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Zoe Kravitz And “Mad Max 4: Fury Road” Cast To Begin Filming In Namibia Next Spring

Zoe Kravitz And "Mad Max 4: Fury Road" Cast To Begin Filming In Namibia Next Spring

Film Contact is reporting that director George Miller and his Mad Max 4: Fury Road cast will not be filming that series’ reboot in Broken Hill, Australia as originally planned, and as originally reported here by Tambay.  Instead– due to that area’s heaviest rainfall in 75 years– supporting star Zoe Kravitz (along with leads Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy) will be in Namibia when cameras start rolling in March or April of next year.

According to Film Contact:

After the rainfall, Broken Hill was transformed into a flower paradise which is not suitable for the film’s required desert-like landscape.

Mad Max 4: Fury Road will be shot in 3D, using the same technology used by James Cameron in Avatar, according to reports.

Only time will tell if this film ever gets made, as the universe seems to be sending a very clear message that it probably should not.

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gotta love Tina – Auntie Entity.

Will Mel Gibson be in this one?


I'm not looking forward to Mad Max. The previous installments are classics.

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