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Coming To DVD: Stephen King’s Horror Thriller “Bag Of Bones” Co-starring Anika Noni Rose

Coming To DVD: Stephen King's Horror Thriller "Bag Of Bones" Co-starring Anika Noni Rose

If you missed the Stephen King horror thriller Bag Of Bones that aired on the A&E network recently don’t fret, the  mini-series is coming to DVD.

Pierce Brosnan, Anika Noni Rose, Annabeth Gish, Melissa George, William Schallert and Caitlin Carmichael star in the production.  Brosnan plays a novelist dealing with his wife’s sudden death.


Bestselling novelist Mike Noonan (Brosnan) is unable to stop grieving after the sudden death of his wife Jo (Gish). Suffering from writer’s block, a dream inspires him to return to the couple’s lakeside retreat in western Maine. While there, Mike befriends an attractive young widow, Mattie (George) and her daughter Kyra (Carmichael), and becomes involved in a custody battle with the child’s enormously wealthy grandfather, Max (Schallert). Though his ability to write suddenly returns, Mike is plagued by ever-escalating nightmares and mysterious ghostly visitations from Sara Tidwell (Rose), a blues singer whose spirit lingers in the house. As he is haunted by the many secrets at the lake, Mike comes to realize that his late wife still has something to tell him.

The DVD will include the bonus content Voicemail from Sid and I Miss You Jo and will make its debut March 13.

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I think that the book was much much better! The movie switched things up, minimized others and completely changed the rest. I realize that there are very few movies that live up to their books, but this in no way did justice for such an awesome story, this is by far my favorite book and I found myself actually getting agiatated watching the movie lol.


No thank you to Stephen King's white males on black female rape fantasies.

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