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Clint Eastwood Says Beyonce Is The Next Ella Fitzgerald

Clint Eastwood Says Beyonce Is The Next Ella Fitzgerald

All right stop laughing. It’s not polite. But in an interview yesterday for a French publication, Clint Eastwood talked about his plans for his upcoming remake (the fifth one to date) of A Star is Born with Beyonce.

In the interview, Eastwood, who’s been writing and performing jazz music for years, said he would be writing new material for the film for Beyonce to “introduce her to the fundamentals of jazz music”.

He goes even farther.

According to him, Bey Bey asked “if she could write stuff for the movie, I said yes, great. But I also told her I would make one or two things very classical. Still classicism. But I don’t want Beyonce to be too classic! She has a superb voice. She could become a new Sarah Vaughan or the next Ella Fitzgerald. She has the same class. I don’t know if she knows their music, but I intend to do a good education for the movie!”


I’ll leave it to you for any comments you might have, but Bey Bey and Fitzgerald in the same class? Nope. I sure don’t see it

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has clint eastwood lost his tiny mind,comparing the talentless beyonce to the likes of true greats and legends like saragh vaughn and ella,clint a bit of advice to you,stay of them drugs,you are making yourself a laughing stock.


Eastwood is an unhinged, decrepit, "jazz loving" crypt keeper who should know there are a few woman jazz vocalists that are near Ms. Fitzgerald territory, they've been out there for years. Who wants to hear Abeyance (ha-spell checker changed her name and i love it!) cat singing, riffing? She has never even stopped yodeling, and anyone who wants to counter with what an uh-may-zing vocalist she is can sit on your hands right now, thx.


S&A, please do a piece on Eastwood's RNC rant. I tried to suggest that this dude has jumped the shark but I didn't know he was a tea-bagger too. Hasn't directed anything really powerful imo since "Mystic River" or "Baby." That's why I couldn't understand why people were EXCITED over him directing "A Star Is Born." Hopefully that's a dead project now that his senility has been exposed.


I almost spit out the water I was drinking when I read that headline….


Obviously Clint Eastwood has forgotten the vocal dexterity that Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn possessed. Beyonce is less of a vocalist than she is a performer. She's an amazing performer, but an average vocalist.


Comparisons are always problematic, particularly when we are talking inter-generational ones. It is sad to me though to read the comments as people seem to be waiting with baited breath to say something negative. Yes Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald are American icons. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing them both sing in person (saw Ella 5 times, Sarah once at Carnegie Hall). I have also seen Beyonce perform in person too. Sarah and Ella were jazz divas. Beyonce is a very good pop singer, dancer and performer and her music is different. I would love to have seen Ella and Sarah sing and dance simultaneously but alas it was not their thing! Different times, different expectations. Sarah had her style, Ella had hers, Beyonce has hers. What I find troubling and unfortunate about all the comments is that everyone seems so ready to tear Beyonce down. Whassup with that? Sarah and Ella had tremendous cultural influence on the American landscape and were relevant for decades and Beyonce is well on her way of having a similar impact. I, for one, am interested in seeing how she continues to redefine her persona and shape the music world.

alison crockett

Ok, as a musician and a vocalist…this is not the coolest statement by eastwood. I think Beyonce is a great singer and a good actress. She's a wonderful entertainer, has a great ear and is a good songwriter. However, jazz is a different art form and to ask beyonce to sing something that she has no real background in, is frankly a way to sell movie tickets, because it's not about making sure the music is authentic. If she has to be introduced to the fundamentals of jazz and then she's going to sing it…nope, can't roll with you there. I hope the movie goes well, but we're not talking Etta James, we're talking straight ahead jazz. I hope she really works hard to live up to the statements that Eastwood makes…


He's entilted to his opinion but I don't think it's a fair comparison.


I don't know what to say about this.

But I will say this: I have no faith that Beyonce will ever show us anything different as an actress. I don't care if she is working with Clint Eastwood. I'm sorry but I don't. I just don't think she has what it takes. *shrug*


I not a hater , but Beyonce is not Ella Fitzgerald. Plus, she doesn't have the vocals to sing jazz music. Remember Diana Ross tried to sing jazz .


Whoa, whoa whoa, Please do not in any way shape or form put Beyonce in the same class as Sara or Ella, who had to deal with extreme racism and degrading hurled at them. and both who were held in the highest esteem by every person , solider, maid , busboy, artist and actor from France to Germany during their times. there were no software that would help both of these Ladies, both were very careful of their appearences as to how it related to the Black human race. And the bottom line is Class, Beyonce has a long way too go before she can even take a seat next to those names. Those two women are postage stamps, monuments of what Black life is. Clint is going work her butt off and he is known for 1 or 2 takes while she needs 8 just to get ready. I wish both of those ladies were around to teach these so called singers like Beyonce what class really means!!!!!

Miles Ellison

This has crap written all over it.


Also, as black people we need stop dogging each other out when we get super super successful. That is all I got to say. Check yourself.


I think there is a little bit biased coming from you Sergio. What he means is Beyonce carries herself like a star. Back in the day, stars were more reserved and more personal in person or on read carpets for public, but of coarse no artist can be reserved musically and still be successful. I'm not sure why there is negativity because she is a pop star. Not every black star who is crossover is not a fad. Just because someone is young doesn't mean they can't be a legend someday. Sarah Vaughn was for her time what Beyonce is for her time.


Also marks Bedonkey's fifth time playing a singer. Gotta love ol girl's range as an "actress."

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