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All Your Distribution Options In One Image

All Your Distribution Options In One Image

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?  I mean that is why movies have so much impact, right?  2011 did seem like the year that data visualization went mainstream.  I know I understand and I remember things much better when an imagistic way of expressing things is found.  I was very excited to receive this chart from James Franklin.  It’s pretty complete.  Click through to download the chart, and let us know if you have ways to improve it though. 

James Franklin is the creator of Moviesparx, the founder of Pixeco and Creative Director at the Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation. Over the last 7 years he’s worked on the marketing for over 100 high profile films and has created a web based tool to make the whole process easier, it’s called Moviesparx.
Twitter: @jamesfranklin

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eliane guimaraes

James, thanks for this amazing tool!!!!!!

Bud Anderson

How about a poster?????
I'd buy one.

Orly Ravid

This is fun, James! thanks. I wish I played darts, I'd use it for that too :-)
Great reconnecting with you recently and looking forward to working together. Cheers and Happy new year!

Ron Merk

Would love to get a high res graphic of this image and make a poster for my office. Where could I get one? Is there a key to solving this mystery of where to start first?

Kevin Tostado

Great chart, James! Perhaps Airline TV could also read "Military & Cruise" as well as those are distribution options are generally lumped together and are both free to air options?

David Larkin

Whew. That's why we built

Pratibha Parmar

Great chart James. Ditto Ron above. Would love a poster size version for easier reference. cheers.

alphonse ronel

i need a dessalines movie or haiti independence day movie

Christopher F. Smith

Wow! This kicks ass! Would love to hang this.

Quick request: Fix the typo in 'agregator'? Sorry – it'll drive me nut if I look at this a lot.

Susan Albershardt

Great chart! I, too, would love a hi-res version when it's available. There are a few revisions I'd make.

1. Under Television, add coaxial cable, fiber optics and game consoles. Cable and satellite are actually Pay TV. Premium TV should be added, which includes HBO/Showtime, etc. Terrestrial TV is actually called Broadcast TV or Free TV as it comes over the airwaves.
2. Under Internet, add game consoles. Add a branded Website as an example in each category. I'm not sure how DRM is a distribution option, it's an encryption technology that can be applied to physical and digital media, as well as hardware.
3. Under Physical, add Kiosks (e.g., Netflix)
4. Add another section called Ancillary Revenue and place Merchandise under this, as opposed to Physical. To ancillary revenue, also add video games, hotel/motel, in flight, non-theatrical (prisons, cruise ships, college film night, etc.). Toys should be added to merchandise.

Just my 2 cents.

Meyer Shwarzstein

Sorry to be a nitpicker, but I disagree with this approach because is mixes technology with marketing. For example, YouTube can be used as a VOD platform – but is streamed. To watch VOD on DirecTV, you need to download a movie thru Internet Protocol.

I maintain that there are only four ways to sell movies (not including ancillary rights such as merchandising.

1) For sale – this includes DVD and other recordable formats, downloads, ultraviolet, and cloud-based lockboxes.
2) For rent – this includes theatrical, DVD rental, transactional VOD, airlines, hotels
3) For free – this includes all ad-supported platforms, including basic cable, network TV, Hulu (not Hulu plus), YouTube (non-transactional), and, one may argue, sponsored screenings for which there is no charge
4) On a subscription basis – Netflix, HBO, Showtime, EPIX, Starz, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, etc.

I don't think HOW something is distributed matters. Only how it's marketed.



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