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A Future Of Film (And My Fave Film Of 2010)

A Future Of Film (And My Fave Film Of 2010)

What can we do together?  How can we collaborate better?  What sort of value can we add to a film?  STAR WARS UNCUT: The Director's Cut answers these questions.  It is an entirely crowdsourced film and a total revelation.  Watch it with the entire family and try to get through it without wanting to create something yourself.  Watch it and create.

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I don't get it, why would I want to watch this?

Roger G.

Zzzzz. Shoot me now.

Jerry Lentz

I watched this the other day after posting it on Facebook and I must say, I honestly had one of those "first time I saw Jean-Luc Godard, Maya Deren, or Jordan Belson" moments! It was like, "What does one need to communicate an idea?" "Do I even need a girl and a gun?" "Can the gun be plastic or can it be a drawing of a gun?" "Can the girl be a guy dressed as a girl?" Can the girl be a Barbie doll?" I loved it and have shared it with many of my friends, but only the artists of my friends seemed to get it.

Bob Fingerman

I'll find the time to watch the whole thing, but what I watched was terrific. Great fun.

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