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Brazilian Martial Arts/Capoeira Actioner “Besouro” Will Screen At Pan African Film Festival In LA In February

Brazilian Martial Arts/Capoeira Actioner "Besouro" Will Screen At Pan African Film Festival In LA In February

Besouro was a Shadow And Act Film Find feature in 2009, with a trailer that thrilled just about everyone who saw it – or at least, peaked interest. So, we’ve been on this one for awhile now, alerting you to any and all opportunities to see the film, which never received a stateside release, aside from festival screenings here and there; and you’ve had a few opportunities to watch it over the last 2+ years.

Long-time readers should be familiar enough with it, given the number of times I’ve talked about and plugged it.

I’ve seen Besouro twice, first on my computer screen; the second time in a theater, where it’s best seen, and I thoroughly enjoyed it on both occasions, and strongly recommend it.

And if you live in LA, or plan to attend the Pan African Film Festival, you should know that the film will screen there twice – first on Sunday February 12 at 8:25pm; and again on Tuesday February 14 at 10:15pm.

If you need a reminder… the story goes… As essentially an action movie set in 1920s Bahia, and based on the life of a legendary capoeirista from Bahia who uses the power of Candomble to fight the harsh conditions which, even post-abolition, the black population endured in Brazil, Besouro tells the fantastic and fantastical story of a young Afro-Brazilian man who became a symbol throughout all of Bahia for his bravery and loyalty, in defending the persecuted and oppressed.

João Daniel Tikhomiroff, directed what is/was one of Brazil’s biggest productions ever!

Huan-Chiu Ku who directed the fight sequences in films like Kill Bill and The Matrix, does the same here, as the film features spectacular stunt sequences, with a soundtrack that includes Gilberto Gil.

So, here’s your chance to see it as it’s meant to be seen – on the big screen!

Watch the thrilling trailer below if you’re not already familiar:

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Agreed with the comments below, it was great to see African gods depicted on screen, first time as far as I'm aware of. We've seen many action films based off Greek mythology (300, Immortals etc).. I'd definitley go for more historic, pre-colonial set African action flicks..


I saw it! I saw it!
Excellent film! Brilliantly done. I also think the narrative could have been better.
Also, this is based on a true story. I always support these types more than any other.

other song

this movie is such a step in the right direction it's not even funny. Cats are on here talking about supporting Tyler Perry because "he's just another black man getting his guap", meanwhile THIS kind of stuff will actually dignify us on some level while providing a cool story/action to match. I personally think the narrative in this film could have been better, but it's a great baby step.

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