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2012 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

2012 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 84th Academy Award winners through February 26th, when the winners are announced.

Best picture predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

The Nominees:
The Artist
The Descendants
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The Help
Midnight in Paris
The Tree of Life
War Horse

The Predicted Winner: The Artist
The Possible Spoiler: The Help
Shoulda Been Here: Melancholia


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Roxanne I.

The Descendants…The Tree of Life….The Help…they are all great in their own way. Thank you guys and best of luck.


Just saw The Artist on Friday..I loved it. I was planning on seeing The Descendants before the Oscars, but I didn't have time. It's a race between the two. That's not my boisterous opinion it's just what the race has always been down to. But I wonder, what if there is a surprise win for something else..? If there is truly a Darkhorse then it would be Hugo, or (because everybody has seen it) The Help.


war hose should win bcause it is an brilliant film and has me clipped to it so go war horse


The Artist…ugh. For me, the sleeper of the year, that is, it put me to sleep. Predictable and boring with all the elements that made actual silent pictures go the way of the dinosaur. What IS the Academy thinking?


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Help and War Horse need to be removed and replaced by Drive, Shame or Melancholia, something else. I'm not saying that the movies I think should be removed do not have oscar worthy material (except for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) there just not very original…at all. We've seen films like them before many times. I think films that get nominated for oscars (especially best picture) should bring something new.


Hugo,brought together past and present film surrealism.I enjoyed the tribute.

Terrance Malick

Thanks God, I'm glad you appreciated my film!


The Tree of Life was clearly the year's best film. And I should know-I am God after all.

Alexander Payne

Okay, I guess that even though I directed The Descendants I have to admit that The Tree of Life was better.

Alexander Payne

Clooney, you traitor!

George Clooney

Okay, yeah, I guess I'd have to agree that The Tree of Life was the best movie of the year.

Terrance Malick

Glad to see that all of you celebrities appreciated my film!


Okay, I guess that it's true that The Tree of Life was the best.


Shut up, Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga

The Tree of Life should win.


Tree of Life all the way!

Ron Paul

The Tree of Life was one of the best movies that I've ever seen!

Mitt Romney

Yup, The Tree of Life was the best.

George Bush

I completely agree with you, Barack.

Barack Obama

I would have to agree that The Tree of Life is the best. I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message.


Thanks Nick, I'm glad to see that you share my taste in movies.



Roger Ebert

I believe that the two best films are clearly The Artist and The Tree of Life, and that The Tree of Life is slightly better than The Artist.


My prediction:

Paul Mcdonald

My favorite movie of the year was Beginners but as that was not nominated ( along with Drive and Shame) then the award should got to the Artist with Hugo as the runner up.

Chris O

The Artist should win, if it dosent it should be the desendents, not the Help, i thought the help was good but ive never been a fan of raceist movies


If it hasn't already been said the Tree of Life was pretentious poop. Color symbolism and the ever flowing river of change. We get it.

Kinga Revai

EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE !!! DEFINITELY… did not like Hugo… was bored while watching The Descendants… The Tree of Life – not the best movie, maybe the best directing… oh, and I hated Moneyball :S:S:S:S


War Horse has everything I want to see in a movie. It kept me glued to the screen for all 2 plus hours. Very moving and with a story line only Spielberg could translate to the screen. NO comparison with any other of the movies it's up against. I can't wait to watch it again.


the best picture of the year is Shame followed by Drive.

e crickard

Who the nominees should have been:










syeed aleem shah

the final opinion of mine about the year 2011 in hollywood is following:

Every one has choice and opinion and according to me top movies of 2011 are the following: 1- The War Horse…….2- "Hugo" & "MoneyBall"……..3- "Mission Impossible 4 (the ghost protocaol)…………….4- The Artist……. 5- "The Tree OF Life" & "The Ides OF march" ………. Movies like "the desecndansts", "midnight in paris", "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" , "The Help", "the iron lady", "deathly holows PART.2", "rise of the planet of the apes" and "albert nobbs" are also very good movies,,,, some other good movies are following: (cowboys and alliens) (transformers darken of the moon) (paranormal activity 3) (tinker tailor soldier spy) (Bridesmaids) (My Week With Marilyn Jonah Hill) (Warrior) (Beginners) (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) (A Better Life) (We Need To Talk About Kevin) etc……….

In my opinion the best in hollywood of the year 2011 are as following: Best Picture: "The War Horse" (after this "Moneyball" & "Hugo"). Best Direction: "The War Horse" & "The Artist". Best Actor in Leading Role: "Brad Pitt" from MoneyBall. Best Actress in Leading Role: "Viola Davis" from The Help. Best Supporting Actor: "Max Von Sydow" from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Best Supporting Actress: "Melissa McCarthy" from Bridesmaids & "Janet McTeer" from Albert Nobbs……….

syed aleem shah

Every one has choice and opinion and according to me top movies of 2011 are the following:

1- The War Horse…….2- "Hugo" & "MoneyBall"……..3- The Ides OF march…….4- The Artist……. 5- The Tree OF Life…….

Movies like "the desecndansts", "midnight in paris", "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" ,
"The Help", "the iron lady", "deathly holows PART.2", "rise of the planet of the apes" and "albert nobbs" are also very good movies,,,,

some other good movies are following:
(cowboys and alliens) (transformers darken of the moon) (paranormal activity 3) (tinker tailor soldier spy) (Bridesmaids) (My Week With Marilyn Jonah Hill) (Warrior) (Beginners) (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) (A Better Life) (We Need To Talk About Kevin) etc…….

syed aleem shah

in my opinion the best in hollywood of the year 2011 are as following:

Best Picture: "The War Horse" (after this "Moneyball" & "Hugo").

Best Direction: "The War Horse" & "The Artist".

Best Actor in Leading Role: "Brad Pitt" from MoneyBall.

Best Actress in Leading Role: "Viola Davis" from The Help.

Best Supporting Actor: "Max Von Sydow" from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Best Supporting Actress: "Melissa McCarthy" from Bridesmaids & "Janet McTeer" from Albert Nobbs


If The Help wins…. .. I will be so upset. Definitely a possible spoiler, though.


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was PHENOMONAL!!!


HUGO SHOULD WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Muppets are going to pull in and steal the show! That, or Harry Potter. Those to films were excellent!


TREE OF LIFE is my winner


I think that the surprisingly winner of the evening will be……Moneyball


This is a correction of my reply to Chrisck's post (Feb.9, 2012), having mistaken Warrior for War Horse. The Spielberg film is a masterpiece and deserves to win the oscar for best picture.


Are you kidding about Melancholia? That movie was absolutely one of the worst I have seen in a long time. I think "The Help" should win. Tree of Life is another one I thought was terrible.


the tree of life deserves to win


No way The Help is the runner up. It has no director nom, and only one movie won without a director nom, and not even a screenplay nom! What the fuck movie has won without a screenplay nom? Hugo is the runner up, and The Descendants is next. Then maybe The Help.


Oscar prediction for Best Picture 2013, The Hobbit ;-)


the ugly true from the oscars : Oscar winner picture ; Chicago , Slumdog Millionaire ,The hurt locker and the King Speech if this year happen again The tree of Life will WIN


the tree of life better than panadol PM


Who the nominees should have been:









eddie c

Who the nominees should have been:



Wouldn't it be nice if a good hearted little show like "Midnight in Paris" won?

Michael Davenport

'The Artist' will probably and should win best picture. It's really refreshing to see a fun, clean movie, also a movie which shows the root of film making in an artistic and original way!

One Love

No films this year were great or exceptional to be an Oscar winning picture. However, The help should receive best picture, if not then the descendants will probably win.


honestly i didn't enjoy any of these movies more than "warrior" i think that film is totally under rated and deserved much more attention. If you haven't seen it, its understandable it didn't do well in the box office but give it a chance and you won't regret it. It deserves to be on this list. I love animals and all but "war horse" COME ONNNNN it was good but COME ONNN

The Artist seems to be the strongest. But, I still believe a surprise by The Help. We Need to Talk About Kevin should have been included in the nominees list instead of Midnight in Paris.

WHERES the we need to talk about kelvin and j edgar best of all


en mi personal opinion, la pelicula el artista se ganara la mayoria de las nominaciones, si no es que todas, esta muy bien realizada la direccion esta genial, las actuaciones bastante bien como les gustan a los criticos escenarios toda la pelicula two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!


In my personal opinion, Hugo should be the winner. I know it seems like a kids movie but its truly genius. Hugo was directed by one of the greatest directors every…..Martin Scorsese. For anyone who has seen his movies before, you will see how astounding his masterpieces are. Hugo is the winner in my mind.


No way The Help is the spoiler. It's either Hugo or The Descendants for spoiler


Moneyball, an American pastime played by the rules of late capitalism. Lays bare our commodification of information, flex labor, and the ruthless drive for efficiency. Honest and timely, in spite of its sentimental veneer.


"The Tree of Life" should win – what a wonderful movie! A unique cinematic experience.


I want the tree of life to win (NEVER WILL HAPPEN) The Artist is almost a sure thing, I have a suspicion most actors will vote for the help (largest voting members by the way)


Warhorse for the win¡¡¡¡¡


"The help" should win, but it probably won't. I definitely agree that "Melancholia" should have been in this category, along with "Shame" and "A dangerous method".

Kasper / Mude

War Horse is the best movie ever!!!!!!


I’m curious as to why the IN logo was so prominently shown at the beginning of Hugo, and Johnny’s name was in the credits at the end as one of the producers, yet he’s never mentioned in any of these award nominations–the only two ever mentioned are Scorcese and King.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences determined Friday that it will officially credit four producers, instead of three, for “The Tree of Life.” so where is Johnny Depp for Hugo ‘s producer .his company ‘s logo is after GK .what’s the hell. why they didn’t say any thing? he should be nominated .


We Need To Talk About Kevin should be nominated and should be winning, best film of 2011.

Woody Allenson

Midnight In Paris SHOULD win Best Picture…but won't. I liked The Artist but it's not that great nor as original. And whereas The Artist is a nostalgic film, Midnight In Paris has that bittersweetness, about feeling nostalgic but ultimately realising you got to live in the present, which is a lovely message. Midnight In Paris might as well be Allen's best film…because it got a heart, which 99.99% of films don't. If it doesn't win, then I hope The Descendants will – Alexander Payne will one day be recognized as one of the greatest directors ever!


Personally, this year, there were no real Oscar sort of movies. Out of the nine nominees, I've watched six of them (I really need to see Hugo, War Horse and ELaIC), and so far, the only film that was more "Oscar" than others was Midnight in Paris. The Artist, which I thought was going to be brilliant, was BRILLIANT! However, it wasn't good enough to win Oscar. I enjoyed it more than Payne's 'Descendants', but I think that one was more 'Oscar friendly'. I don't personally enjoy the films that win, but I see why they won. I just don't see why The Artist would win (and to tell the truth, Descendants either). But of the whole year, the best film I have watched was A Separation. It hurts to say being an W. Allen fan, but it's true. It should have been nominated for this category (more than Melancholia).


"The Descendants" should walk away with this award, by far the best film that came out this. "The Artist" was amazing and derserves the nominations but I think how "The Descendants" dealt with real life siuations and Payne's amazing abality of directing drama and comedy made the film seem even more real


I would have liked to see Melancholia, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Drive here. These three movies were incredible. Much better than Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (which I'm not sure how it made it here) and Tree of Life (which is an artsy pretentious movie that had gorgeous cinematography but nothing else to offer). I would also take out War Horse.


Melancholia is the best movie of the year, and other years to come, anyway….


Haven't seen all the movies this year. Tree of Life is definitely a best movie in any year. The Help was extremely good, but not on the scale of the Malick film. Midnight in Paris was cute, but you've gotta be kidding. Saw the Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (trilogy)–good story if you like'em dark, but not a serious contender. Guess that's it…will have to see more films.


Clooney and The Descendants were brilliant maybe that's why they won best Actor and Best Picture at the Golden Globes!


I think the descendants was the worst picture clooney has ever made, how the hell he got nominated i'll never know.

Click the link for Movie Notebook's Predictions.


I posted my own predictions hours before the announce…some similarities, and also some differences with IW. Check and comment:


While I'm a super obsessed Harry Potter film it would be laughable for it to win best film, or even any other big categories (best actor/best director). I am pretty confident that one day Emma Watson is going to win Best Actress for something. Dan Radcliffe is going to get a Tony. But not this year. Harry Potter SHOULD get some kind of recognition award like the BAFTAs gave last year. It was a phenomenon like no other and is deserving of a mention at the very least.

PROS: Warner Brothers has been spending lots of money on billboards all over LA promoting DH2 'for your consideration'.

CONS: It hasnt been nominted for anything big in any of the guild awards. Likelihood of it being nominated for Best Film is slim.


Harry Potter should at least get a nomination and The Help should win. Just because The Artist is paying homage to the first films ever created doesn't mean it deserves to win. It was really good though.

Nick Barker

Things the HP fans who leave comments on the page need to understand:
1. The Oscar for best picture doesn't go to the movie the made the most money.
2. An Oscar can not be awarded to the entire HP series; movies are judged individually.
3. HP and the Deathly Hallows Part II won't win the Oscar just because it concluded the saga that you grew up with.
4. HP and the Deathly Hallows Part II was not a very well made film and doesn't deserve the Oscar.

Also, War Horse wasn't very well made either and certainly doesn't deserve the Oscar. The Artist ftw!


small correction: *War Horse


Okay. I think everyone is confused when it comes to distinguishing good films (enjoyable) from superb. Midnight in Paris should not be nomiated for Best Picture. The only great thing about that film is the originality in their screenplay…period! Therefore, Best Motion Picture is not the same as Best Original Screenplay. The Academy Award for Best Motion Picture is considered the most important of the Academy Awards, as it is the final award presented, and represents all the directing, acting, music composing and writing efforts put forth for a film; having said that, who in their right mind will consider The descendents for Best Motion Picture? it doesn't meet all the characteristics to win…unfortunately for many. If Steve McQueen had only ommited some of the scenes and allowing it to a "more friendly" rated R, he would have had the chance to be be debating without doubts next to masterpieces. So far, Hugo is about the only prediction they got right. In my opinion, the only Oscar nomitations for Best Motion Picture are: The Artist, The Help, War Zone, Hugo and J. Edgar. Some films that were very good and may get lucky: Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, Warrior and My Week with Marilyn. Now, The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and Harry Potter Part 2 are GREAT films and if, the Academy would only evaluate in detail all of the aspects to be considered for Best Motion Picture, they would definetely stand the chance to even be nomitated. However, we all know that those type of films are not well appreciated by the Academy Awards.


Here's where I differ: Girl with dragon tattoo has no shot. War horse is a lock. Ides of march has a better shot than bridesmaids tinker tailor or tree of life.

Best film of the year I saw was shame but it unfortunately won't be nominated.


Harry Potter deserves the award. The LEAST those people at the Academy can do is nominate the movie for best picture. And it would not just be an award for HP7part 2, it would be a reward for ALL the 8 wonderful films. So stop saying that HP7part 2 was not very good and that David Yates "is not famous or blah blah blah", Yates did not create a good movie, he created a MASTERPIECE for the cinematic world.


it must be at least nominated


With the Academy's new set of rules this year (nominating the number of films deserving of nomination; i.e. no set number), if The Tree of Life does not get a nomination, it might be the biggest sham in Oscar history.


Why isn't the last Harry Potter movie on there? It at least deserves a best picture nomination, it doesn't have to win. But after 7 books, 8 movies, and 10 years in the making, the last movie was so emotional, action-packed, exiting, and touched my heart when I saw the last scene of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, saying goodbye to their children when on the train to Hogwarts. Yeah, sure, all those movies listed above are fine too, but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 is the end of the worldwide franchise, loved by millions of people that grew up with the series. The problem is, is that these Oscar Voters don't realize it. Thats is why its not on there. But… if the last Harry Potter movie is nominated, its okay. To me, its a Best Picture.

I have already seen 11 of the 13 movies listed. I still have to see Hugo and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Seriously? Midnight in Paris is should be steady 5th? I think Moneyball or The Tree of Life would be more deserving than Midnight in Paris. The Best Pic either goes to The Artist or The Help. I hope The Help wins.


OK. Now I have seen the two favourites (The Artist & The Descendants) and I have to say it. The Descendants doesn't have A SINGLE CHANCE against The Artist. The Artist was a very intense and enjoyable rollercoaster of emotions (not to mention the tribute to the movies they do while the ride you by its plot). As for The Descendants… I haven't seen what's so special about that movie, it was ordinary and much more emotionless as I expected. I was disspointed (it remembered me to Up In The Air… and even that one was better)… even The Help was better. My favourites thie year: 1. The Artist, 2. War Horse, 3. The Help, 4. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.


Why isn't Harry Potter and the the Deathly Hallows in here?!


THE HELP IS WAY TOO FUCKING HIGH NOW. ITS NOT WINNING. Hugo got moved down and now I guess it has no chance,

Nicholas Barker

Sorry if that sounded kind of snobby-I don't mean to hate on hp fans :)

Nicholas Barker

Okay, so I know that a lot of people are crazy about the Harry Potter movie, but the fact is that it actually wasn't all that good. Alan Rickman was pretty good, but the other performances weren't exceptional. Nothing is the movie felt as epic or as emotional as it could have felt, and frankly I was kind of disappointed-it wasn't nearly as moving as the book was.

I think that The Artist was clearly the best film of the year. It was really creative to make a silent film about the invention of talkies, and it fostered nostalgia for the good ol' days of movies while exploring the theme that sometimes we have to move on and adapt to new ages. The acting was amazing considering that there was no dialogue, and the film had many great scenes that were incredibly moving. It was a wonderful film about love, loss, torment, and the indomitable human spirit. My second and third favorite films from the year are The Descendants and Midnight in Paris.


The Help, The Descendants and The Artist

D. Harmon

Harry Potter should have been nominated. There were great performances in this movie that should have been recognized. Alan Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe were excellent. I'm tired of hearing about Brad Pitt.


If the nominees end up being anything like this, I can't say I'll be that interested in what happens. As much as I may personally disagree, it's not surprising to that Harry Potter isn't really a contender, given Oscar's usual tendencies. However, the fact that Moneyball and Drive aren't high up on the list is just absurd – they are far and away the two best movies this year, in front of The Descendants, The Artist, and Hugo.


Well, I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but we have to a accept that it was one of the best movies of the year, it deserves the nomination


What about Harry Potter? It deserves to be nominated too


it bothers me so much that everyone has completely ignored harry potter. I'm not saying it deserves to wind best picture but it at least needs to be nominated. it's the third highest grossing film of all time, the special effects were phenomenal and alan rickman stole the show. I really could care less that david yates isn't a "famous director," he did an incredible job ending the series and I think the best way to acknowledge this incredible franchise is to AT LEAST FUCKING NOMINATE IT.


Everyone needs to shut the fuck up about Warrior. It wasn't even good. The acting was, but the screenplay and directing wasn't. Not an oscar movie, it's a fan favorite.


I don't think I agree with TTTS, GWTDT seems high, since you are guaranteeing it a nom, and it might not get one. Tree of Life and War Horse also seem kind of low

Rita S

My top five The girl with the dragon tatoo, The tree of life, Hugo Drive, The descendants


the artist no way!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juha Tapani

The Best Movies Of 2011:
1.Wim Wenders: "Pina 3d"
2.Nicolas Winding Refn: "Drive"
3.Terrence Malick: "The Tree Of Life"
4.Pedro Almodovar: "The Skin I Live In"
5.Lars Von Trier: "Melancholia"


The Help deserves the Best Picture award.

Ryan Stears

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 deserves the Best Picture Award by far. How the hell is HUGO one of the top five? Sorry last time I looked, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time and received better reviews. It's the last movie, give it to them!!!!!!!!!! Long shot my ass.


Michael Sheen and Maria Bello both should be nominated for their incredible work in Beautiful Boy. A heart breaking and beautifully told story.


I have no idea how Warrior has not received one shred of attention! this is a down right travesty! Warrior is BY FAR the best film of the year and nobody's talking about it!


How on Earth does anyone think that "Bridesmaids" deserves to be nominated for anything more than a People's Choice Award, let alone the Oscars? Even if the list of nominees was 20 this movie doesn't deserve to be on that list. Especially this year with so many great movies up for nomination. I was surprised no one thought Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar" had a chance of being nominated, or "The Iron Lady" or " Albert Nobbs" whose previews definitely make the movie look Oscar worthy. If another comedy is going to be nominated other than "Midnight in Paris"- which definitely deserves to be nominated, it should be "Crazy Stupid Love"- the best comedy of 2011, or "My Week With Marilyn". I can't say which of these movies I thought was the best since I haven't seen them all yet but my prediction is that there will be 10 nominees for best picture. There is no reason to change the number of nominees this year with 10 becoming the normal especially this year when 10 nominees are actually warranted. My predictions of what will be nominated are- "The Artist", "War Horse", "Hugo", "The Descendants", "Midnight In Paris", "The Help", "Moneyball", "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", and two surprises "Albert Nobbs" and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close".


drive and warrior kicked ass, and they arent even considered


i don't understand the immense acclaim that "the tree of life" has gotten this year. no doubt this was a unique and thought-provoking film, but to put it bluntly, it bored me to death. terrence malick broke new territory with this film for american audiences but nearly 3 hours of near-silence and whispers over what looked like a long trip off of mushrooms of staring into the sky and asking broad, infinite questions about our universe with a strangley put together piece on an american family isn't something i'd want to have to be put through again. and the way that the help was put together at the end of it ruined the film for me. all i wanted to see was some justice for davis' character and was extremely disappointed not to see it. i'm sure that "film connoseurs" and lovers of artistic films will tear me apart for my take on the tree of life, but really, how many times can you truthfully tell me you'd like to sit through it and be thoroughly entertained? Sure, it was somewhat thought-provoking, but not entertaining. My choices would be Hugo, Midnight In Paris, The Descendants, Moneyball, The Artist, War Horse, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (that is, if the anticipated list is 8 films long).


strange that so many people on this site think the help deserves oscar pub. i thought it was a fine picture but certainly not "best picture" quality. beyond viola davis's performance, i don't think it's worth mentioning.


The problem here is that the judges for this category are heavily biased towards films with cultural value (The King's Speech, The Hurt Locker) and they tend to look down at all the epic adventure stuff as juvenile.

Harry Potter honestly deserves to win this one.


There is only one film that should be considered, really. The Tree of Life takes cinematic expression to a new level. I too see a lot of movies – at least 200 per year for the last 45 years – and The Tree of Life is, I believe, one of the three or four best films made in my lifetime, and one of the dozen best ever made.
But hey – what do you expect from an organisation that never gave Hitchcock, nor Welles, nor Chaplin, nor Lubitsch 'Best Director' Oscars??? (… and which treats any film not in English as some kind of 'special case for minor consideration' – half of the greatest films ever made were not in English!)


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spay and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo were by far the best movies I saw this year. (although I haven't seen The Artist yet) I'm completely perplexed by The Descendants' popularity. I found it somewhat cloying and I've never thought George Clooney was better than a so-so actor (with the exception of Michael Clayton). Next to Gary Oldman? George Clooney pales. In fact, he disappears.




George Clooney's movies are terrible. The descendants is depressing and shouldn't win best picture or best actor. Guess it's a popularity contest. The War Horse is a wonderful film, and shouldn't rank 8th. The cinematography alone is magnificent. The Help is also much better than the Descendants.

Rick in MI

I see a LOT of movies — my wife and I have had a weekly "date night" for decades. We have seen all you mentioned except "The Tree of Life", "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and "War Horse" (SOON!). With this in mind, my favorite movies this year were, in no order: "The Help", "The Descendants", "Midnight in Paris", "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", and "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy". I am sure "The Artist" will get nominated because it is the tyoe of film the Academy likes, but I found in overrated and far short of the terrific "Chaplin" with Robery Downey, Jr. not that long ago. Sorry, but "Bridesmaids" does NOT deserve to be considered for any awards… though I did find it funny, just not original. I also liked "Drive" — especially the first 15 minutes. All-in-all, I probably liked "Midnight in Paris" the most… and it was also the directors best film in a decade and thoroughly original. BUT Clooney was great in "The Decendants" and it was also a great film as was "The Help". All of that said, "Dragon Tattoo" the only one of these I paid to see twice!


WAR HORSE should win.
I saw the film and loved it … it was so good… but i was surprised when Steven Spielberg was not even nominated for Best Director… in Golden Globe
I find this pretty contradictory that War Horse was in Best Picture and Spielberg was not in Best Director category…. coz if he was not one of the five best directors for award then how could his film be…????


The Help is the best movie


Have the nominations not been announced yet? If not, why!? The awards are just over a month away…


Anyone think a BAFTA nom will help Drive? I do.


The Help is one of those rare movies that doesn't require fancy CGI, intense action scenes, nor big starts to make it a obvious choice for winning the best picture. Its a amazing movie to begin with (based on the book) and it really captured what black woman who worked as house maids were really going through. Emma Stone, was down played by Minnie and Abilleen who really took the show. The film was emoitional down to the core and it told a story, not a choppy and chiche like War Horse but a true original film. Honestly I will be shocked if this didn't win.

P.S Can not believe Bridesmaids would actually be nominated. It did not hold up to the substance that Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2 had. Just putting that out there.






I'm hoping Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy gets some more recognition after getting nominated for 11 BAFTA's. It would be a travesty to see such a great film get inexplicably shut out of even any Oscar nominations like it did at the Golden Globes…


"The Tree of Life" should be nominated – but I am guessing since most are impatient and only want to be spoon fed, it will not be

It is an incredible film – a prayer between the characters and a higher power – without lecturing you on what that higher power is. The mother asks why her son could be killed when she has been so devote – the answer is the creation of the cosmos and all of time – this is how all of this works. No film since 2001: A Space Odyssey has even attempted such scope.

J Franey

Will War Horse be nominated for an Oscar this year (2012).



Win Win and The Beginners two very powerful movies, I hope their screenplays will be acknowledged by a nomination. That said, I'm going with The Artist, no film in the last 20 years has come as close to its simplicity and charm. One of the most innovative films to come out in the last 2 decades. The Artist is cinematic magic and performance art. This film has challenged us to see with our ears and hear with our eyes — and at its core brings us to the human heart! For its visionary power and originality, its humility- free of trends and fashions- it does what poetry should — makes the impossible possible!


Warrior was great, should be nominated. Nick nolte best supporting actor


i think if there is ten. hp part 2 deserves to be nominated rather than bridesmaids. that film along with the entire series deserves to be recognized by the academy


Agree with you Aaron about The Descendants. Not sure why it is such a draw for awards. Thought it would be great from the previews, but was really disappointed after I saw it. Not one single character in that movie was likeable, therefore I could care less about what happened to any of them. Also agree that the acting was great though.

Mary Louise

I think "Midnight in Paris should be nominated!!! Owen Wilson was great!!!!


Ryan Gosling was great in all three of his movies from last year: "Crazy Stupid Love", "Drive", and "The Ides of March", but I hope he gets nominated for either Drive or The Ides of March.


Jeeze can you people stop attacking HP fans? We all know that it's not going to win anything even though so many people love it, including myself, It was my favorite this year. Stop criticizing people just because they feel like a certain movie should win, thanks.


I was really hoping for 50/50 to get some consideration. The performances, direction and story gave us a film that could be considered one of the funniest comedies of the year, as well as one of the best dramas. Gordon-Levitt deserves acclaim for finding the laughs while maintaining the realism, and seriousness of the looming possibility of death.

Perhaps the film was overlooked because of its young cast or because of its label as a comedy. However, after Little Miss Sunshine and Sideways broke the ice for indie comedies getting nominations in recent years I thought this too would be nominated.

Jude Amruth Raj

what about WARRIOR… It's my favourite this year and I'm disappointed of it being not nominated


Drive, Moneyball, The Descendants, The Ides of March, War Horse


tinker tailor was a HUGE disappointment…I'd go with the descendants out of that bunch


The Tree of Life was horrible. I wanted to walk out, but thought: "this has to get better"? NOT
Glad it did not get nominated.


What about Super 8? I thought that movie was the best movie I have seen in a long time. Sure it is a sci-fi movie but it was so much more then that. The characters had so much depth and emotions and it was a very good movie if not the best


I would think Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows part.2 would be in the top four. They broke records in their first few opening weeks.


Descendants — though well done, with great acting by the young people especially, is way over rated. Nice job by George Clooney, but not particularly challenging role. Again — good, but not great as should be, to be an oscar winner.

J Andersson

The tree of life is the logical choice, however I do fell that Tyrannosaur at least should be mentioned in speculations.


"The Guard" was the best movie I have seen this year. Wish more people had seen it.


harry potter mejor pelicula!elenco-actuaciones-guiones-trucos-todo!


It seems that the The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo will not get many nominations . Too bad because it was the most real movie out there as far the sadness in life of relationships .It also artisitically created a face to face of the horrors that both men and women deal with but not talked about much even today. It was more than the usual drama.

The Descendants were OK but it just another movie about a spouse finding out he/she were not connected in trust , love and respect.
The Help forces us to look at our history in regards to equality and makes us all realize that we have not come as far as we thought we did given our attitudes regarding other minorities . Those who thought it was a mediocre movie may want to look into their hearts.



David Volpov

I hope The Artist wins Best Picture. I don't know why people liked The Tree of Life. I hated it.


Tree of life best movie of the year .


'Drive' should win, but wont.


if warrior isn't even nominated then I have to question the integrity of the academy awards. Warrior was friggin brilliant. These awards are so damn political it kinda ruins it. When you have a movie like Warrior that is so far superior to the "predicted top 5" and it doesn't even get a mention you know something horrendously wrong is going on.




the artist will win no question about it!


Watched both Drive and Warrior yesterday because of all the fanfare. Drive was simply awful. Hated almost every minute of it. Warrior on the other hand was one of the best films I have seen in a long time, (and I am no MMA fan). My opinion.


Am I the only Harry Potter-fan here, who loved the books, but not really the movies (especially the last one, I hated it, and I really hope it won't get a best picture nomination)?


"The Artist", 100%
"The Descendants", 100%
"Hugo", 100%
"Midnight in Paris", 95%
"The Help", 90%
"Moneyball", 80%
"War Horse", 75%
"The Tree of Life", 50%
"Drive", 30%
"Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte 2" (20%)


Too bad Drive isn't more seriously considered. That movie was amazing. But its too weird to win, I guess, or even be nominated. Sigh…


Midnight in Paris, pff. Warhorse is way overrated (like Harry Potter DH 2) and only considered because of 75% of people in Hollywood are sycophants. Hugo will win hands down. A film great makes a film about one of film's greatest. They couldn't pass up the opportunity. And won't. We all know it.


WOW…drive and the tree of life should be at the top five, instead of HUGO and MIDNIGHT IN PARIS


Warrior should be on here. Definitely. Bridesmaids was very funny, but at the very least, Warrior should be at the 10th spot.

War Horse is more deserving than Midnight in Paris for a nomination… much more The Tree of Life.


The Help – a nominee? Where is there any "indication of extraordinary merit"?


I don't know which foreign movie was the best there were such a lot of them), but I'm afraid it is not fair for the whole of Asia to vote Separation. I agree it is a beautiful movie, yet it is too much politically committed and not the best, in terms of Art. It does not deserve the Best Foreign Movie Oscar…. See the movie first…..


It would not be nice to be surprised again. Since the Critics have decreed that "Melancholia" was the 2011 best picture, why not agree with them?


I don't know if it will be out in time for nominations, but I've seen trailers for Albert Hobbs (with Glenn Close – who is nominated for Best Actress at the Globes) and Carnage (Kate Winslet & Jodie Foster picked up Globe noms for Best Actress too). Wouldn't be too surprised if one of these movies pulled a "The Kings Speech" and won the award for Best Picture after a late release!


"The tree of life" is great…


harry potter fans are made up of people all ages, all over the world and including celebs, critics writers etc. it has a story line that captured millions, a cast that includes the most phenomal talent,and well i could go on. Harry Potter deserves much more.


I am hopeful that Martin Sheen's superb performance in "The Way," is nominated for Best Actor; and "The Way," for Best Picture of 2012. Martin Sheen is long overdue for an Oscar for Best Actor.



Chuck Liquorice

Wow, The Help does not deserve it.
And who puts Bridesmaids next to The Tree of Life?


How is Harry Potter a long shot? Biggest grossing movie of all time, beat James Bond. And it's a long shot?


Love when people who don't know what they're talking about chime in on this


The movie about the death of the all life and the Flower of Life (number 19, that is us!) should win. Melancholia rules this year!


Midnight in Paris is now in the top 3, above Hugo.


I firmly believe the Descendants can pull off an upset. The Artist is the favorite but I think the Descendants will win. Top 5… The Artist, Moneyball, The Descesdants, Hugo, The Help. If there's 6 War Horse, not till 7 would I put Midnight in Paris in and after that for me it would Drive at 8, War Horse at 9, and Tinker Tailor at 10. Haven't seen "Dragon Tattoo"


Hmmm, although I enjoyed The Help and Bridesmaids, they're not going to be on the list. The Help may get other nominations, but not Best Picture. Bridesmaids was fun to watch, but not quality.
Hugo wouldn't either, since it's an animated film. It deserves to win the Best Animated Picture, but probably won't make this list (although it made Golden Globe nom, but probably won't happen at Oscars).
How about J Edgar? I have yet to watch it, but have heard good reviews. Same with The Iron Lady.
The Artist is 50/50. Same with Midnight in Paris. Wood Allen deserves some wins, it may get nominated, but won't win.
Whereas the Tree of Life seemed a bit laborious to watch, honestly.
Deathly Hallows P2 and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy won't be considered either, as they were more for the box office than Oscars.
Loved The Descent and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close!


Harry Potter all the way, it has the best message. Also the most acclaimed and highest grossing of the year.


another earth won't be on there.. but melancholia will. i know it. i'll put money on that.

A. O. Zeta

C'mon, where is WARRIOR, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, ANOTHER EARTH, LIKE CRAZY, WIN WIN instead of Bridesmaids, HP2, and Midnight in Paris?

FYI: I'm a HP fan, but I don't think it will get nominated for Best Picture. There are just plenty of more worthy films.


HPDH2 should win Best Picture and every other suitable award because:
– It made record breaking amounts of money. It beat Avatar who beat Titanic.
– It sold out in theatres all over the world for weeks and hosted multiple midnight premieres all of which sold out.
– It was the most highly anticipated films of the last decade.
– It appeals to all audiences. Kids of all ages straight up to the senior citizens love this movie and it's predecessors.
– It and it's accompanying films are the best book adaptations ever. Period.
– Nearly every actor and actress in the film made their way in the acting world through these movies and did it flawlessly. Much less can be said about other films that use mainly big name actors and actresses.
– The special effects in this movie are so believable that while you are watching you don't stop to ask yourself how they would have done it because you are too engulfed in the wondrous and magical world thy has been created.
– The music used is timeless. It will always be remembered as a part of Harry's world just as clearly as the music Star Wars is still recognisable among those who haven't even seen the movies. Furthermore, it is not superficial. It sets a mood that will make you feel what the characters are feeling. From new found love to the anguish of grief and mourning and you don't even think about it. You just feel.
– The makeup artists are also part of the magic having created creatures we've never thought of in some cases and making them seems as though they always existed but we just never noticed. House elves, centaurs, goblins, etc.
– The special effects team is also responsible for many of the magical creatures such as dragons, hippogriffs, Thestrals among others.
– Steve Kloves with some guidance from JKR wrote a effortlessly flowing screen play in which comic relief is used to break up the intensity with which JKR wrote and thus took the movie to the next level of entertainment.
Anyone care to share why any of the movies listed above deserve this award more than HPDH2? I think you'd be hard pressed to argue with the evidence I have given.


You missed Melancholia, which seems to have the bigger chance now that it won the Critics Award.


The LOTR trilogy won over fifteen, i think eighteen Oscars, and the Harry potter saga has had fifteen or less nominations, and zero wins. Maybe HP7 prt 2 can bring home five or more oscars including best picture. Bridesmaides can suck it, stop raveing over that boring movie.

James MacEnfin

Harry Potter was the highest rated of any of those movies. Also it made more then any of them combined. If the Academy isn't completely bonkers, Harry Potter will win.


The fact that you even think Bridesmaids has a chance to get an Oscar nomination is hysterical. It's classified under the same genre as movies such as The Hangover. It was a terrible movie and doesn't stand a chance.

Juha Tapani

Wim Wenders: "Pina 3D", The Best Movie Of 2011.
Thank You !


I think those who made these predictions didn't actually see the movies. By far Harry Potter, Drive and Melancholia are in top 7.


Are you serious? The help? Bridesmaids? What is happening to movies?


Am I the only one who does not feel the need to see George Clooney nominated yet again? The Oscars are a bore!


The Harry Potter phenomena got millions of little kids to read 800 page books! If none of the movies were even nominated these kids will grow up and wonder why something that defined their childhoods got nothing!


Now I'm a huge HP fan, but I would hate if the academy nominated it for best picture. I know some people are expecting a LOTR vol. 2 but it's just not gonna happen. HP films are just not that good. I wish Drive would be nominated but it won't.


According to Indiewire, here are the the total number of nominations if there are 10 Best Pictures:
The Artist (11 nominations)
Hugo (11 nominations)
War Horse (9 nominations)
The Help (6 nominations)
Moneyball (6 nominations)
The Descendants (5 nominations)
The Tree of Life (4 nominations)
Bridesmaids (3 nominations)
Midnight in Paris (2 nominations)
The Ides of March (1 nomination)

If you guys are right with most categories, then there would probably be 9 Best Picture nominees and The Ides of March will not be nominated (highly unlikely to have a Best Picture nominee with no other nominations).

I wish Super 8 and HPatDHP2 were nominated as Best Picture, but they'll just have to be content with multiple technical nominations.


Okay. Let's put this to rest. Harry Potter will not be nominated. You may enjoy it, but it will not be nominated. Don't worry you'll realize it when you're older. The Descendants all the way.


Someone please tell me why Warrior is not on the top of this list?

pissed off

WOW WOW WOW. How the fuck is Harry Potter a long shot?

suresh sekharan

Undoubtedly Harry Potter deserves among the five slots for its great aspects. More over this time if we don't honor it then when?


HEY, Harry Potter was a master piece and it deserves 1000000 oscar awards because it was so great and the effects were just a dream come true SO I think that it should be 1st by the way The help, Hugo and Midnight in Paris sucked so bring the heat upppp!!!


" the artist " is head and shoulders above the rest… glad to see the hate for " bridesmaids " ..
can't believe that it is even considered. as for the commenter who suggested multiple viewings
of " the tree of life ", i would rather climb a barbed wire fence. if every film was as awful as
" tree of life " there would be no more oscars because there would be no more hollywood.


the only gud thing in the list is that there is no "Twilight" :P


Harry Potter is actually worth more than Oscar award… was an era …a worldwide phenomenon and how do u expect it to be at the last no……it deserves to be there at the top….


We need to talk about kevin should definitely be up there.


Are my friends and I (most of which are studying film) the only people who think Drive is with out a doubt the best film of the year? I really need someone to make a strong argument that it does not belong in the top 5. And why is Hanna not getting any recognition anywhere?


harry potter really deserves to be higher on the list. the quality of acting is outstanding, bridesmaids is great but in terms of acting, reaction, following and impact, the harry potter finale blows it out of the water. please recognise this!!!


Although I thoroughly enjoyed 'Bridesmaids', I don't think it's worthy for the nomination.
I'm rather disappointed that there is no mention of either 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' and 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'. Both of which are remarkable.


Warrior was definitely better than The Help, War Horse, Bridesmaids, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, yet it still isn't even a long shot…


Girl with the Draggon Tattoo should be up there. I gotta wonder how many people have actually seen it? Drive was OK, but a bit too artsy feeling I don't see it winning anything.


Midnight in paris really???? a bit of tired old romantic regurge from woody…. surely he is near the end? Visually pretty far too long and same ol my fiance doesn't understand me so I am absolved from sin of infidelity garbage


Not a mention of we need to talk about Kevin…. bit of an oversight. Tilda didnt write direct and play all the parts.

The Film Champion

A very thin year for cinema. The Descendants, Midnight in Paris and The Tree of Life were incredible, but Hugo, Moneyball and The Help were all mediocre. I look forward to seeing The Artist. Take Shelter, Hanna and Drive should get real consideration.
My film site:


Can't believe that Shame is not even considered. Does it something to do with its NC-17 rate? Then, what about No country for old men in 2007? It won four in Oscar. You guys are too generous with violence.

kiki Bacik

Best film in a long time… THE DESCENDANTS……….

A. O. Zeta

WARRIOR should be on the list as well as We Need to Talk About Kevin.



Thomas o'callaghan

HARRY POTTER!!! it deserves the nod and the award, it is genuinely the best film I've ever seen, in my life! It is the epicentre of a movement in young people and should be represented by this film getting the nod. This film IS Oscar-worthy and shouldn't be shunned for it's lack of US actors, it is rich in British acting that is refreshing in this US-dominated film industry.
Please consider Harry potter and the deathly hallows pt 2 as best film!!!

Lucille Jerome

Descendants is top choice with The Help a second. Descendants was true to life without any of the types of hollywood overkill that sometimes happens. Loved the movie and each of the characters were splendid. I got lost in the movie, forgetting it was a movie that's how good it was.

Blake e

I guess I have a hipster vagina for spelling mentioning wrong.

Blake e

Also if your motioning 50/50 Harry Twatter Bridesmaids And Hugo your probably nursing a hipster vagina and still have a facebook Acct.

Blake e

I was kind of disappointed not to see the movie "Warrior" up there! These other movies were just kind of mediocre. "Warrior" messes with your heart strings. It's seems to me people passed it off because of MMA douchery. This movie is eloquent, uplifting, and I guarentee by the end of the movie you would say Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte (post horrible mug shot) would get academy nods. The soundtrack also was done by the "National" whose deep sound and bring you to a trance like state in the final scene. Bottom line don't pass on this flick


um Bridesmaids has a SAG Best Ensemble Nomination and is in the AFI Top 10 List. If it makes Best Picture it won't be a huge shock.


Yes yes yes to Harry Potter, everyone knows the story, the film and the cast deserve this award! HP all the way!


I think harry potter certainly deserves to be nominates its one of the highest grossing films of the year and deathly hallows was well acted beautifully written and Alan Rickmans performance as severus snape was very moving and i realy think they all deserve some oscar recognition and i think it would be disgusting if they were not.


Bridesmaids is a long shot not Harry Potter. If Academy nominates Bridesmaids then they will lose their creditability

declan more

If there is one movie that conveys a profoundly important message and leads you into a completely new dimension of psychology of man, and provides you with a new philosohical persepective and an alternative view of Life in a human and biological sense of the word; a truly perfect movie that rightfully and thoroughly deserves to receive the best picture Oscar, it is "Melancholia".


Harry Potter deserves it. It was incredible, even if it was the eighth sequel. Brilliant movie. Brilliant effects. Brilliant screenplay. Brilliant reviews and reactions. I really do hope the Academy finally adds Harry Potter to it's list after ten years! War horse and the artist too!


Why isn't Warrior in the running for best picture??? It's one of the best movies of 2011 and deserves an Oscar.


As much as I love George Clooney, Take Shelter was about 10x the movie that The Descendants was. I won't even bother to mention how The Help compares… For me, Take Shelter was the best movie (and had the best acting) I've seen this year, and perhaps even in the last couple of years.


Bridesmaids doesn't have a chance. Drive should take the number 9 spot and something else should be 10


moneyball should NOT be nominated for best picture. bradd pitt SHOULD be nominated for best supp. actor for tree of life though, but NOT best actor. it's this years the blind side. tinker tailor deserves NOM for best picture, director, score, screenplay, and should win for ART DIRECTION, COSTUME DESIGN, MAKEUP, and cinematography (if tree of life loses)


Ok seriously. Harry potter deserves a nomination. Though it wouldn't win it SHOULD be nominated. I mean come on. It got better overall ratings than a lot I those movies. I dont care if it wasnt absolutely perfect, it gave off so much suspense and emotion making it overall so visually appealing. And if I must say I was a fan of the help novel but I found the movie rather boring and lengthy and similar to other movies already made dealing with the same universal theme. My top picks would be Harry potter war horse the descendants Hugo and the girl with the dragon tattoo . The academy can get to wrapped up on classic type movies sometimes and leave out ones that deserve a nomination. Which is also why the artist is nominated. I want to see it out of curiosity but it really is just redoing something that was already done.


It has been a horrorable year for movies. The last one i say in a theatre was Harry potter 7 pt2 and it was by far the best movie of the year. It has a powerfull screenplay adapted for a film and a great ending for the series. I'de for HP 7 pt2 to do a Return of the king, getting praised as a finished work, but it will most likely be nominated only for best costume, sound, and visual effects. But why do we care what film gets the best picture award? We all know that HP7 pt2 is the best movie of the year, and the last final destination movie was a lot funnier than bridesmaids. Only a jackass will remember bridesmaids five years from now, and ask what was i thinking?


The Tree of Life should at least merit a nomination. It is the most artistically refreshing and spiritual film of the year (by far). It may not rub Hollywood fans the right way, but one can only hope the academy will recognize the brilliance in the film. If you don't believe me, watch it more than once; first you will begin to "get it." you will get something much different out of it the second, third, etc. times. None of the movie that are ranked above it are as visually striking, thematically challenging, or generally crafted as well as The Tree of Life. I realize that many are thrown off by the many unconventional aspects of this film, but it is a piece of art which challenges the conventional narrative structure and norms of filmmaking. I realize that the academy has the tendency to not recognize art films as Best Picture Winners, but if the academy has any respect for the art of cinema, they will choose this landmark film as the winner. But seriously, War Horse?


We all know that the Oscars is a joke, they will always pick drama over fantasy films. I got to say kid and fantasy films are way better then these sappy movies. Harry Potter is not going to win for one these old farts of the Oscars don't care about the movie even though it was the best reviewed movie of 2011, they will always pick drama over fantasy first. The Muppets of course wasn't mention, again a kid film. It's funny that the Help is in the top 5 which they got a 76% on rotten tomatoes and Harry Potter has a well score of 96%. The Oscar members will just over look Harry Potter and other films that have a great scores then list that I see, but the the Artist is a strong frontrunner to take the best picture gold.

MAtthew Roswall

Water for Elephants I think is the best movie I have seen all year! NO movie has made me really just applause it except Water for Elephant. The book and the movie are both just great!


Bridesmaids before Drive and Dragon Tattoo? Are you fuckin' retarded? I dont even know why i'm reading this you guys have lost all merit.


did anyone see The Way?reviews were sparse.


wow cant believe 50/50 isn't mentioned at all.


Drive should be nominated and you know it.

Steven K

For feck's sake, how clueless can some of you "experts" be? Midnight in Paris is set in stone, and has been since its release. Academy members have adored it form the get-go.


You have Bridesmaids listed before Drive? Are you crazy? One of the most overrated movies of the year above one other most unappreciated movies of the year… and you write for Indiewire?


The only reason why Harry Potter 8 wasn't nominated for Best Picture at those state critic awards, BFCA awards, Golden Globe Awards, Satellite Awards, and maybe even the Oscars is because it's a sequel and had $250 million in it's budget.

Edward Copeland

Granted, I haven't been able to see the majority of films in contention, but I'll give them the benefit of the dobut that ANY of them stands a better chance of getting into a best picture category with any number of nominees than the execrable Bridesmaids. The sole redeeming quality of that overlong turd is Melissa McCarthy and she might make it into supporting actress, but the film as picture? If that happened, it means BFCA will end up having more credibility than the Oscars.




WARRIOR it shall be!


Based on Critics Reviews, this would be the list:
The Artist-97%
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2-96%
Midnight in Paris-93%
The Descendants-89%
The Ides of March-86%
The Tree of Life-85%
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy-85%
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-85%
The Help-76%
War Horse-76%
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close-49%-Why is this movie hyped with so much certainty? The reviews are horrible and the movie itself feels like it never got beyonf the "Let's make an Oscar winner"


War Horse was a huge disappointment.


hugo. nuff sed.


Drive. Enough said. Big names mean more today than ever though and Nicolas Winding Refn is not famous enough. In 20 years, when film critics look back, it will easily stand above any other movie from this year.

War Horse

War Horse for sure…


Extremely Loud can now be moved off of this list after the bad reviews. What people don't understand is that it's not about what THEY WANT to get nominated.


Melancholia? One day? Two absolutely wonderful films, especially Melancholia!

charlene F.

War horse is the most moving, best movie I have ever seen. That horse deserves a special oscar!!!!!


Take Shelter was easily one of the 5 best films of the year. Also; 'We Need to Talk About Kevin', 'Melancholia', 'Shame' and 'A Separation' are strangely absent from this list while the annual red-state pandering, white people and black people, hooray for stereotypes film (see "The Blind Side"), "The Help" is somehow at number 4.


what about Pariah? J. Edgar was an awful movie Harry–I get that he was gay. I don't think the audience needed to be hit over the head with it. This one facet of his life should not have been the focus of this potentially powerful movie. This was a waste of Leo's time tbh.


Bridesmaids? Seriously?


I'm wondering why J. Edgar isn't even considered at this point to be in the top 10, it was such a good movie in my opinion.

Laura R

War Horse will win.

August Andrews

personally i think harry potter and moneyball should switch places. Even though i'm from oakland it was really hard to sit through moneyball and harry potter was one of the best films of this year.

Tom A

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is NOT going to be extremely close to getting a nomination in this (or, likely, any other) category.

Mario Roman

Ridicule Ridicule Ridicule……. This list it totally ridicule!!! You got Bridesmade and Midnight in Paris! What a bout Devil's Double and Warrior?


Even though Warrior is kind of like Rocky and The Fighter combined, if the film was well done, it should get a whole lot more credit than this.

A. O. Zeta

I've already seen 6 out of the 15 on the list. I'm a Harry Potter fan yet I think the movie is indeed a long shot for the Best Picture. Maybe it could bag a nomination for visual effects, costume design, and art direction. On the list's top 5, I've only seen The Help and Midnight in Paris. Midnight in Paris should rank lower than Drive, The Tree of Life, and The Ides of March. Seriously, you guys should consider Like Crazy, Another Earth, We Need to Talk About Kevin, and Warrior.


HP all the way,amazing film amazing story amazing crew!


Um…Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is TEN TIMES more artistically crafted and beautiful than The Descendants. The story is heart wrenching and witty and deserves to be in the top 3 slots at least


Yikes! Did none of u fools see Von treirs magnificent movie?????


SHAME should be there


ummm. Harry Potter was amazing. Way better than some of these movies… even twilight


The jury is out until I view all nominees; however, I cannot refrain from commenting on "The Tree of Life" – and its less than lucid following. No doubt the cinematography is striking, breathtaking and pioneering, but the lengthy, and mind-numbing attempt to sew together a spiritual brow-beating with evolutionary visuals spanning geologic time leave much to be desired. I don't mind wetting my feet in the occasional delusion – but reading the nauseous praise of longtime film critics as they fall to their knees in some idiotic fervour – well, let's just it questions the very credentials they so often tout over their flock. Again – superb performances when taken within the microcosm of their context, brilliant cinematography – but as a worthy contender for the top 8 – one has to agree with the above. It just doesn't cut it.


where is (water for elephants)


Drive should be nomianted, one of the best movies i've seen this year


Deathly Hallows Part 2 should have at least this nomination. Excellent movie.


Academy would be blind to overlook Warrior


Some good movies there… I certainly miss Warrior though and personally I hope that Drive is way up higher!


As of today, neither Black Horse nor ELIC will get nominated, possibly at all in the major categories. I then predict either the tree of life or drive will get a nod. Even TGWTDT has a really good chance.


As much as I love the Twilight series, and im sure the actors would agree, those films arent the kind of film that The Academy pays attention to. I mean MAYBE for visual effects, but HIGHLY doubtful… I LOVED Water For Elephants and it might get attention for Art Direction/Set Decoration but acting not so much






where is TWILIGHT ??????????LMFAO,…….


These lists aren't Peter's personal feelings, he's going off what he expects to be nominated. I think he's pretty close on all accounts. But I'm in the same boat as most of you, I want all the DRIVE I can get at the Oscars


OBVIOUSLY twilight…


No mention of red tails… interesting



a. o. zeta

The list looks good, but I think you guys should consider Like Crazy, Another Earth, and Warrior.


You are making a fool of yourself for blindly ignoring Refn (Drive) for best director.

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