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Charlize Theron Doesn’t Understand What’s Viola Davis’ Problem

Charlize Theron Doesn't Understand What's Viola Davis' Problem

I confess that originally I was going to call this post “Charlize Theron is a dingbat” but why make the obvious so…obvious?

Below is a brief segment of a recent roundtable discussion with a few of the most prominent actors working today: George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender, Viola Davis and Theron. Towards the beginning Davis talks about the struggles being a middle aged black actress trying to survive in the business and that even Halle Berry finds it hard as well.

This evidently stuns Theron who can’t understand why Davis finds it hard, for black actress such as herself, to find work because she’s as “hot as shit” 

Now remember we talking about Charlize Theron here. Someone who most likely can’t pass a mirror without staring at herself for hours.

The same actress who been cast as the “hot chick” in most of the films she’s been in. The same actress who had to gain weight and ugly herself up in Monster so that she could be taken seriously as an actress.

And oh yes, the same person who was once infamously photographed smoking weed through an apple bong, So maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was high

Then again maybe she’s just a dingbat

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Zack, but that’s not what Viola was talking about. She was talking about how hard it is for dark skinned black actresses to get roles in Hwood and even light skinned actresses like Halle are having a hard time. She is not talking about self esteem, but beauty standards and Theron should have just stayed quiet and listened to this woman’s experience and that of many other BW instead of derailing the topic. George Clooney for that matter to down playing race and colorism etc. Kudos for Fassbender for trying to get back to her POV


You sound just as delusional as Charlize the reason she
She doesn't understand why viola is going through because she doesn't have to go
Through it !! This isn't pity shit this is racist Hollywood the only time you see a black women
Viola colors if you are a house maid which she was playing !! When everyone really first notice her the only black women who is honored as sexy is Halle berry and she is half white when was the last time you saw a black women in lead in a block buster movie exactly not going work when you are black is real even Denzel Washington talks about how it is harder for black women if u don't look like Halle berry so cut the crap thinking that we are all equal it's bull shit Charlize is a tall blonde beautiful or course she doesn't understand Hollywood loves blondes just because we aren't in the 50s doesn't mean there still isn't racism open your eyes look at the cover of magazines all you see are white women why do you they create ethic magazines for African Americans and Hispanics because mainstream media doesn't pertain to them


Yeah, As a journalist you should know better. She's by far not the ding bat here. Or the shallow one. All that she has done for her nation of South Africa. She sees the world much more different then you. Her world in blind of color.


and while you all are here calling her a dingbat and acting like YOU'RE so much deeper, she's using her downtime to something IMPORTANT in the world, that shows DEPTH. Real depth is not just in TALKING, and bitching and moaning online. It is in ACTION. She takes the time with this cause below, can you say the same? It is a cause that helps BLACK WOMEN, and CHILDREN. What do you do to help black women and children? Call a white woman a DINGBAT. Yes, that is the way to BRING REAL CHANGE. Give me a break. But don't give me a break, give a dollar to either the cause below, or any other cause that helps black women and people. Have a nice day.


If you had paid any attention to any Charlize interviews, instead of dismissing HER based on HER appearance, you'd already know she's a very intelligent actress and woman who is anything BUT a dingbat. But hey, being a dingbat hasn't stopped you from being able to write blogs. See? Not everyone gets discriminated against.


Hmm. George and Viola were in Solaris together…they should work together again on something else. Also, in regards to the topic at hand, I agree with what Cynthia said.

ojie king

And Charlize was just being supportive to be honest, she doesn't need all this backlash.

ojie king

Firstly, Charlize was making a valid point. Viola is a hot as shit for her age. Plus the whole " cant pass a mirror without staring at herself for hours" is a little offensive SERGIO dont you think? Shouldn't this be objective journalism not taking sides? The truth is we have heard Viola say the whole "im a black actress, i dont get work" thing over and over again and i think she should quit it to be honest because is she is hot as shit and now she is in a position to be able to make work for herself, so if she cant get work, she should make it herself, it is becoming a pity party now. I still live Viol and wish her well at the oscars.


I would have been the first to jump on the fact that Theron's* is just being a white South African (remember I grew up there); but in this case she's being clueless.


Race baiting for hits is very disingenuous, esp when there is a lot of real stuff going on.

S. B. Moseley

I am feeling you LEONRAYMOND. She was not wrong in what she had said (she was dead on), she just did not understand the context in which Viola Davis was speaking. Unfortunately there is a disparity in what is looked upon as beautiful and sexy. This comes from no fault of the masses, but of a simple few. As much as I love Denzel Washington and most of the films that he has displayed his talent in. I don't want Hollywood telling me that he is the sexiest black man ( I. E. Man Period) on the planet. I will decide that for myself as the voyeur. When it comes to women the standard is totally different. It depends on their age, how well their body is holding up and the color of their skin (Male or Female). This has to stop. Are they talented, do you enjoy their performances, are they appealing to you? This is all that should matter. Just like they view white males. It does not matter if a white male is old, fat, balding, if he is a great actor they will put him in a film with the hottest actress smoking and make him her love interest. When in reality, we know the deal, if that character doesn't have money (LMAO); that is not happening. I'm coming people just wait. i can can go on all day with this.


Naw, no way, it was not a put down of Viola in any way, Theron was commenting on Viola being so hot as a talent, so damn good in every role that she was saying to every one else get a grip, if you don't see it we do, Viola is hot, she put it out there, as if it was common knowledge, like no skin off our noses, Viola should all ways be here in this talented group cause that's what she said and her body lingo stated, no way is Theron a dingbat, Viola is just a true seasoned well versed, well trained-(Than Most) She could do the Bard with no problem. She is just damn good, I am more of a fan of well trained actors like herself. Her body of work speak for it self!!!!

S. B. Moseley

I feel that Charlize Theron believed that Viola Davis was saying that she was not as attractive as Halle Berry (Big Misunderstanding) when in fact what Viola was saying was that the powers that be do not look at her in that regard (Big Mistake on their part). Women in general have so many challenges in Hollywood because they are always looked at through the eyes of some shallow, white, male executive who determines what the rest of us would like to see in terms of beauty and sexual appeal, when in all actuality they don't have a clue. Then when you throw race into the mix, a woman of color has to take on all of those challenges already placed on women plus one more. Start creating folks and write the stories you would like to see. Don't let a few set the standard. The road will be difficult but in the end all truths will be told.


… that completely wasn't where she was coming from… not a dingbat, at least not for her comments here.

Traci R.

It ain't even all that deep. :/


There was a documenatry done by Henry Louis "Skip" Gates ( yeah the same one who got into it with the cop at Harvard) about race. He talked to producer Arnon Milchan, who very candidly explained the issue of race and movies and white Hollywood without any sugarcoating from a white producers viewpoint. Take a look at it some day and I think some of the people that frequent this site will start making movies and stop talking about why Hollywood does this or that. If black folks stop watching their movies and start watching ones we make…well thats another topic.


I agree with this being blown out of context. I saw this clip yesterday and I got the "don't compare yourself to others (e.g. Halle Berry) because you are great too" vibe from Charlize. I do not feel that she meant to take away from what Viola was saying. Hell, I'm black but I can totally see myself saying exactly what Charlize said to Viola. All actors, actresses and executives in this business KNOW about the plight of colored actors/actresses….some are comfortable to speak about (Fassbender and Clooney)….others aren't comfortable ( Swinton and Charlize). But don't try to act like Charlize is incapable of understanding these things because she paid Viola a compliment…jeebus


Um, am I the only one who saw the misunderstanding that occurred here? To answer the moderator's question of why she hadn't done a leading role up to this point, Viola was going to say the obvious which is that she is a black woman and there aren't many good lead roles for black women "even Halle Berry". She was implying that even Halle Berry, who is an Oscar winner and is supposed to be the most prominent and successful black actress out right now is having trouble finding good leading roles. Charlize immediately assumed that Viola meant that Halle was more beautiful than Viola and immediately started in with her "You're hot as shit" and all. That's not what Viola meant at all, she was simply saying that as a black actress in her forties, there are very few leading roles out there not that because she was not as attractive as Halle Berry she couldn't find work. Charlize missed the point and then unintentionally and subtly insulted Viola.


Her comment here was in gest. She is not a "ding bat" and sadly, hot chicks do have brains.
In regard to the bong…so? A little college humor. You missed a great moment to actually have something intelligent to say here-
1. George Clooney was insight
2. The idea that a 46 year old woman cannot find roles
Here are a few article ideas: Best roles for Mature Black Woman, Ageism and the Black Actress but this is not a "hate Charlize blog". This is not a "beat women down" blog. Let's keep the standard up. I depend on you. I respect you. More of your good stuff. Thanks!


I am sorry but I have to go with S&A here. Charlize is a dingbat. She didn't even let Viola finish her thought before jumping in. It is obvious that Viola was going to a place that Charlize simply wasn't comfortable with so she did that white-guilty thing by over-complimenting. It read as awkward and trying to hard. At least Michael Fassbender asked a question instead of making a dopey declarative comment. His question, though, just highlighted how out of touch some of these young stars are with the reality of their own business. And I do have to co-sign with what another poster pointed out — Charlize got real snotty about Halle taking on the Catwoman role post her Oscar win. It was a nasty comment and again showcased how little she understands the realities of race in Hollywood even for black women who are 'hot as shit.'

I do think George and Viola both came off as incredibly smart and incisive. However, I have to ding on George a bit. I continue to dislike the conflation of the problems of 'women in Hollywood' with the issues of 'black women in Hollywood'. They are not the same thing, not the same thing at all. Not even in the same stratosphere. There needs to be conversation and dialogue about the specific issues that black actresses face without constantly hijacking the issue for white actresses.


Oh was that weed? I thought it was crack. The perils of ignorance.


Ahhh, come on now! You're being hard on Charlize. She's not a dingbat at all. She's just white and obviously, the kind of white person who who has chosen not to broaden her perspective of the world, the world outside of being white and privileged.


I remember a couple of years ago Charlize Theron criticized Halle Berry I think for taking the role in Catwoman and Halle was not impressed. Charlize claimed she was going to send Halle flowers yet Halle said she still had not received them. Charlize is obviously someone with white privilege she does not think about race because she does not have to. I mean sometimes white folks are oblivious to RACE because it does not affect their lives so they lack that awareness.


I see you trollin', Sergio.


Charlize responded to the shallow because, well, she is shallow. Otherwise, I didn't hear anything offensive. She was just out of her element. Viola and George wrapped rings around her intellectually. They are smart. She is not smart. Also, she came from modeling they came from theater. The part worth noting is how George Clooney gets "it." He is the one who took a chance on Bernie Mack and changed the man's career. He gets "it."


This story is so sensationalized. Please stop taking Charlize's words out of context. As another commentor has mentioned she was doing the girlfriend thing and responding to Viola's comment that she was not as hot as Halle Berry. She was not at all commenting on the plight of the black actress. I can't believe this story still has legs.

get these nets

I understand Viola being candid but that's the profession that she chose. You audition for the film,tv, and theatre roles that are available or you CREATE your own projects.

Nobody cares that there aren't (m)any roles for you, nor should they.

If you're sitting next to a man from Laos and he's complaining about the limited roles for Laotian men in Hollywood, by a show of hands..tell me how many what give a heck.
Now why should CT care or understand Viola's concerns?


It seems like Charlize was dealing with what SHE could relate to and that's the "beauty" and "ageism" issue of Hollywood. I don't think she was addressing the race aspect like some may suspect. It's a great conversation nonetheless. Loved Clooney's remark about the people who make the decisions "aim at the lowest common denominator"…Of course, we all know that to be true.

Tski Loverton

well, she is from South Africa…


Viola Davis and George Clooney are hot as sh*t!


Putting aside what's being discussed but damn if these guys aren't foul-mouthed. Haha

Stacey Muhammad

Headlines. Interesting….I've seen this video clip referenced in quite a few posts. Tonight I took the time to actually watch it. Charlize Theron "not getting it" detracts from the importance of this discussion, which went on for quite some time after her absurd interruption. Viola Davis responded graciously without compromising her point and George Clooney spoke very honestly about the realities of film and television execs, the dumbing down of the American people and the lack of diversity in this industry. Good clip.


She is SOUTH AFRICAN!!!! What do you expect??????????!!!!!!!!!! She wasn't going to keep her mouth shut. Instead, she must reflect white "liberal" attitudes of the post-apartheid Rainbow Nation. It's a constantly annoying aspect of white South Africans.

Darla & Mark

"Shit white girls say"


Charlize Theron was giving a compliment to Viola and not making a a statement on blacks in Hollywood. The media needs to stop stirring things up. SMH.

Sergio is a Dimb Ass

Go watch Pariah. Dumb ass fag.

Jeff O.

Charlize was just giving the normal reaction that some "non-racist" white people have when racism is brought up. I get the same reaction when I tell people LAPD pulled me over for no reason. "What! But you're a good guy." … Whatevs it's no big deal imo


I watched the entire interview yesterday. It was fascinating to contrast all 5 actresses. You had Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan, both young and still defining themselves as actresses and explaining as much. Octavia Butler, who has found herself launched about 4 stories into a rarified atmosphere of award winning actors, who is guarded in her remarks, still getting used to her new position. Glenn Close as the grand dame, confident in herself and her craft. Viola, fearless in her comments as any actress I've known, confident also, but still struggling with Hollywoods inequalities. And then Charlize. Girlfriend was dropping f-bombs and other assorted cusswords, and most annoyingly, making these not-so-deep observations on acting, sounding as if she learned them at the feet of Lee Strasberg. She embodied the cliche of a self-absorbed Hollywood actress and her well meaning yet clueless remark to Viola was the least of her problems.

Brekaing News!

Another retarded and misguided post from Sergio, and with poor spelling to boot!


All I can say is, I don't know about you all, but I just fell in love with Viola even more!

Sergio be sucking penis.

Ya'll know.

Sergio Sucks

Fuck Sergio!


Aside from the spelling mistakes in this, showing a quick upload which was not gone through…

This post is about what?

Sergio please just keep posting about how much you hate Oprah/otherbw and leave the black woman patronization to the experts(black women themselves).

BTW many black actresses have to ugly up to be taken seriously as actresses too. According to our dubious roles sometimes- this happens more for us. So Charlize looking like a 'monster' is nothing new or special.

And I can totally see Viola staring at her pretty Brown face in the mirror. Vanity does not discriminate. Go 'head girl ;)

Said in LA

I think its just as ignorant to call Charlize a dingbat or something negative along those lines. I was at the recording and I asked Charlize after the taping what she felt about Viola's words. She said, "I'll say it again, Violas hot shit, Hollywood's blind to not recognize a talent like her." Her exact words. Charlize meant no disrespect.

I'm Sergio, so I'm gay and black as crispy toast.

Ya'll know.

Donise Stevens

@Shadow: You, sir or madam are a provocateur.


I don't see anything wrong with what she said. I believe you're thinking way too much into her words. Sometimes we film people do that. It's okay.


Honestly, I see nothing wrong with that.


Shes South African…she knows the deal.
She's just being a girl.


Oh, give Charlize a break. I'm black and love her. She didn't mean anything disrespectful. She was actually trying to compliment Viola. Talking about the fact that blacks don't get the same acting opportunities is not an easy topic. It's just a fact.


Uh, clearly she was doing the girly thing and dismissing Viola's suggestion that she wasn't good looking enough to find work. She didn't even comment on the issue of Black actresses. Aside from Fassbender's question, no one else did. Clooney then shifted the focus to make it more "universal" in discussing the plight of all women in Hollywood, because clearly no one there understands what it's like for Black actresses.


LOLOL! OMG! I read this article and I really think Charlize meant to encourage Viola. I don't think she meant any harm. She just doesn't get it. She immediately zoomed in on the "physical" aspect of what Viola was saying instead of listening and TRYING to empathize.

But you know, thinking is not Charlize's claim to fame. She did the best she could. SMH


Theron is simply affirming Viola's attractiveness in a light-hearted manner not belittling her struggle. If anything, the stupidity of this post does more to cast a bad light on Viola by in anyway implying that she would agree with this.


Whatzup with that Sergio? Why are you disparaging our "African" sistah Charlize? She like, so like, gets it, like, dude.


I do not comprehend this. Why “blacks” complain about Hollyweird, yet not combine all of the knowledge that they acquired from education and experience and ban together on a large scale to create their own industry? It seems that they like to go to orgies, suck penises, take it in the anus, vagina and any other orifice to “represent” their race. I know that Viola Davis participated in the debauchery just to portray nothing but stereotypes of her people. Hooray for her!

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