be able to do something with.


Definitely checking this out! I have loads of Ethiopian friends to show this to.


Like Vanessa said, it's cute. That was my first thought. Young pretty African people who are just "regular" like everybody else. None of the typical portrayals of Africans, especially Ethiopians, we see in other films, TV, the news.

My one question is whether all that music is in the film because I don't know how much money it cost to put this all together but all that music would cost a lot of money to secure rights to use in a film. Rihanna and them.

One last thing is the part where he was shocked to see that Ethiopia isn't like what the American media portrays it as. I was cool with that, but rolled my eyes when he said something about asking his friend to show him a lion in the streets, and the friend told him to go to the zoo. I know what he was going for with that, but come on now. They all appear to be young, smart, informed Ethiopians, who are at least middle class, though born and raised in America. I would expect that even if they had never visited Ethiopia, they would be somewhat familiar with what the country is like, whether from their parents, or other informed relatives, friends in the country, and all that. I don't see how he would actually think that he would run into lions and other "wild animals" in the streets of the cities. I find that hard to believe. So he lost me on that.

But whatevs. MTV or BET should pick this up and maybe turn it into a weekly series instead of 1 feature film. It has that quality and feel to it.


The "20 something" MTV" and "BET" crowds need stories that reflect their identities and struggles as well. I applaud the filmmaker. I hate "film snobs".


This is *cute*. Definitely for the younger MTV, and maybe BET crowd.


OT- Deon Taylor's Nite Tales marathon on Friday Night…right now on Chiller.


This is definitely for the MTV crowd. The funny thing is, the actor named 'Syed' looks exactly like my co-worker whose name is Syed. Uncanny.

Other than that, this kinda gives me the feel of an Ethiopian Laguna Hill. *shrug*


I didn't laugh once, but I'm a sucker for an exotic locale…it's the only reason I still love House Hunters Int'l. Hope the jokes get tighter as the series progresses.


… o_O. This is lovely. Looking forward to full flick. You've got my support.

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