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Watch Trailer For “Rock Of Ages” And Play The “Spot Mary J. Blige” Game

Watch Trailer For "Rock Of Ages" And Play The "Spot Mary J. Blige" Game

She's barely in the trailer… see if you can spot her :)

Although, quite frankly, I have absolutely no interest in seeing this. But I'm sure some of you do.

It opens June 2012.

Here ya go: 

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Take the $ and RUN Mary!


@Jmac. I was thinking the same thing. What was this 70ish schlock rock BS I was watching in the trailer. Who are these old ass washed up looking fools doing in the trailer. Come on Baldwin, Cruise -really? Glad MJB is not recognizable. Just what the hell was I watching. I enjoy rock as much as the next person but this, no sirree. This movie is for folks who still living in the mama's basement fantasizing about being the opening act for Quiet Riot or Motley Crew.


Aww… WB took it down. I found it anyway but wish I hadn't now. Didn't know it was possible to pussify rock music like that w/o it being converted to muzaq. At least no serious black actor's career was harmed during the making of this film.


My eyes are bleeding!!! What the hell did I just witness. Tom Cruise does not do it for me as a rock star. Will not be seeing this one and I like rock music. SMH.


I can't wait to see this!

Gregory Carter

Look ike she is a Stage Manager Slash Singer

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