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ABC Greenlights Pilot Episode For 4th Shonda Rhimes Series “Gilded Lilly” (Drama Set In 1895 Luxury Hotel)

ABC Greenlights Pilot Episode For 4th Shonda Rhimes Series "Gilded Lilly" (Drama Set In 1895 Luxury Hotel)

First announced back in August 2011 as a potential 4th ABC/Shonda Rhimes… an update…

ABC has reportedly given the green light to a pilot episode of Gilded Lilly, a period drama set in 1895, revolving around the family who owned New York’s first true luxury hotel, the staff who work there and the people who pass through

The project is written by K.J. Steinberg (Gossip Girl, State of Mind, The Nine) with Rhimes and her Shondaland production company partner Betsy Beers (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice) on board as nonwriting executive producers.

Rhimes has already launched three series for the network (2 proven successful and a third debuting in April) – medical dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, and legal drama Scandal.

No word yet on when ABC is looking to debut.

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Sounds interesting. Was reminded as well of Downton Abbey or something akin to it, with it being a period piece and all. And at that point in history; turn of the century; beginning of the modern age? Could be a successful show so yeah, will check it out.


@ Jug, Zeus, and Sandra
I think in your rush to defend Rhimes, you miss the main point of her critics. It's not that her casts aren't multi-racial, because it's clear that they are. The criticism, I think, is that her shows, like every other show on TV, are still primarily about white people. The leads are all white with the Black cast members playing supporting roles. How is that different from any other white show on the air? As good as House of Lies looks, it still maintains that formula that has been in place since the Eddie Murphy/Whoopi Goldberg vehicles of the mid 80's: Black lead with a mostly white cast and ALL white creative team.
Comparing these shows to Cosby and A Different World is inaccurate and does a disservice to the struggles Cosby went through to get these shows on the air without compromising the cast/crew makeup. What Rhimes is doing is great for Rhimes and good for the Blacks she casts, but let's stop pretending like she's knocking down doors.


Good for her. I respect the fact that she doesn't follow some bullshit racial quota. Why? She could make five all black shows and the networks still won't change their "whitewash to be a success" belief. Just like "The Cosby Show" didn't change the white wash trend. To put that on Shonda's shoulders is naive and a pipe dream. plus it's just a reason for folk to bitch. Fuck a quota. Make quality art.


I don't think any showrunner has EVER employed such a diverse as Shonda. Yes, the people of color play key roles. Having said that, Private Practice is the ADDISON show and Grey's Anatomy is the MERDER show. I wonder if Shonda could create a predominately black (1 or 2 white people) or full black show if she wanted to…That is a burning question for me. That's when I'll know she has POWER.


Hollywhite "still" nippin at the edges of slavery and using "her" to crochet a quilt of white guilt.


I wonder if there will be any one of color in this one.


Looks like ABC is searching for their own Downton Abbey. Please be good…..

Ty Lattimore

Actually she already had a third series…Off the Map, which was cancelled. But I love Grey's and Private Practice.


you couldn't have found a better picture of her??? lololol….

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