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Cast of ‘Red Tails’ Covers Ebony Mag’s February Issue

Cast of 'Red Tails' Covers Ebony Mag's February Issue

The dashing cast of George Lucas' Red Tails can soon be found at a magazine stand near you. The film's stars grace the double cover of EBONY Magazine's February "Black Love" issue. See the full images after the jump.

Red Tails hits screens on January 20th.

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just wondering about the black love…are there any african american actresses in this movie, I see the storyline for the italian love interest of one of the main characters, really??? Black director, black actors, production, we are still nonexsistent as black women, even in a movie of this magnitude. we have a real life black love story playing out in the white house!!! we still can't seem to get a black man and a black woman together on the big screen, that would be asking too much. i am happily married, 14 years, to a most wonderful, intelligent, handsom, witty, strong…the list goes on…black man. i wish i could see our true positive black love reflected in mainstream media, we do exist!!!


I hope this movie flops. Judging by trailers its just another film showing ignorant and uneducated blacks. If i were the True Tuskegee Airmen I'd be pissed if this is how were being portrayed. These guys were heroes, however, from what I've seen it just makes them look stupid and uneducated. Judging by every kid in black society, the more dumb, ignorant, and stupid you sound/talk the cooler you are? You people need to get a grip on reality and start speaking ENGLISH.


It's amazing how some people here can complain that this not a good movie but will probably see the terrible Mission Impossible films over and over again. Yes, I've seen them and each one is boring, with bland dialect and are mediocre. But I will also pay to see Red Tails because it is a black film by a major studio – something with its subject matter practically unheard of. Maybe because it is action-packed, teenagers of all races will flock to theaters and see it. I hope they rave about the black heroes in the film and can see black men and their families as something other than always being in trouble, down-n-and-out and looking for help.


I will watch. I like the idea of supporting young up and coming Black actors, directors, plus the airmen themselves who supported this project. Plus, I might get another aspect of the Tuskegee Airmen that tells me something new I didn't know before. If Hollywood can make room for about 80 movie versions of Jane Austen stories there's room for the Tuskeegee Airmen. Thank you, George Lucas!


For their last "meal" the Crimson Tide chose RED TAILS. Seriously, I couldn't believe my ears. I was watching a SportsCenter Special on the upcoming College Football Championship game (Monday Night) and it was announced that the Alabama football team will watch the movie Red Tails before they turn in tonight. Wow! That's very interesting. I wonder who called that shot and what was the motivation?


ACCIDENTAL VISITOR HAS LAID DOWN THE LAW!!! I mean, the man has made some very valid points. But, let me move in and quickly move out because I am more than sure that BONDGIRL WILL be back to defend her position. First, I have to address the most ridiculous comment that hit the board… and it did not come from AC's mouth… it was a silly statement by GHOST. He said: "Well if you change the gender of the cast and writer-you will see them [The NAACP] support it. Their silence proves that they will not support anything a black man does to show black men in a good light. And they wonder why they have trouble getting members". Okay, lets move forward. I mean, that's too foolish of a statement to spend anymore time digesting it's ridiculousness. Seriously, they, the NAACP does not support black men??? Yeah, right. Anyway, moving on to Accidental Visitor's emotional comment, I have to give him props. He laid some sh*t on the line that many are afraid to talk about. One being, when we make racial remarks, we are seldom called on it. Now, on another note, on a personal note, as I said before, I refuse to buy into the hype that the success, or failure of this film will in any way be used as a yard stick (gage) for those who fund or have a hand in the development of future black films. There are far to many variable – aside from this being a "black" film with a "black" cast – that goes into the decision making process. More importantly, this film alone could flop because of many of the factors (complaints) of the previous commentors. Think about that for just one second. First, it's a period piece about black airmen. Okay, regardless of the significance those airmen played in the history of America, it's a fact that many people have "heard" the story, and consequently are in no hurry to see it again. Plus, it's an "action" movie. Many are not into action flicks. And lord knows a movie can flop because of poor acting and poor directing. Now, even though it may not be wise to judge an actor's worth based solely on who he or she dates, loves or snuggles with, it's a fact that people do make decisions based on those parameters and what an actor does off the screen (See, Kim Kardashin and the Tyler Perry backlash). Now, reference the "same" story being told several times, I believe the comparisons that have been presented does not speak to a movie like the Tuskegee Airman. It's a historical drama, not batman or any other work of fiction. Consequently, the story remains the same… over and over and over again. It loses it's excitement and anticipation value. In short, I am failing to see the draw of this movie and why some folks believe it's success holds the fate of future black projects.


A few things-

Complaints about why is this beign done again? I hope some of you have that say statement to say when the new Spider-Man film comes out retelling his origin again. what abut Batman? Superman? Fantastic Four? Iron Man? Captain America? Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and so on.

These stories are done again because they are profitable and allows people to get interested in the subject matter. It's one thing to do a documentary about the Airmen-however how many of our kids are going to look at? SERIOUSLY. How many kids think Rosa Parks is a rap song by Outkast?

What you will see in this film is APPROVED by the Airmen that are still alive. Lucas told them-you put what YOU want in this film. The ones here in Dallas helped in this film. Lucas wanted to do this since 1988. Where is Tyler? Oprah? Steve Harvey? Oh yeah they want nothing to do with this film because it isn't about black women getting done wrong by a DARK skinned black man.

Why is this film being successful important? Other studios are watching. How this film does might determine if we see a Garrett Morgan or CJ Walker film in the future. Or a Static Shock ,Black Panther, Luke Cage, John Stewart-Green Lantern or Miles Morales as Spider-Man films.

The cast-okay for those complaining-did you do that when TI and Chris Brown were in Takers? A 7 time felon and woman beater? What about nonhaving black husbands-Alfie Woodard, Zoe Saldana, Essence Atkins or Tamara Mowery (one of them has a white husband)?

As why some of these guys were cast over others-how many guys that wanted were not available? CSI guys can't do the show and movies according to thier contracts. Some of the ones I'm thinking of all had some project going on last year and couldn't do the film.

Could it be the hate for the cast is due to most of them being more well know for doing white tv shows and movies than black? Inlcuding Trisitan and Michael-whose most recent work includes 90120, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood and a new film Michael has coming out next month? Most folks known Ne-Yo from CSI and Battlefield (whatever its called). Method Man does tons of indy and is known to comic geeks for his graphic novel years back. Elijah Kelly for Gigantic on Teen nick. Guys that aren't cooning and clowing for attention like some folks I could name.

Or hate for Aaron McGruder-one of the writers since he "insulted" BET and Tyler Perry on the Boondocks? Or John Ridley-who comic geeks know from his comic-American Way or writer on Static Shock and Three Kings.

"I'll be more pissed (but not surprised) if the NAACP doesn't promote and pimp this film like "The Help." Still very quiet on their end despite there being more black behind the scenes involvement on Red Tails."

Well if you change the gender of the cast and writer-you will see them support it. Thier silence proves that they will not support anything a black man does to show black men in a good light. And they wonder why they have trouble getting members.


Insane. There are people on this website who have some serious issues. Serious. These folks like to make charges about others but don't bother to look in the mirror to see how screwed up, hypocritical and just plain bat shit that they are.

First of all the complaint that this story has already been told is ludicrous. In an era of remake hysteria in Hollywood, what does that matter anyway? Besides the same stories centering around real life white people or events that affected primarily white people get told and retold and retold again and again, always updating the story for new viewers and old viewers alike. For goodness sakes we got two feature films about Truman Capote that came out over a two or three year span. The Tuskegee airmen aren't worth one single feature film just because there was some cable version that appeared almost twenty years before? Really? Most importantly that one film about the Tuskegee airmen was a TV film, and a relatively cheap (inexpensive) one at that, a film most people never saw or never heard of in the first place. Lucas had an idea, a passion, to do a film about the Red Tail squadron long before that HBO flick made its debut. Granted it took him forever to get around to it but he finally got around to doing this project and did so with his own money. I know. How dare he not use his funds to make a movie about Madam CJ Walker or a black female version of a League of Their Own, but not everyone is perfect. These complaints are similar to the ones thrown around here by the some of the same folks when word was coming down that the FIRST major motion pictures about Martin Luther King Jr were in development. What I recall reading was a bunch of posters dismissing such projects because they already knew about MLK and have seen documentaries. Ridiculous. We are talking about MLK Jr, arguably one of the five most important Americans. If anything his story (as well as other civil rights stories) are way overdue on the big screen. But we are unhappy because we don't want a story about a man who is already well-known. You can't find that sort of inane reasoning on sites dominated by white folks. I understand some white people may not be thrilled of the idea of Spielberg doing a film about Abraham Lincoln, but none I recall were upset because he was already a very well known figure of American history. No, you have to read such wacko nonsense on a site dedicated to black films. Amazing.

Worst of all even more disturbing is the notion that the movie shouldn't be supported because of certain actors in the film. A poster here suggests Howard and Gooding should not have been in the movie and blatantly claims they shouldn't have even been on the cover of Ebony magazine because they are "despised by black women". Does this poster think she speaks for all black women? If somehow she does then please explain what did Howard or Gooding do to deserve such hatred from that group. I don't recall either of them ever making any negative comments specifically directed at black women. So all that is left is their decision to marry non-black women. As I wrote before that is a sick, prejudicial and racist view. But I expect that from certain posters by this point. The disappointing thing is that other posters here don't call them out on their intolerance. I've seen racist remarks made by white posters attacked by fellow white people on other sites who don't want any point of that nonsense. Here on S&A we tend to let it slide and that diminishes this great site in my opinion. If Howard and Gooding are indeed despised by many black women because of the race of their spouses (former or otherwise) that says something terrible and insecure about those women, not Howard and Gooding. Heck, would those same women prefer Gooding or say Chris Brown? Last time I check Gooding didn't have a black girlfriend he smacked around, but I guess Brown would be looked upon more favorably by this group because at least he is dating sistas, huh? Brilliant.

By the way just because Howard and Gooding are on the cover does not mean that they are supposed to represent the "black love" aspect of the Ebony issue. Instead they are part of a group shot that has NOTHING to do with that topic and everything instead with the contents of the mag that deal with the movie "Red Tails". To argue that those guys had no right to be on the cover and that perhaps someone at Ebony should lose their job because the words "black love" happen to share the same space with those men is a sign of pure, unfiltered madness.

Last of all are the same people making those arguments at least consistent enough to hold black actresses to the same absurd, racist standards when they choose a mate outside their race? Because if not they are hypocrites. A big chunk of our the most in-demand and well-known black actresses have husbands, boyfriends, fiances, etc who aren't black either. It'd be kind of hard at this point to put together any prominent cast in a black film if all the blacks in front of the camera had to pass some sort of racial loyalty/purity test. But why would any rational thinking black viewer demand such a thing in the first place? I don't begrudge anyone who doesn't want to see the film because they are not personally interested in it or because they don't like the story focusing on action or because they end up reading negative reviews. But to say Lucas shouldn't have made the film, even though it was with his own money, is arrogant. And to not support it because some of the actors dared to step across the color lines in their personal lives is simply pathetic.


First as for the "Black Love" non-issue, Ebony does that every February – because of Valentine's Day. If you were a regular subscriber, you'd know that. Second, the most recent trailer of the film doesn't look quite as mediocre as the others. I'd watch it. I'll be more pissed (but not surprised) if the NAACP doesn't promote and pimp this film like "The Help." Still very quiet on their end despite there being more black behind the scenes involvement on Red Tails. I guess George Lucas hasn't bribed them yet. A good film for pre-teens and teens.


HURRY!!! LOOK MOM, THERE'S BLACK MEN ON TV! Okay, those days are long gone so exactly why should we be excited about this film? I'm just saying, I didn't buy into the hype,pleading, arm twisting, begging and suggestions that we as black folks have to support a movie with such a large budget (90 million?) and black cast, or we're doomed for ever more. Nope, I didn't buy into that pimp slap of nonsense. However, I looked at this with an open mind. You know, I didn't make a judgment call until after I saw a few clips. I mean, I based my decision on rather or not I would rush out to see this based on my usual set of key ingredients that spike my pleasure zone. That be… the actors, the director and the genre. So, after seeing a few promos their stock crashed. Lets face it, although some of the actors have accomplished great things in the past, this group is struggling to get a C+. Seriously… and their over the top "look mom, I'm acting" left me shaking my head. From what I saw, none of these guy wore the persona of a serious combat soldier. They looked like corny fakes in costume wardrobes. In my opinion this movie is suited for the CRASH-BASH-BOOM-POW crowd, not those who like getting lost in serious well acted drama. I'll watch it when it comes to DVD.


Is that all we do is complain. Depressing and sad. This film is going to be big.


I will not watch this film, cannot stand Terrance Howard, but I'm sure it will do well, since men are craving a film where planes fly in the air and there's guns and things being shot lol.


Black love? These dudes all look mad as hell! Plus, isn't Black Love the whole purpose of the magazine anyway? Why do they need a special Black Love issue? Oh, I remember, because their other 11 issues all feature man slandering!

How they got the cover is beyond a mystery with all the Black-male hating that goes on inside the pages of that rag. Next month it'll be back to the old "Why Sistas Aren't Getting Married" bull ish all over again. SMH


Yes Duncan too many singers and rappers. Its getting old. I can't tell the difference.
Cuba Gooding looks like he's just had a wisdom tooth removed.So this issue is billed as the "black love" issue .I hope they included the pictures of the wives and girlfriends for us to see.

Duncan Manutz

Nice…but I refuse to support Any Film that cast a Rapper over an Actor. How does this happen, did they run out of Black actors ? If 85% of casting for white films came from Pop Stars, how long would it take for Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck & Tom Cruise to hold a press conference to bring attention the situation. But black folks just keep buying into it and supporting it.

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