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Watch Ving Rhames in Trailer For Hunted House Horror Indie “Seven Below”

Watch Ving Rhames in Trailer For Hunted House Horror Indie "Seven Below"

I couldn’t find this film profiled on the site, even though, the trailer was released over a month ago; so, here we go…

Directed by Kevin Carraway from a script penned by Lawrence Smith, the indie horror flick Seven Below, stars Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames, Luke Goss, Matt Bar, among others.

Synopsis reads, “The story centers on a group of strangers brought together when a terrible storm leaves them stranded in a house in the woods where a terrible event transpired exactly 100 years prior. The group seems trapped in a ghostly time warp, and history is repeating itself.”

So, basically, it’s a spooky story about a creepy ghost of a kid that seems to linger around a house owned by Rhames; who, in turn, offers his hunted home as refuge to a group of strangers during a storm. Sounds like an original premise doesn’t it? :) Oh yeah, Ving Rhames and his deep voice seem to have a prominent role in the flick. At the end of the trailer, you can hear him sing the old spiritual “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”. Really, he does.

No theater release date as of yet; although, according to IMDB, it may be sometime in 2013.

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Actors like Val and Ving and many more just get desperate and take any role that falls in there lap when in turn only hurts there career. Do you ever see Tom Hanks in very many bad low B movies..the answer is no. He's just patient.


ving rhames is still doing pretty good in black actor terms, it's val kilmer who has falling the f*ck off! how do you go from being batman to this???? damn!!!


OK. What the heck happened to Ving Rhames career? He was in A-list movies. Now he's doing a lot of direct-to-DVD schlock. The same can be said of Val Kilmer (who really needs to go on a diet). Both of these guys are good actors but they seem to have fallen off the top tier casting directors' list of desired actors.


Sounds like IDENTITY.

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