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Watch: Zac Efron Stalks A Girl Whose Picture He Saw In Iraq In Trailer For ‘The Lucky One’

Watch: Zac Efron Stalks A Girl Whose Picture He Saw In Iraq In Trailer For 'The Lucky One'

OH GOOD. ANOTHER MOVIE BASED ON A NICHOLAS SPARKS BOOK.  The man who has made a career and a fortune out of mining the same plot over and over and over again and is responsible for movies like “Dear John,” “Nights In Rodanthe,” “A Walk To Remember,” “Message In A Bottle” and yes, “The Notebook,” is back with “The Lucky One.” Which is probably a not-so veiled reference to his success.

This time Zac Efron will make your sister and your Mom swoon and grab the closest Kleenex box, as he stars as a Iraq war veteran whose life is saved when he randomly stumbles across a picture of a woman in the desert sand, just before a bomb goes off. The kicker is that she’s like, totally hot. So he does what any sane and rational person does, he tracks her down, but instead of telling her his story, he takes a job on her farm/ranch/whatever, becomes involved in her life, makes sweet gauzy love to her and then winds up looking like a total douche when she finds out his secret before he tells her. This is basically one of those movies where you’re gonna have to wait for 3/4 of the film for one character to find out something the rest of the audience already knows. This trailer is barely two minutes long and we’ve already had enough.

Will Zac Efron still manage to fall in love and makes things right? Find out on April 20, 2012.

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I am absolutely sure this was already a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie – without Zac, though.


The final scene is: we get to see his butt..during the sex scene. That's the whole point of this movie, right? I mean, it's like Solaris: whole point of that movie…was to see Clooney's butt.


Hmmm, I'm not sure that trailer explained the plot of the movie very well. I mean, I got the set-up, the main narrative stretch, the entire sex scene, and the big third act twist, but I still don't know what the final scene is.

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