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Who Is Dr. Leonid Pavel? New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Images Reveal Mysterious Doctor (Who Is Mysterious)

Mysterious 'Dark Knight Rises' Viral Photos, Er, Rise

When Christopher Nolan‘s “The Dark Knight” came out a few years ago it was accompanied with (at the time at least) a groundbreaking viral marketing campaign that encouraged fans to seek out clues and piece together information based on the slightest hint or suggestion, becoming Batman-like detectives themselves in the process. Well, the viral campaign is back for next summer’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” and a new photo has leaked suggesting a mysterious doctor character (played by Alon Aboutboul)… but who is he?

The two pages that leaked can be found below (which first popped up on Empire and Wired), and they show the redacted files of a Dr. Leonid Pavel, a character that isn’t from the comics, at least based on our fairly extensive knowledge. The first page includes phrases like “Dr. Leonard Pavel disappeared on [redacted] headed a Russian nuclear facility…” The second page is a dialogue between the doctor and a Militia/CIA Station Chief and includes dialogue like, “Once he is in your custody, I need to establish communication with him.”

Based on what we’ve heard about the prologue attached to “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” (and here’s where we give a potential spoiler warning), it sounds like this viral stuff could be tied into that. Supposedly in “The Dark Knight Rises” the character of Bane (Tom Hardy) is a kind of political mercenary who is injured and forced to be equipped with an apparatus that feeds him a type of poison gas to keep him alive. Our guess is that Leonid Pavel is the doctor that outfits Bane with his mask and gas tank. That or it’s some kind of anagram that some nerd will unscramble to read “THE JOKER LIVES!” or some shit.

Either way the IMAX prologue to “The Dark Knight Rises” hits with “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” a week from Friday. We’ve already got our tickets (seriously, we do) – do you have yours? 

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I still dont get what he had to do with this moive.


Poison gas to keep him alive? Good luck.


I think it's Dr. Hugo Strange. They probably changed his name on the papers to protect him. Also, remember the guy in the white coat in the teaser trailer? He looked as if he was just standing there not worried to me. At least that's what it made me think.


Dr. Hugo strange


methinks he's going to be working with ra's al ghul. the guy wants to kill millions (billions?) of people and a russian nuclear physicist would be a prized commodity for such an endeavor.


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everytime i read this, i have to change my underwear!! cant wait for july!


I'm thinking this is somebody Bane is going after, maybe in the opening scene, but at the same time I'm not trying to put to much thought into it.

I was just thinking yesterday Hugo Strange would have been great in a Nolan Batman movie.

Justicio Del Toro

How much you wanna bet that this guy is really Dr.Hugo Strange


The transcript is of a conversation between a CIA Station Chief and a militia member who knows where the Dr. is. Did anyone actually read the transcript? They are talking about transferring the Dr to US custody for protection from whoever is following him and the militia wants payment from the US Gov.


Given that the 'transcript' has an obviously wealthy man paying for the doctor's release/services, could he not be some scientist working for Bruce Wayne on those fancy new bat-copters or some shit?

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