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Watch: Trailer For Sumptuous Documentary ‘Jiro Dreams Of Sushi’ Arrives

Watch: Trailer For Sumptuous Documentary 'Jiro Dreams Of Sushi' Arrives

A delicious meal? An expensive and unfilling dinner? Legitimate excuse to pull out of a David Mamet joint?

Sushi is all of this and more — some would call it an art, and those that do are likely in admiration of Jiro Ono, an elderly Japanese man who many consider to be the greatest living sushi chef. Leading his hidden-away Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant housed in a Tokyo subway station, the 85 year old has created a sensation all around the world, with food connoisseurs making a vacation out of dining in his ten-seater and that has earned a 3 Star Michelin rating. Even at his old age, the culinarian still strives to be better and meticulously trains his employees — including his son/heir, Yoshikazu, whose skill unsurprisingly pales in comparison to his father’s.

And now, Jiro has a documentary. David Gelb (cohort of Max Winkler; the two teamed on the short “The King Of Central Park” way back when) makes his feature debut with the documentary “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi,” an elegant portrait of not only the man and his legacy, but his complicated relationship with his scion. The trailer has been released over at Apple, and it looks appropriately dignified and stylish — not to mention it has the most enticing eye for food we’ve seen since “Tampopo.”

We’re pumped and you should be too; those rarely impressed by documentaries should be in for some fun. Magnolia will be releasing the film on March 9, 2012.

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Saw this at AFI. It was like 70 minutes long and not worthy of a theatrical release. Very boring repetitive story. The old man is grumpy and unlikable. I wouldn't want to eat in his restaurant for free – it's cold and quiet. He treats his employees like dirt. I looked up reviews on TripAdvisor and people didn't like his overpriced restaurant because the ambiance is terrible. His younger son opened his own restaurant with a much better vibe and probably the same sushi.

The music and cinematography is good, but that's about it.

Sorry, I love docs but this is a waste of time.


I'm sorry,it's O/T in here,but I tried to post to UPSIDE DOWN article's comment section,but failed.New format has something difficult to use,unfortunately.I miss old format.


Any recommendation for a good film about the other side of the sushi story? a.i. overfishing?

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