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Denzel Washington’s “Safe House” Gets “R” Rating

Denzel Washington's "Safe House" Gets "R" Rating

Well that’s a relief!

I thought for sure that the upcoming action thriller Safe House, with Denzel Washington and what’shisname – that Green Lantern guy (you think they could have at least gotten a co-star with some real presence and weight?) – was going to get a safe, timid PG-13 rating; you know for the kids and parents.

Well, I’m so happy I was so wrong! 

It was announced today that the MPAA give the film an R rating for strong violence throughout and some language.”

Thank God!

It’s always good news to my ears when there’s a tough, violent, R-rated action film for guys coming out. There’s so few of them nowadays. Everything is safe and soft. That R rating practially makes up for what’shisname being in the movie

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I agree w/ you Sergio Green Lantern guy (Ryan Reynolds) has zero weight. Why does Hollywood continue to use young-white-male-actors alongside seasoned actors like Denzel W? In "Unstoppable" it was Chris Pine now this guy?


For those who wanted TheD and safe&soft in this movie…. there's always whatshisname… ;-)

Can't wait and I don't get why there hasn't been more… yet – pics, another trailer maybe!


I expect greatness then.



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