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Watch: Trailer For Dario Argento’s ‘Dracula 3D’ Promises It Will Be Awesome Because Of That Giant Praying Mantis

Watch: Trailer For Dario Argento's 'Dracula 3D' Promises It Will Be Awesome Because Of That Giant Praying Mantis

We kind of totally forgot/put it out of our minds because he hasn’t made a halfway decent movie in years, but the legendary Dario Argento is nearing completion on “Dracula 3D” and now a sales trailer for the movie has arrived. The effects aren’t done, but as expected, it looks fucking awful. On the other hand, however, there is a giant fucking praying mantis in this, so basically, now we’re gonna have to watch this thing.

Despite bringing together a not bad cast including Rutger Hauer, Thomas Kretschmann and his daughter Asia Argento, it seems everyone left their acting manuals back at the hotel. Creaky, cheap looking and worst of all boring, for all the blood and (some) boobs, this gets pretty tedious pretty fast. Granted, some of the pacing is probably off as the film is likely still being edited, but the ten cent sets and over/under acting don’t help. But then that praying mantis shows up and all of a sudden we have to see this movie right now.

Argento is still completing the film, apparently scheduled to be finished in January, after which we’re guessing it will be dutifully sent to genre fests to scare up sales. At any rate, this can’t possibly be worse than his last movie “Giallo,” can it?

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Why don't we just re-issue Andy Warhol's Dracula? Oh right, that wasn't in 3D! How about Andy Warhol's Frankenstein then?


The late Ken Russell is rolling in his grave.


I know the answer is probably just "no one cares" but whoa did they really show dracula's death in the trailer…?? But yeah whoa that praying mantis has to be seen to be believed.




Didn't even finish the trailer (with an "e"). Why would this guy even make another movie?


I hope they keep the "Visual Effects Work in Progress" tags in in the actual release.

Nik Grape

Looks like it's gonna be great on acid. And wherever he is, Quentin Tarantino just jizzed in his pants

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