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Congrats to ‘Gwapa,’ December’s Project of the Month!

Congrats to 'Gwapa,' December's Project of the Month!

Congratulations to “Gwapa” director Meg Pinsonneault. Her project received the most votes to win December’s Project of the Month. As a prize, she will receive a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

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Here’s more information on the winning documentary:

Gwapa (Beautiful) is a real-life fairy tale that follows two unlucky Filipino families and their journey for a healthy future. Every year, 4,000-5,000 Filipino children are born with cleft deformities, which are among the most common and curable of birth defects. Sadly, most clefts go un-repaired. One surgery can change a child’s life forever. Gwapa (Beautiful) is the first feature-length documentary dedicated to bringing awareness to the high number of children born with cleft deformities in the Philippines and the great need for free reconstructive surgeries. This stunningly remarkable film is a powerful tale of love, determination, and hope. 

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Dear James, The East Harlem Film Society which I am the founder of, regularly distributes tickets to our members to encourage them to be part of the Independent Films causes. Many Broadway productions donate tickets to our organization and in return we give them out to our members. We do not sell them.
We do many campaigns to promote Independent Film Making. Recently we received a few tickets and what better way to distribute them than to get our members in this amazing 2 causes. We told our members that they would get to choose the film they could vote for, but we also told them that we were supporting Gwapa, which in our opinion is an amazing documentary and deserves our support.
Many of our members also voted for the other films. You see, that is what is about, getting people involved. Don’t try to stain the process by suggesting something negative. It was an amazing competition, and the main winner was “INDEPENDENT FILM”. We intend to extend an invitation to both film makers to screen their projects here at The East Harlem Film Society.
Congratulations to both of them…They put up a great competition and now more people know about their films.


My understanding of the voting for a film to win as the Indiewire project of the month is based on the merit of a project as voted upon by film audiences. In this months voting there was a very close race between Gwapa and the Jacque Bolsey project. Sadly, during the voting, Ms Pinsonneault, Gwapa's Director found it necessary to buy votes in the form of promised broadway tickets to win this contest. I am sure bribing individuals, for votes, from ones Facebook account is not something that Indiewire or Sundance would condone.

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