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Darren Aronofsky & Angelina Jolie Out & Susanne Bier, Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence Are In For ‘Serena’

Darren Aronofsky & Angelina Jolie Out & Susanne Bier, Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence Are In For ‘Serena’

Sometimes, the stars don’t align. It’s as simple as that when projects don’t come together and roll in front of cameras, and while in early 2010 Darren Aronofsky and Angelina Jolie were signed to direct and star in the period drama “Serena,” it simply didn’t come together. But now, nearly two years later, an equally compelling roster of talent are coming aboard, and will hopefully get this one moving.

Vulture repots that Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier (“In A Better World“), Bradley Cooper and Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence will now head up the adaptation of the Ron Rash novel. The story centers on a man named George Pemberton and his new bride, Serena, as they set out to depression-era North Carolina to create a timber empire. Their successful, ruthless reign in the mountains becomes complicated when Serena discovers her inability to bear children, setting her on a vengeful path against George’s illegitimate son.

The film will be a reteam for Cooper and Lawrence, who also both topline David O. Russell‘s upcoming “The Silver Linings Playbook.” And it continues a very busy run for Bier, who already has her next effort, the Italian set dramedy “All You Need Is Love” starring Pierce Brosnan in the can.

There’s no exact word on when this might lens, but reports say that it will be “soon,” but with Cooper already being pulled into a possible shoot on either “The Hangover Part III” or the stalled “Paradise Lost” this summer, and with Lawrence slated with “Catching Fire” in the near future, that could present a problem. Unless, this thing is really moving fast and will gear up this spring before those other commitments come into play. Guess we’ll soon see.

It’s certainly some pretty epic material — the female lead has been compared to Lady Macbeth, while the overall scope evokes “McCabe & Mrs.Miller,” “Cold Mountain” or “Jeremiah Johnson” — but no word yet if the film is keeping the Chris Kyle script from way back when, or if it’s been rewritten. But yeah, we’ll take this over the Wolfpack and CGI English literature any day of the week.

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@LAN…Have you read the book???….I am reading it now and Serena is supposed to be 27, which, Jennifer Lawrence at 21, can easily pull off. Angelina Jolie is 36 and, yeah, looks it (she's beautiful, just on the very far side of 27). The photo that was released last month of Lawrence and Cooper in character looks amazing (especially Jennifer Lawrence; Lawrence looks exactly as I pictured Serena!). Serena Pemberton is 27, blonde, and stands at 5"9' …Jennifer Lawrence is 21, blonde, and also 5"9'(fun fact: while doing press during Oscar season last year, Lawrence towered over the interviewer, who jokingly asked exactly how tall she is and 5"9' was her response)…. so, Lawrence seems to fit the part like a glove. I'm looking forward to Serena; the book is wonderful and Jennifer Lawrence will be amazing in the role.

Hawaii Kai

Why not Kate Winslet??? Why Jennifer Lawrence….I will have a hard time believing J-Law as Serena…Why O Why???


She will win an Oscar fooooo sure!


Angelina JOlie is the ultimate action heroine. Let's get her back in her Tomb Raiding boots! Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol proved that a franchise needs its leading actor. More than 15 years after his first Impossible mission, Tom Cruise at 49 kicked ass in the movie and at the box office.
Indiana Jones has Harrison Ford. Resident Evil has Milla Jovovich. Bourne has Matt Damon and Tomb Raider has Angelina Jolie.


WTF! I can't honestly believe that Lawrence is playing Serena. That role is for a much older woman. Good roles for mature actresses are hard enough to come by already and this would be a serious slap in the face to them. Perhaps Lawrence is playing the teenage mother of the baby which is also a great part although obviously nowhere near as juicy as Serena.


Hope Cooper makes the right choice and does this instead of Paradise Lost or Hangover 3.

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